March 31, 2011

Laos are in need of emergency food aid

The UN World Food Program announces that due to extreme weather conditions including drought, a late rainy season and flash floods that caused crop failures and raised food prices, over 11,000 less fortunate in Laos are in need of emergency food aid until the next harvest

Toxic algae, cyanobacterium, now increasingly more common in lakes

A recent study involving the toxic algae, cyanobacterium, now increasingly more common in lakes due to livestock manure and fertilizer runoff, suggests that its presence is producing estrogen effects in aquatic life that disrupt reproductive functions.

Toxic algae, cyanobacterium, now increasingly more common in lakes

A recent study involving the toxic algae, cyanobacterium, now increasingly more common in lakes due to livestock manure and fertilizer runoff, suggests that its presence is producing estrogen effects in aquatic life that disrupt reproductive functions.

Clean and green economy better delivers both stability and prosperity for all of humanity

World Wildlife Fund International Director General Jim Leape affirms conclusions made by scientists in a recent UN Environment Program report, saying that a clean and green economy better delivers both stability and prosperity for all of humanity.

March 28, 2011

Drought conditions continue in East African countries

According to recent information released by the World Meteorological Organization, drought conditions continue in East African countries such as Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and even Uganda, with currently about 5 million affected and 150,000 in northern Kenya in urgent need of food aid.

March 23, 2011

Dwindling fresh water supplies in California, USA

As the state with the highest number of people in the nation that has endured several long-term droughts, California is grappling with the prospect of water shortages. In an effort to help address the issue, a report by a team of scientists, engineers, economists and legal experts from four California universities has put forth a plan for significant reform.

In describing the problems faced by the state, the report notes that not only are there no longer new sources of water but that existing water quality has deteriorated as pollution, especially from agricultural runoff of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, has increased.

In addition, many current water management strategies lack focus and are outdated, with an historical lack of groundwater quality regulation having harmed animal species as well as generating conflict in how to prioritize water use.

The report recommends a range of new approaches that include first and foremost to prioritize the restoration of entire ecosystems, with encouragement toward conservation, more supervision of groundwater extraction, and a cap-and-trade program to limit the discharge of pollutants.

Noting the need for comprehensive change, report co-author and a senior fellow at the Public Policy Institute of California, Dr. Ellen Hanak said, “If we take bold steps now, we can move from an era of conflict to one of reconciliation, where water is managed more flexibly and comprehensively, to benefit both the economy and the environment.”

Our thanks, Dr. Hanak and associates for your work together in assessing and seeking to improve supplies of this vital resource. May we all adopt the most considerate and sustainable lifestyles to ensure water security for the people of California and the world.

United Nations reports alarming huge decline in bees

According to a new report by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), bee colonies vital for food crops across the world are experiencing alarming decline, especially in the northern hemisphere, with 10-30% decline in Europe, 30% in the United States and up to 85% in the Middle East.

Factors of their disappearance include the increasing use of insecticides that disrupt the bees' nervous systems; reduced wild flowers due to intensive farming; and air pollution that reduces the bees' ability to find flowers via their scent, whose normal range of 800 yards now only reaches 20 yards.

Further driving the enormous losses are new diseases and parasites that spread via global trade. UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner said, “The fact is that of the 100 crop species that provide 90% of the world's food, over 70 are pollinated by bees.” The study authors called for international efforts for more care in choice, timing and application of chemical pesticides to save these food production benefactors.

Many thanks United Nations Environment Agency for alerting the world to the urgent need for action to protect our pollinating friends, the bees. May we strive to provide a better environment and thus a more sustainable planet for countless lives as our own.

As during an August 2008 international gathering, Supreme Master Ching Hai has long shown concern for threatened species such as the bees, along with emphasizing a lifestyle change to help lives.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: My God, now the continued decline of bees has affected the food now. This is nothing new, but they keep reporting it's getting worse all the time. Because if there are no bees, there is no pollination. And then some food, some fruits and some vegetables depend on the pollination to bear fruits. And now a lot of bees have died

We might have no food because of no pollination. This this is terrible, this is such a disaster All the bees die because of the poisonous gas. They cannot bear it.

The people don't take care of the environment, and let all beings keep dying like this.

Just to be vegan, how difficult can it be? Is it difficult? Even if it is, this is the only choice we have to survive, then why not?

Why not just change to the vegan diet?

March 22, 2011

Ancient mega-drought parched Africa and Asia

New research by an international team of scientists indicates that a catastrophic drought that occurred some 15,000 years ago dramatically affected humans in ancient Africa and southern Asia, and may indicate what future droughts could be like if global warming continues to worsen.

Dr. Curt Stager of Paul Smith's College, New York USA led the study, which analyzed sediment cores from lakes in Africa to establish ancient climate conditions in what was one of the most intense and extensive dry periods in the history of modern humans.

During the mega-drought, Africa's legendary Lake Victoria and other water bodies dried up as the Nile, Congo and other major rivers shriveled. Although the cause of this massive change in climate is not known, the scientists say that the timing could link it to an occurrence known as the Heinrich Event 1 (H1), which coincided with a huge release of icebergs and melt-water that caused regional cooling as they entered the North Atlantic Ocean but also led to prolonged droughts in the tropics.

Our appreciation, Dr. Stager and colleagues on this study of past climate change which aids our understanding of the planet's current situation. May we avert such drastic impacts to all life on the planet by quickly turning to effective eco-protecting ways.

During a January 2011 videoconference with Supreme Master Television staff in California, USA, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke about mega-drought conditions being repeated now along with their root cause.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: As you know already from scientific news reports, we have tens of thousands of people hungry due to the Amazon drought.

Also, such a severe, they call “mega-drought,” usually occurs only once in many decades, or century. Now, the latest one is only several years ago, five years ago, scientists say that droughts related to global warming are very different from normal droughts.

They are more permanent, more severe, and irreversible Trees die, not only the oldest ones, but of all ages, even the young ones, and all sizes. Regions most vulnerable are the US Southwest, southeast Asia, eastern South America, Western Australia, southern Europe, southern Africa, and northern Africa. And if we continue to live our lives the way most people do right now, it will get worse and worse.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Karma (retribution) changes so fast because we create new patterns of karma (retribution) all the time and that, in turn, affects the weather, and the weather affects us, of course. And all this are due to the consequences of the way we live our lives. Not benevolent enough.

March 21, 2011

Flood and water catastrophes loom ahead

Global experts say that devastating floods on the scale of the recent catastrophes in Pakistan and Australia, and which used to occur only once every hundred years, are now expected to be as frequent as every 20 years.

