November 3, 2011

Green Party leader highlights measures to curb climate change

As weather extremes and other disasters continue to escalate across the globe,the economic costs, in addition to the other devastating consequences of climate change, are becoming more apparent.

In a recent interview with Supreme Master Television, Adrian Ramsay, Deputy Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, spoke of the need for specific government action.

Adrian Ramsay, Deputy Leader, Green Party, England and Wales, United Kingdom – Vegan (M): What the Green Party says is that if we are going to tackle the economic crisis, we need to tackle the climate crisis as well. For example, if we are going to invest in jobs that are going to last for the future, then that’s going to bein areas like renewable energy, home insulation, public transport, things that are actually going to recognize that
we need to be tackling climate change.

VOICE: An eco-conscious vegan himself, Mr. Ramsay emphasized the importance of individuals to not only do their part in leading green lifestyles, but also in encouraging their government toward Earth-protecting policies.

Adrian Ramsay (M): It's clear I have decided to be vegan myself, and I can see the benefits of that myself in terms of animal welfare, carbon emissions and in terms of feeding the world. So on a personal level, I’m convinced by that. But what I want to see as a politician is the government taking action to make it easier for people to do the right thing.

In terms of government policy, hat I think we need to be doing is promoting healthy eating, promoting eating fresh fruit and veg. And I would like to see a lot more of the money that's spent on farming subsidies, going into helping farmers to convert to organic.

VOICE: Our appreciation, Deputy Leader Adrian Ramsay and the Green Party of England and Wales, for your work in raising awareness toward action to restore economies and the safety of the planet.

May all corners of the world quickly join in fostering sustainable and humane vegan policies for the welfare of the Earth and all her inhabitants.

Speaking during a December 2010 videoconference in the United Arab Emirates, Supreme Master Ching Hai highlighted the urgency of our global climate change crisis, as well as what humans can do to protect the planet.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: I hope, the government encourages the farmers to forgo the cattle and poultry raising, to be vegan, organic vegan. Because, for one, it is still much more costly in terms of food, energy, water uses to raise animals. Whereas, it costs less and less to have organic farming, especially the hydroponics that your government is progressing to promote.

We need every help right now in this emergency situation, urgent time, to save our planet.

I hope our government will guide the agriculture sector to the organic vegan path, and also use their knowledge and talents to share these good techniques with other countries, because the world is interdependent and can cooperate together for a sustainable future. Again and finally, we must change our lifestyle.
We should live more simply, sustaining ourselves on the best diet, and the economy, ecology diet that is organic vegan.

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