October 21, 2011

Medical experts in the UK warn of impending climate change threat

Sponsored by the British Medical Journal, a conference that opened in London on Monday, October 17 focused on the concerns of participating physicians, environmental health experts and other public figures.

Those attending released a statement saying that climate change is creating an immediate, serious and escalating threat to the health and security of people across the globe.

They also released a set of recommendations for governments to implement in showing a stronger commitment to mitigating climate change. As Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Chris Huhne spoke of the need for such actions to protect people not only in the United Kingdom and Europe but across the world, Lord Michael Jay, chair of the British health and medical aid agency Merlin stated, "Climate knows no frontiers."

Our sincere appreciation, Secretary Huhne, Lord Jay and colleagues, for your concerned voices on behalf of fellow citizens everywhere. May we all act now to save lives and restore our shared planetary home.

Sources: Science Daily, France24, Trust, SPA.gov

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