The warning came at an international conference hosted by Canadian Water Network (CWN), with 300 international scientists, policy makers, and economists in attendance. CWN executive director, Bernadette Conant, used as an example the town of Smithers in British Columbia, which has suffered from three major floods in just the past two decades.

Global researchers estimate that climate change coupled with increased population will result in demand for water exceeding supply by 40%, leaving one-third of the humanity with only half the water required for basic needs and also affecting food production.

Dr. Zafar Adeel, chair of the UN Water agency, which coordinates the efforts of 28 United Nations agencies focused on global water issues, warned, “Climate change will affect societies and ecosystems most profoundly through the medium of water, but there is no other way to generalize the crises ahead. At unpredictable times, too much water will arrive in some places and too little in others.”

Our appreciative thanks Mr. Adeel, Executive Director Conant, other scientists and organizations for highlighting this real and urgent issue of our time. May we quicken our pace to halt climate change and return the planet to her verdant beauty with sufficient water resources for all.

During a video message for a June 2009 climate change conference in Mexico, Supreme Master Ching Hai addressed the severe water and related crises facing the planet, along with the actions needed to prevent them.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Our current course of climate change is worse than the worst case scenario projected by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), with the damaging and often fatal effects already being seen through such extreme events as hurricanes, flooding, droughts and heat waves.

We now can see how imperative it is to stop the warming of the planet with the greenest of all green policies and actions, the most compassionate, the most heroic, the most life-saving action, that is: the vegan diet, organic vegan to be exact. It is the long-term insurance against climate change.

Adopting a plant-based diet can halt as much as 80% of global warming, eradicate world hunger, stop war, promote peace, and it will free up the Earth's water as well as many other precious resources, offering a lifeline for the planet and for humanity.'1+in+100+year'+

March 18, 2011

Climate change linked to harmful water-borne diseases

Evaluating the ocean effects of factors such as rising temperature and pollutants, researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently found that adverse conditions such as those created by toxic algal blooms could be extended for up to three months in vulnerable coastal areas.

The toxic algae, which typically bloom from July to October, can accumulate in shellfish and, if consumed by humans, can cause paralysis or even death. In fact, millions of sardine recently found dead in a southern California, USA harbor were later found to have been contaminated with the paralyzing neurotoxin domoic acid that likely originated in toxic algae in the region.

In another study, scientist from the University of Georgia in the USA found that desert dust settling on seawater results in a swift and significant increase in Vibrios, a type of ocean bacteria that can cause infectious diseases in humans.

Airborne dust due to land desertification has been increasing in the last decades and is expected to continue to rise. Noting its potentially dangerous effect, study spokesperson Eric Lipp stated, “Within 24 hours of mixing weathered desert dust from Morocco with seawater samples, we saw a huge growth in Vibrios, including one strain that could cause eye, ear and open wound infections, and another strain that could cause cholera.”

As we mourn the many deaths of the precious-finned fish life, we appreciate the work of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists in highlighting this harmful climate change effect. May humanity make full use of the opportunity we now have to mitigate such conditions through our eco-conscious lifestyles.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has frequently emphasized the hazardous implications of climate change as well as the actions needed to save humanity and the planet, as during a July 2008 videoconference with Supreme Master Television staff in California, USA.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: According to the scientists, there could be more than just one disaster. Rising sea level is not the only worrying event, disease will also rise. They already do so in some parts of the world. If it has to happen, it happens. But please do not concentrate on these negative phenomena. Rather, we spend energy in constructive actions and positive thinking and we have to envision a more beautiful world.

If people change to a more benevolent lifestyle that is respecting all lives, then we will beget life and our lives be spared. The more vegan people join the circle, the more chance we have to save the planet.

Climate change to shrink tundra

The vast frozen plains of Alaska, USA, Canada, northern Europe and Asia could give way to an unnatural cover of vegetation by the end of this century, according to a new study by US and South Korean climatologists. In addition, Greenland's ice-cover, once thought to be permanent, could melt and be replaced by tundra.

To conduct their study, the research team analyzed 16 global climate models of data from 1950 to 2099 as well as more than 100 years of direct observational data to evaluate what climate change will mean to the Arctic's sensitive ecosystems.

They found that tundra coverage could shrink up to 44% by the end of this century, with warming of up to 13 degrees Fahrenheit in some Arctic locations. Drought in the region could also affect the landscape, as could wildfires, disease from insects, and changes in human land use.

According to lead author Song Feng, the additional forest growth moving northward could also accelerate climate change due to a reduction in surface reflectivity that would cause further warming.

Dr. Feng and colleagues, we appreciate these observations of the serious imbalance facing the planet's vital northern regions. Our prayers that humans work to reverse such a disastrous temperature rise and preserve not only the tundra but all Earth's delicate and life- sustaining ecosystems.

Speaking of the Arctic region's already dramatic changes during a September 2009 videoconference in South Korea, Supreme Master Ching Hai explained how we can help to regain nature's equilibrium.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: As you saw for yourself how quickly the North Pole is melting - it's at least twice as fast as the rest of the globe. First, we have to survive. We cut down the number one cause of global warming. We have to eliminate animal products because we want to save the planet.

No animal products means having the planet. And even a heavenly world we will have because being veg changes everything drastically.

With temperatures stabilized, ecosystems balanced, animals thriving in peace, one of the results is that the ice in the Arctic will be restored, and quickly, along with the repairing of nature in every corner of the planet.

March 17, 2011

Climate change portends grim future for forests

At a recent conference on trees, US Forest Service workers and other experts gave unsettling reports on the health of US forests and how quickly they are declining due to climate change. Citing major tree die offs that have already occurred in the western USA for species such as the aspen, Dr. Jim Worrall, plant pathologist and leading top expert on Sudden Aspen Decline estimated that some 11 million acres of the current 16 million that currently populate hills and mountainsides could be gone, destroyed by rising temperatures and drought.

Meanwhile, climate change could prove even more devastating to a species like the white pine, whose vulnerability to mountain pine beetles is causing it to disappear. As temperatures have warmed, the beetles are moving further north, with large stands of trees in Montana and parts of Wyoming that have disappeared in just the past three years.

According to a study of 76 old-growth forests by the US Geological Survey, increasing mortality rates are being seen in 87% of all tree stands, with tree deaths that have doubled over the past 18 years. Speaking at the conference, former US Vice President Al Gore stated, “If you love the forests and you care about what's happening to them, the number-one connection … is warmer temperatures.”

Your Excellency and all other scientists, our sincere thanks for this information about global warming's effect on our vital forests. May the trees of the US and worldwide thrive once more as humans adopt ecological lifestyles that support a wealth of biodiversity on our planet.

During a 2008 videoconference in Canada, Supreme Master Ching Hai discussed the core solution to the plight of the life-giving forests in the face of climate change.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Even if we plant more trees, there will be something else happening, maybe wildfire, or the beetle will be more in abundance, and then they will also begin to eat away all the forest.

So this is a really terrible situation. The only thing is we have to be morally fit. And have to be virtuous. Otherwise, there's no getting away from the bad karma, meaning the retribution, for whatever we do.

We have to be compassionate again. We have to look into our heart to live the noble way that Heaven intended us to live. So, planting trees alone is not the absolute solution. We have to be vegan.

Global warming endangers food safety

At the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, USA, international scientists raised their concerns as they reported that global warming could lead to increased levels of food contamination from chemicals, pesticides and fungal pathogens in addition to fast-spreading diseases like cholera and shellfish poisoning.

Along with the illness they cause, such issues could fuel rises in food prices and cause unrest. In the US alone, 38.4 million cases of food poisoning cases are reported every year, with the leading cause of food-related deaths being Salmonella.

Moreover, the scientists stated a finding that for every degree of temperature increase above 6 degrees Celsius, the incidence of food-borne Salmonella poisoning rises by 12%. Climate change-related warming of ocean waters also causes a rise in the bacteria Vibriosis, from which one type of cholera is derived, while every degree Celsius increase in water temperature also lead to a 30-50% higher chance of mercury contamination in fish.

Our appreciation, scientists for raising the issue on how climate change is affecting food safety. We pray that the planet may quickly restore its original climatic balance as we turn to more health-protecting lifestyles.

During a November 2009 videoconference in Mexico, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke about the common driver of global warming and many diseases to show that both threats can be simultaneously eased.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: These are just a few examples of how climate change is already taking its toll. It's real, madam, it's intensifying; it's not abstract. And please remember, the number 1 cause behind it all is animal agriculture.

Furthermore, the cruelty of the meat industry brings food-borne bacterial infections. Due to the extremely filthy, unhygienic conditions of the meat processing plants, the excrement of the animals is not cleaned and remains on the flesh through processing.

This results in potentially deadly diseases such as by E. coli, salmonella, and Campylobacter, as have been reported worldwide.

Therefore, it is the livestock industry that causes pandemics and, as we already said, is the major cause of global warming. The more pig and poultry farms that exist, the higher their numbers and concentration, the sooner the arrival of the next deadly pandemic.

However, the good news is that the way to end all this is truly even more real and quickly manifested than the problem itself, because each and every person can do something significant to stop global warming. And you know already what that is, right? Yes, the vegan diet.

March 16, 2011

Southern California, USA harbor turns into sea of dead fish

A sudden die-off of fish turned Redondo Beach's King Harbor overnight into a graveyard of what officials said was millions of sardines reaching two feet (61 cm) deep in some places.

King Harbor Marina worker (M): Yesterday, a lot of fish [were] in the water, floating in the water. I saw millions, millions. It's smelling now.

VOICE: The lifeless fish began surfacing in the 1,400-vessel marina early Tuesday morning, March 8. Tests by the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) suggest that the fish suffocated due to lack of oxygen in the water late Monday.

Further tests are needed to determine what drove them into the harbor, although initial thoughts include an attempt to escape a toxic red tide, or perhaps storm conditions that drove the sardines to seek the harbor's calmer waters.

Port Royal Yacht Club member (M): We are just down here cleaning up. Basically, all the fish got chased in, got stuck in the harbor with extremely low oxygen levels. And due to the mass of them, they're all trying to breathe the same oxygen and suffocated.

VOICE: However, with the cause of these millions of deaths still unknown, crews including firefighters, harbor patrol, and nearly 100 volunteers had to begin removing the bodies before they decompose and potentially poison other sea life or cause an algal bloom to form, leading to further oxygen deprivation in the harbor's waters. The effort is estimated to take a week and cost US$100,000.

On Tuesday alone, 22 tons (NFT: 20,000 kilograms) of dead fish were collected from the surface alone, with some areas of the harbor bottom also containing thick layers of fish that also needed to be removed.

Speaking of the wish to avoid extensive ecological damage, Redondo Beach's city manager, Bill Workman, said, “The quicker we remove the decaying fish, the better opportunity we have for recovery. Time is of the essence; we have to move quickly.”

While we are saddened by the tragic death of so many marine co-inhabitants, we thank all personnel, and volunteers working to find answers and prevent further loss of life. Let us do our part in protecting all life in the seas through our more considerate stewardship of the environment.

As during an October 2009 videoconference in Indonesia, Supreme Master Ching Hai has often expressed concern about such tragic marine phenomena while urging for greater efforts to minimize our own impact to the oceans' balance.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: You can see that the dead fish are covering the whole entire surface of water. You don't see water. You only see dead fish floating on top. It's a horrible sight to witness.

As I have said before, if the world's people all become vegans, nature will rebound almost before our eyes, almost overnight, and we may see the oceans healthy again.

Moreover, around the world, countless enormous ocean dead zones will have a chance to return to life.

Also, when we stop vacuuming all the poor fish out of the sea, they will have a chance to restore the balance in the oceans. We desperately need the fish in the sea to balance the ocean; otherwise our lives will be in danger. God puts them there for a reason.

When the ocean is healthy again, even the dead coral reefs will revive themselves. Imagine! Nature is miraculous and incredible. But in order to witness nature's recovery, we must not let our current way of life continue.

Factory farming worsens livestock disease impacts

In South Korea, millions of cows and mostly pigs were mass-buried alive nationwide over the winter in an attempt to stop the spread of a severe outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease that has upset the industry since November.

Nam Sang-Hyun - Owner of disease-stricken pig farm (M): I was in the livestock industry for all these years and now that this happened, I don't know whether I should go on or quit. Not only me but every livestock raiser feels the same.

VOICE: Meanwhile, the public feels outraged and regretful about the cruelty of burying 3.5 million pigs and cows alive due to the foot-and-mouth disease, as well as nearly 80 million more ducks and chickens buried live over the same winter due to risks of avian flu. Korea Vegetarian Union President Mr. Lee Won-Bok has been to 15 of the more than 4,000 burial sites scattered across the densely populated country.

Lee Won-Bok - President, Korea Association for Animal Protection; vegan (M): The pigs scream, groan and cry out for their lives. I haven't had any sleep for a month because I was haunted by the screaming sounds. The slaughtering site is literally a horrible hell itself.

VOICE: Environmental expert Mr. Lee Hang-Jin, who has stopped eating meat since the culling or mass-killing, explained some of the pollution risks of the burial sites on-site.

Lee Hang-Jin - Environmentalist, Korea Federation for Environmental Movements - Yeoju (M): It smells very bad and strong now. This part right in front us is leachate stains, that is, overflowed pigs' blood as they decay. The blood formed puddles here the day before yesterday when I came.

It will be a big problem if the wild animals approach this site and possibly become infected. And if insects contact the pollutants leaking from here they are going to spread pollution everywhere.

Park Byung-Sang - Director, Incheon Ecology Lab (M): As the weather is getting warmer, leachates will contaminate drinking water, and not only contaminating the water but once the microscopic organisms spread, we can't handle it anymore.

VOICE: Experts attribute the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease to factory farming. Lee Won-Bok - President, Korea Association for Animal Protection; vegan (M): 99% of livestock farms in South Korea are run as factory farms.

Chung In-Kwon, MD - Physician, New Morning United Internal Medicine Hospital; vegan (M): The reason the foot-and-mouth disease virus epidemic broke out is that if people consume a lot of meat that demands a fast supply. Then various antibiotics are used as well as growth hormones to raise animals quickly.

Lee Hang-Jin - Environmentalist (M): They don't care about the bad effects and raise animals in concentrated areas. That's the reason foot-and-mouth disease has become rampant. Personally, I thought to myself, “Now I've got to stop; I don't want to take other lives in order to better care for myself; I don't want to take these animal corpses into my body.”

Park Byung-Sang - Director, Incheon Ecology Lab (M): To fundamentally get rid of factory farms, the demand should be lessened, then they will stop.

Chung In-Kwon, MD - Physician; vegan (M): The best and only way to protect us from terrible diseases and to preserve the Earth so that coming generations will live on is to go organic vegan.

VOICE: With sorrow for the millions of pigs and cows who grievously suffered and perished, we thank the South Korean experts working to raise awareness of the root cause of these problems to prevent their recurrence. May we all switch to the life-affirming and sanitary organic vegan lifestyle to end all animals' suffering as well as our own.

In response to this updated report, Supreme Master Ching Hai expressed her intolerable pain: "Watching all this incomprehensible barbarous cruelty, I felt like my heart exploded... I screamed from anguish and sorrow, still crying after many days and nights... On my knees, I prayed, 'Dear Heavens to please forgive humans so that they will not have to experience the same horrendous treatment as those innocent animal friends by the law of retribution; and for humans to stop all hell-like acts, to love all beings and to go vegan.'"

As during a May 2008 videoconference in South Korea, Supreme Master Ching Hai has often urged for humanity to stop the destruction of lives and the environment as a way to ease many of our planetary problems ranging from disease to climate change.

We have been massacring our co-inhabitant animals, and we have been destroying our environment, and destroying the water and destroying the air.

So, in order to solve the problem that we are facing right now, we have to reverse our actions. We have to be kind to our co-inhabitants. Instead of killing them, massacring them, sacrificing them, we have to take care of them.

Just become vegetarian, refuse all the animal products, then nobody will raise animals anymore, nobody will kill them anymore. Then we stop the physical harmful effect of animal stock raising.

March 15, 2011

Years of UFO sightings become public record

British officials have made available 8,500 pages of reports that document sightings of unidentified flying objects dating back to the 1950s. The public now has internet access to these files, which include photographs, drawings and descriptions of UFO sightings. Those who have reported sightings range from policemen to soldiers, a Royal Air Force officer and members of the public.

In the case of the Royal Air Force, the retired officer reported seeing a UFO while on holiday in Sri Lanka in April 2004 and sent supporting photographs. With researchers from the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently finding that half of the stars in the universe are likely to have Earth-like planets orbiting them, prominent global figures have affirmed their belief in the existence of UFOs.

These include theoretical physicist Professor Stephen Hawking, astrophysicist Baron Rees and Lachezar Filipov, deputy director of the Space Research Institute in Bulgaria, who spoke of extraterrestrials, saying, “They are not hostile towards us; rather, they want to help us but we have not grown enough in order to establish direct contact with them."

Retired members of the US military recently reported on UFOs that were found to have disabled nuclear missiles, with officer Robert Salas stating, “My speculation is they're trying to point out the folly of nuclear weapons.” The UK files are available to download free of charge for one month at the website of Britain's National Archives.

Our thanks, British government for sharing this information with the public. May the insights gained from these remarkable experiences give us further appreciation of our greater cosmic community.

During an October 2010 videoconference with Supreme Master Television staff in Los Angeles, USA, Supreme Master Ching Hai shared insights on a noted increase in UFO sightings in certain places.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Recently, our planet is in trouble, you see, in danger, in urgency, so they always come to try to give the blessing or to avert some disaster, whatever they can - be it comet or earthquake or typhoon. Without their intervention, we would have been done for.

Also, now we are more accepting of information about UFOs on the internet, in books. And governments help to release many of the UFO facts, so the people are more open now to their existence, so they feel more easy to come to help us in any way they can.

Without their intervention, we would have been gone: the planet, gone; people, gone - all gone. They are trying to help us so that we can hang on in there, so that we may wake up and help ourselves.

You see, they can't do everything; they can't. We have to help ourselves by our spiritual merit, by our moral power. Then we will survive, and we will develop more and more and then we will see them even in person, and we can visit them like I would visit you.

Study raises concern for the Earth's 6th mass extinction

In a new study published in the journal Nature, several scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, USA; the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil and the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center in North Carolina, USA evaluated animals currently listed as "critically endangered," "endangered" and "threatened" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

They compared current endangered species' conditions with five previous extinction periods over the past 540 million years, when at least 75% of all animal species disappeared.

Their conclusions included the observation that while the Earth has currently lost a relatively small percentage of species, the rate at which they are disappearing now, which some scientists have said is 1,000 times faster than the normal pace of evolution, could set off a sixth mass extinction in as little as three centuries.

At the same time, co-author Professor Anthony Barnosky of the University of California, Berkeley said that it is not too late if we act now to resolve habitat loss, disease, global warming and other largely human-caused issues.

He stated, "It's very important to devote resources and legislation toward species conservation if we don't want to be the species whose activity caused a mass extinction.”

Thank you Professor Barnosky and other international colleagues for your extensive work in showing our potential for an irreversible tragedy perishing that would ultimately affect our own survival. May we act swiftly to preserve the lives of all beings on the planet.

Speaking in a November 2010 video message presented during a climate change conference in the United Kingdom, Supreme Master Ching Hai addressed the root cause of such losses and what can be done to stop them.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: A recent study by the United Nations found that plants and animals are now disappearing at up to 1,000 times the natural background rate of extinction, with vital life-supporting ecosystems that could soon be irreversibly damaged.

The livestock industry is the leading cause of an alarming decline in wild species. In an October 2010 study, Dutch researchers found that protecting natural areas is not sufficient to stop these fast extinctions of flora and fauna; rather, one of the most effective policies is changing to a no-animal diet, meaning plant-based food.

So if we stop all animal products - fish, egg, meat, and dairy - we will save the oceans, save the climate;
and we could halt also biodiversity loss.

March 14, 2011

UN warns increasing drought and desertification threatens food insecurity

As climate change and land degradation are noted to cause increasing drought and aridity across the world, food and water shortages are also growing more severe, linked at times to both conflict and forced migration.

According to Executive Secretary of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification Luc Gnacadja, nearly 2 billion hectares of land has been degraded since 1950, with 12 million hectares being lost annually, which is now increasing with global warming. These changes in turn have caused weather shifts including reduced crop harvests at a time when rising food demands are estimated to require a 70% boost in food production by 2050.

Moreover, 44% of the world's food is produced in arid dryland regions where resource allocation is already an issue. Executive Secretary Gnacadja said, “The drylands are the most conflict-prone zone of the world, and that is not by accident. Instability is fuelled by precisely the quest of people to have access to very scarce resources like productive land and water.”

While vulnerable countries such as Niger, China and India have in recent years been making valiant efforts to curb desertification through activities like large scale-tree plantings, Mr. Gnacadja warns that more direct support is necessary to help those living in the dryland areas maintain food supplies as well as their homes.

He also said that a new desertification monitoring system is being launched in an effort to track land degradation and try to protect against it. Our appreciation, Mr. Gnacadja, the UN Convention to Combat Desertification and all others working to raise awareness of our fragile planet's need for urgent care.

Let us join in more sustainable practices so that the Earth may be renewed to continue supporting the lives of all beings. In a video message presented at a June 2009 climate change conference in Mexico, Supreme Master Ching Hai addressed the alarming consequences of drought and desertification, as well as the most effective way to stop them.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: We have to stop desertification. We can. Desertification is another climate change effect that is linked to livestock, again.

Overgrazing by livestock, which occupies nearly a third of our Earth's land surface worldwide, is a major cause of desertification and other damages, and is responsible for more than 50% of land erosion. Now, we must stop livestock grazing to protect our soil and protect our life.

In short, simply saying no to meat will make us richer, healthier, and most importantly, it will make us a wiser person, and a great hero. Because it is the only timely way that we ensure the survival of our children and grandchildren.

World food prices at record high

On Thursday, March 3, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) announced that continued unprecedented rises for eight consecutive months has resulted in February's levels being the highest since record-keeping began 20 years ago.

Reasons behind the steep increases are thought to include ongoing adverse weather conditions due to climate change, such as in Canada where rising temperatures have significantly reduced wheat production, in China following severe droughts, and Russia after the catastrophic heat wave and fires.

Other factors include higher oil prices, which affect food production and transportation and internal conflicts as well as disasters that spur governments and individuals to stockpile staples. With the FAO forecasting continued rises for the rest of the year, fears of an unfolding food shortage crisis are being raised.

Highlighting the seriousness of the situation and the need for actions such as curbing market speculation and food-based biofuels, Oxfam's food policy adviser Thierry Kesteloot stated, “Millions more people are sliding into poverty as they struggle to afford basic food supplies. A sit-and-wait attitude among governments in the hope that there will be good harvests over the next few months means gambling with people's lives.”

We are thankful for the concerned observations of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in raising awareness of this global issue.

Our prayers for the enactment of sustainable measures that ensure plentiful sustenance for all. Speaking about the long-term rise in global food prices and shortages during an October 2009 videoconference in Indonesia, Supreme Master Ching Hai expressed concern while offering a comprehensive solution.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: There are 1.02 billion people with not enough food in the world. While we are sitting here in safety and comfort, and have sufficient food for ourselves and our family, our neighboring people, our world co-citizens, more than one billion of them, are living in poverty, in hunger, in thirst. No sufficient water, no clean water, no food to eat. Children are dying every few seconds. Statistically, every five seconds one child dies of hunger.

Besides, we are facing a food shortage with high food prices. The most important first step is to stop buying and eating meat, fish, eggs, dairy, and any animal products for you and for your family's sake,

for the natural resources' sake, and to plant the seeds for a better agricultural system for everyone. In this way, not only can all the farmers prosper - we help them in this way - but everyone will prosper and enjoy a long and thriving life.

March 11, 2011

Scientists warn of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) dire consequences

Following several years of invited public opinion, which was consistently in favor of a continued moratorium, the United States Food and Agriculture Department recently approved the unregulated planting of Roundup Ready Alfalfa (RRA), a genetically modified alfalfa designed to survive the chemical herbicide Roundup, scientifically known as glyphosate.

However, in a new study scientists have discovered for the first time a very tiny organism within these genetically modified crops that is self-replicating and appears to be able to cause disease in both plants and animals.

With alfalfa being the fourth largest crop in the US, covering millions of acres of land, an independent group of scientists, farming, consumer, and food safety groups are now warning that the unregulated planting of genetically modified alfalfa is at particular risk of spreading disease because it also stands to contaminate natural crops.

Specifically, the diseases associated with the organism found in the GMO alfalfa include a lethal disorder that can afflict soy plants as well as one that appears to cause late miscarriages in farm animals. These findings were presented by Professor Emeritus Don M. Huber (NFT: PhD) of Purdue University in the USA, who coordinates the Emergent Diseases and Pathogens committee as part of the US Department of Agriculture's National Plant Disease Recovery System.

Warning that the cultivation of genetically modified alfalfa could cause irreparable damage to the food supply, Dr. Huber stated, “If indications hold true, we're set up for the greatest disaster that this country or the world has ever seen, that will dwarf any major famine or drought that has ever been recorded.” Previous studies have also linked the use of the herbicide glyphosate with damaging human health such as killing cells and causing infertility. Dr. Huber has called for more research on the effects of GMO crops before the irreversible decision about alfalfa goes into effect.

Dr. Huber and fellow scientists, our sincere thanks for this urgent warning about genetically modified crops. Let us choose beneficial organic vegan farming methods for a world in which human, animal and environmental health prevail. Speaking during an October 2009 videoconference in Hong Kong, Supreme Master Ching Hai mentioned the many hazards of genetically modified organisms along with the need to avoid their use to ensure human welfare.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Nowadays, many people try to do this so-called genetically modified food, so sometimes we eat vegetarian food and we don't even know that there are animal substances in it.

Scientifically speaking, meat is being linked to diseases of all kind - with cholesterol, obesity, heart disease and strokes.

So, if we put meat or animal substance into vegetables, then we will also have similar effects, more or less. I think we should not mess up with nature and play God. Whatever nature has already offered to us, that is good enough.

There might be more incurable diseases that come from GMOs that we don't even know will happen yet. Right now, even if we just eat the normal meat and we have so many incurable diseases already; if we mix it with vegetables, maybe we will have more incurable diseases and more strange diseases that we don't even know how to deal with in the future. So, it's better to have organic vegan farming method.

March 10, 2011

South Korea struggling to cope with foot-and-mouth disease

In attempts to curb the worst outbreak of this contagion that has been ravaging livestock animals nationwide since November, the South Korean government has spent over US$2.5 billion on various measures.

These include culling, or the deliberate killing of millions of animals to stop the spread of illness; disinfecting entire barns and vehicles; compensating farmers, many of whom lost their entire livelihoods overnight; and vaccinating livestock, which has so far proven unreliable.

Over 2,000 vaccinated cows and pigs still got infected, while another 6,300-plus new animal deaths have been linked to the vaccine itself. Meanwhile, the people of South Korea have been shocked and disturbed to find that 3.5 million cows and pigs were massacred throughout the nation, mostly in a horrifying way.

Supreme Master Television's correspondent reports about the web of challenges surrounding the disease outbreak.

South Korean correspondent (F): So far, 3.2 million pigs were killed, and all of them were buried alive. These shocking measures has become a big issue in South Korean society, generating criticism in terms of moral and environmental aspects. What you are seeing here is the site where pigs were buried alive. There are much more than 4,000 burial sites like this around the country.

These burial sites are near upper streams of rivers, residential areas, and schools. With a chance that contamination due to leaking fluids could cause an epidemic, the animals' disaster due to foot-and-mouth disease could turn into a disaster for humans.

Cho Yeon-Soon - Director, Mae Ryu Community Health Center (F): Because animals are buried alive near underground water or water supply facilities around here, it might have a dreadful impact on the drinking water for the residents here.

Correspondent (F): When burying the animals alive, they lined the ground with plastic sheets, but the live animals struggled and the plastic sheets got damaged. So the oozing fluid from the dead animals' bodies are leaking out, creating a serious potential environmental problem.

Citizen, Seoul (M): According to news, many burial sites are along with Han River, and as spring arrives, the river can be contaminated. Han River is the source of drinking water for my home, so I'm really concerned.

VOICE: In response to fears of an environmental disaster stemming from burying the live animals, the South Korean government has spent US$274 million to provide alternative water supplies to communities concerned about the leakage from decaying carcasses. But an equal outrage about the culling is about the cruelty - which has also extended to humans.

Lee Hang-Jin - Korea Federation for Environment Movements Yeoju Office (M): The ethical issue is about what impact foot-and-mouth disease has on human life. Public servants involved in this are now suffering from trauma and getting psychiatric treatment, and some even died because of extreme stress.

Correspondent (F): So far, nine public officers have died due to extreme stress and 126 officers were injured. As sad stories became widely known such as a mother cow trying her best to protect her young until the last moment when mother and child were killed, social awareness is awakening about respect for life.

Lee Hang-Jin (M): I personally decided to stop eating meat through this incident.

Correspondent (F): News media have been reporting about factory farming daily, and discussions about vegetarianism have come to the fore.

Citizen, Seoul (M): I think excessive meat eating caused foot-and-mouth disease.

Citizen, Seoul (F): I feel very sorry for them because we're causing so much pain to them.

Correspondent (F): Citizens, who till now ignored the uncomfortable truth while enjoying meat nicely presented on a convenient table, now in seeing the horror of the live burials, have begun to ask themselves a fundamental question: Is it morally proper to eat meat that underwent the cruelty of killing animals?

Citizen, Seoul (M): What's happened now will consequently come back to us.

Correspondent (F): This has been Supreme Master Television at a livestock burial site in South Korea.

VOICE: With appreciation for the South Korean government's efforts to respond to this tragic emergency, we join in mourning the loss of both countless innocent animals and perished humans, as we pray that this cruel crisis will stop soon and for good.

May societies everywhere find permanent safety from all the risks of animal farming by ending meat production altogether. With foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks and culling also being reported elsewhere in recent years, Supreme Master Ching Hai addressed the issue of livestock-related diseases during an October 2009 videoconference in Formosa (Taiwan).

Supreme Master Ching Hai: In one of the worst animal disease outbreaks to hit the island of Formosa (Taiwan), the virus called hoof-and-mouth disease was transmitted from one pig that came to the island in early 1997.

Within just six weeks, 6,000 farms had been stricken, resulting in the tragic slaughter, massacring 3.8 million pigs.

This gives you some idea of how quickly animal-borne diseases can spread, causing devastation for themselves and humans alike.

The best is to abolish meat altogether. Because animal consumption is eating up our planet, is killing us humans.

The livestock sector is probably the world's biggest source of water pollution as well.

The list never ends if we continue to partake in this killing phenomena, massacring tragedy called “animal industry.”

March 8, 2011

Fishing system leads to massive killed and discarded fish

Ministers across the European Union convening on Tuesday, March 1 called for the first-ever reform in 40 years of a fisheries policy that has resulted in an estimated 1 million tons of fish caught in the North Sea alone being thrown back into the sea each year. This is due to an imposed quota system, which was originally specified by the European Union to protect the fish stock.

However, in part due to fishing methods where giant nets are dragged across the ocean floor, capturing all marine life they encounter, up to two-thirds of the fish caught in some areas are now being discarded, most of them already perished.

In addition, unintentionally caught species which do not have quota regulations must also be discarded. In discussing with delegates from European Union member states, Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki said she hopes to introduce a discard ban by 2013. Meanwhile, more than 650,000 signatures have been gathered by advocates in the United Kingdom hoping to stop the practice.

Thank you Commissioner Damanaki, European Union ministers and all advocates for your efforts to save precious marine lives. May the day soon come when our friends of the sea can roam the ocean waters freely and safely as we cherish their existence as we would our own.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has often addressed the devastating consequences of fishing practices, as during a May 2009 videoconference in Togo.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: The way we are going now, we are literally emptying the oceans of certain fish, plus tons of other fish caught along with them by accident, the by-catch that are just thrown away. So, if those fish are all gone, we will see a catastrophic loss of other marine species as well.

The ocean is a miracle. But if we ruin the ecosystems through overfishing, this will spell disaster for us. So, speaking for the environment, fishing for food is not the answer at all. No animal products at all; that is the best way. We should be vegan.

Heavier winter precipitation becoming norm with climate change

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) released a new report affirming that recent heavy snow storms seen throughout Europe, Mexico and the United States are linked to climate change.

Dr. Carlos Gay, coordinator of the university's Research Program on Climate Change, explained that heavier snowfall is consistent with the concept of global warming, because warmer temperatures cause more moisture to stay in the atmosphere, leading to increased precipitation.

In a colder region with low temperatures, the condensed moisture becomes snow instead of rain. These extreme precipitation patterns are also expected to continue because of the redistribution of water that is occurring as global warming causes moisture to be lost from polar regions due to ice melt.

This explanation of severe snowfall as seen in the northern hemisphere's 2010 winter season has been supported by Dr. Athanasios Koutavas, a climate paleontologist at College of Staten Island in New York, USA, who stated, “Globally speaking, the hydrologic cycle will intensify, with more evaporation, more precipitation... We are going to be getting more rain, and… the snow storms will deliver more snowfall than in the past. These are the general predictions, and this winter seems to speak to those trends.”

Many thanks, Drs. Gay, Koutavas and colleagues for aiding our understanding of the disturbingly unusual weather patterns experienced in many regions of the globe. Through such insights, may we rapidly adopt lifestyle choices that create fast-acting solutions to climate change.

In her efforts to uplift humanity, Supreme Master Ching Hai has often highlighted the underlying causes of these extreme global events, along with the urgent need for actions to halt them, as in an August 2009 videoconference in Thailand.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: What's more, we have more reports of unending drought, freezing weather, storms and animal species and even plant and tree species slipping away faster and faster, because they are unable to withstand the global warming consequences.

These are truly almost always the consequence of humans' violent actions. The number 1 action is meat eating. So, we are grateful we have a few more days to help more of our fellow world citizens to change to the benevolent diet to save our planet.

But, these days are still numbered. We can't prolong forever. We can stop the disasters, make them go away for good, forever, make all the unfavorable situations, threatening weather go away if all of us switch to the organic vegan diet.

March 7, 2011

Exposure to pesticides linked to impaired brain development

The chemicals used in residential pesticides have changed in recent years due to harmful effects associated with pesticides known as the organophosphorus type.

Scientists at Columbia University in New York, USA evaluated the newer type of pesticides known as pyrethroids, whose longer-term effects were not known. Specifically, they looked at the effect of exposure to permethrin as a commonly-sold insecticide, as well as PBO, which is a common additive to the formulations.

The researchers analyzed air samples in the environments of 725 pregnant women, then tracked the brain development of their children over the next three years. At age three, the children whose mothers had been exposed to higher than 4.3 nanograms of PBO scored 3.9 points lower on mental development tests.

Lead scientist, Dr. Megan Horton, stated, “This finding is worrisome because mental development index scores are more predictive of school readiness.” Dr. Horton and other experts suggest that families avoid using chemical insecticide sprays and instead seek to use natural control measures such as sealing cracks in walls and maintaining a clean home environment.

Our gratitude, Dr. Horton and colleagues, for your revealing work in documenting the adverse effects of pyrethroid insecticides. Let us strive to halt the use of all such harmful substances so that babies, mothers, and families thrive in health and well-being.

During a September 2009 videoconference in South Korea, Supreme Master Ching Hai addressed the harm caused by chemical pesticides to humans and animals alike, speaking at the same time of alternatives that seek to protect all life.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Another example of a practice causing harm to both animals and Earth is the use of chemical pesticides. If you can imagine, over 5 billion pounds of pesticides are used throughout the world each year! And only about 10% - 10%! - of these chemicals even reach the areas where they are intended for.

So the rest? What happens? They go into the air and water where they have been linked to everything from cancer of humans and animals to oceanic dead zones.

Since organic vegan farming does not use pesticides and does not have anything to do with livestock raising, milk production or any such harmful activity, it could be called a practice of compassion, in line with Heaven, with values that are echoed in many spiritual paths and religious teachings.

Organic vegan farming, with its approach of causing the least harm to others, offers the least burden of bad karma (retribution).

We need people who distribute all the necessary information for organic farming. This is truly the way of the future. It is the way to our ultimate humanity and brotherhood among all beings on the planet.

More sudden perishing of wildlife

Following a series of still-mysterious deaths as thousands of birds and fish were found perished in the United States and Europe, all occurring within days of one another, new mass fatality events have been reported in the past week.

In the Ukraine, dozens of migrating blackbirds were found dead along a highway in Sevastopol with no evidence yet of poisoning or an epidemic. In the United States, both ducks and Canada geese were discovered sick, injured or dead along the Lake Erie shore.

Regional biologists report that the birds have been falling from the sky, then demonstrating difficulty with balance, coordination and motor skills on land. Many perished soon after being rescued, with only a very small number recovering after some care.

Another recent loss occurred when at least 43 lifeless dolphins were found within close succession of each other along the US coasts of Mississippi and Alabama, many of them babies. The total is an alarming 12 times higher than the past 30-year average for this time of year, with a 2010 increase in fatalities before the major oil spill that further indicates another cause.

It saddens us to know of these further losses and suffering of our avian and mammal friends. We thank those working to understand and help the wild animals and pray that humanity responds with caring actions to restore the lives and balance of our co-inhabitants and the Earth.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has often spoken about the messages sent by the animals to caution humankind about how they are endangering the planet, as in response to a question during a February 9, 2011 videoconference in the USA to help shed light on these distressing incidents.

California, questioner: There has been mass dying of animals reported in the United States, and other parts of the world (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Right.) during the past few months for reasons not (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Right, right.) completely explained.

Such as the two million dead fish in Maryland, USA; 4,000 to 5,000 birds falling from the sky in Arkansas, USA. Hundreds of dead birds in Italy; and 40,000 crabs on the beaches in, of England. A Chinese animal telepathic communicator spoke to one of the birds in Arkansas, USA, who said that day, the animals had sought permission from God to sacrifice themselves in that way, and that they were doing it to awaken humans to the sad state of the environment. Master, is this true? And has it been impactful?

Supreme Master Ching Hai: It's true, and it's so sad, so sad. But the impact is not even enough. Humans are still asleep in their habitual ways of life. That is the sad thing. Even if they cannot explain why the birds or the fish die, they're still thinking of something else, instead of the spiritual way.

Instead of asking themselves about their way of life, they'll be blaming on something else. I'm so sorry for these animals. But, even then, if they die like this, it's still better than those who are raised in factory farming, and die every day slowly.

Or being harassed, or being tortured all their life. I cannot believe that I am living in this kind of world, that humans are torturing, killing, harassing each other, and then torturing, killing and harassing animals also. It seems beyond imagination that we as humans, the children of God, can be so blind.

So blind to reality, and so suppressing our own compassionate nature that we could even degrade our self into doing such kinds of things, and feeling okay about it. It's not okay at all. We are not civilized, not civilized enough.

March 4, 2011

East Antarctic Ice Sheet more sensitive to climate changes than previously thought

Although the East Antarctic Ice Sheet contains enough ice to increase global sea levels 60 meters if melted, possibilities that this would happen in the next few centuries had long been ruled out as surface temperatures across the region are well below freezing.

However, new findings show that parts of the ice sheet are being affected by climate change more rapidly than previously believed. A team of scientists from Australia's Macquarie University and the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization spent three summers in this remote region, where they used new technology to measure how previous climate warming and sea level rise 20,000 years ago had affected the region.

They found boulders which had been deposited during a time when the ice cover was greater than today. Using a particle accelerator to measure long-lived radioactive isotopes, they implemented a new technique called cosmogenic surface exposure dating to identify the amount of time since the boulders were freed from the ice.

The researchers determined that ice thickness on the Lambert Glacier had decreased several thousand years earlier than previous estimates, and concluded that the East Antarctic ice sheets are much more sensitive to climate change than current models suggest.

Thank you, scientists, for your dedication in gathering this data from the Antarctic region to expand our understanding of the threats imposed by climate change. May we all be motivated to implement the most efficient measures to rapidly reduce emissions and preserve our beautiful planet.

Speaking as on many previous occasions with concern for humanity, Supreme Master Ching Hai emphasized during a March 2009 videoconference in California, USA the critical nature of planetary warming, while offering a way to alleviate the situation.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Before, the United Nations predicted that one meter sea level rise would be very catastrophic already and causing a lot of people to lose their homes. , But scientists have learned that Greenland and western Antarctica and eastern Antarctica are all melting now, which had not been a factor before. Based on these findings, one scientist said: If all Antarctica were to melt, then the sea level could rise up to 70 meters!

So, there's no way we can run away from this except we turn to a virtuous way of life; then we are connected with Heaven because Heaven is virtuous and love and blessing. I see no other way we can protect ourselves at all.

Fishing and climate change top causes of coral reefs trouble

A new report representing a three-year project led by US-based World Resources Institute warns that the world's coral reefs could be 95% gone by 2050 without urgent action to halt global warming, overfishing and other harms.

The report “Reefs at Risk Revisited,” representing a collaboration of more than 20 research and conservation organizations, examines in much greater detail the original “Reefs at Risk” report written in 1998. In the 13 years since the first study, the researchers have found that the reef area at risk of destruction has increased by nearly one-third, with one of its biggest threats to survival being exploitative fishing.

Especially damaging are fishing methods such as dynamite that cause widespread destruction, resulting in increasingly grave imbalances to coral reefs and their surrounding ecosystems. Other threats to the reefs are warming waters from climate change, which cause coral bleaching; ocean acidification from excessive carbon dioxide absorption, and contamination due to agricultural runoff.

With experts such as Dr. Jane Lubchenco , head of the US National Oceanic Atmospheric Agency, (NOAA) saying that the report reminds the public of the urgent need for the reefs' greater protection, lead author Lauretta Burke, a senior associate at WRI stated that a little effort can go a long way toward restoring local areas.

Finally, Dr. Mark Spalding, a senior marine scientist with The Nature Conservancy, cautioned against inaction, saying, “…If we don't learn from these successes, then I think that in 50 years' time, most reefs will be gone - just banks of eroding limestone, overgrown with algae and grazed by a small variety of small fish.”

Many thanks, World Resources Institute and all researchers involved in producing this detailed report showing how human actions could drive coral reefs to extinction. May we quickly change our actions to assist all the fragile yet vital marine ecosystems in being fully restored.

During a November 2008 interview with Ireland's East Coast Radio FM, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke about the importance of the imperiled coral reefs as well as the way we could effectively save them.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Now, the coral reefs are there for some reason. See, there are many factors that affect coral reefs, like coastal development, water pollution, changing sea water temperature because of global warming.

Some scientists predict that most of the coral reefs could disappear in the near future if global warming increases.

Coral reefs are just like the forest on land. They are the protectors of 100-plus countries' coastlines against storm surges and hurricanes. They are the protectors. And they are also the supporters of over 25% of all marine species.

We must protect a living and healthy sea, as it relates to our living and healthy self. The solution is vegetarian diet.

March 2, 2011

Mexican glacier could disappear in just a few years

Scientists warn that glaciers atop a Mexican volcano are melting at a far more rapid pace than previously believed and could disappear in four short years due to global warming. Currently dormant volcano Iztaccihuatl was once home to five glaciers, a number which has now dropped to three. It contains one of the world's few tropical glaciers and one of only two such glacial fields remaining in Mexico.

Dr. Hugo Delgado, glaciologist at Mexico City's National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) believes that the current rapid pace of melting ice will render all to be gone by 2015. Commenting on previous estimates that the glacier would last several decades, he stated, “What we've seen at Iztaccihuatl is an intense period of glacial retreat in the last few years, which has changed the picture.”

The glaciers' thickest point is now only around 10 meters, down from 90 meters measured in the past. Snowfalls are also noted to be ever rarer on the 5,200-meter peak, with vegetation that now grows at higher altitudes. As is the case elsewhere in the world, Mexico's disappearing glaciers spell trouble for populations and agriculture that depend on the annual snow melt for drinking water and hydropower.

Our appreciation, Dr. Delgado and colleagues, for your work that raises awareness on the rapid decline of the unique Iztaccihuatl glacier field. May we quickly act in all ways necessary to reverse climate change, thus preserving our beautiful planet and her diverse inhabitants.

Speaking during a March 2009 videoconference in Mexico, Supreme Master Ching Hai addressed humanity's urgent need to adopt the most eco-conducive lifestyles to halt such dangerous glacier retreat and save the Earth.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: The glacier on the Iztaccihuatl volcano in Central Mexico lost 30 meters in 6 years. The temperature of the glaciers is close to freezing, but it's not freezing. So, the temperature does not preserve the glacier, so the glacier on the Iztaccihuatl, Pico de Orizaba volcanoes, the glaciers there are expected to disappear in the next 10 or something years. You can look that up on the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

There are surely more terrible situations in Mexico that are not checked, due to our carelessness in taking care of the environment, and the global warming resulting thereof. We still have hope, high hope to save the planet.

You just be vegetarian, and then you ask anybody who you know to be vegetarian with you. That's the most simple solution and the most effective to save the planet, according to scientific research, according to medical research, and according to all the religious advice.