September 25, 2011

Warming ocean waters linked to higher bacterial contamination

A compilation of data evaluated by European and US researchers has revealed that as climate change raises ocean temperatures, it has also increased the spread of harmful bacteria. The paper, which was authored by scientists in 17 European marine research institutes who evaluated over 100 studies, found in particular that the Vibrio bacteria has been proliferating in marine environments.

This is one of the most dangerous known pathogens, with a 50 percent fatality rate for those infected. The researchers thus cautioned against consuming seafood and other potential exposure to the bacteria, stating, “Millions of euros in health costs may result from human consumption of contaminated seafood, ingestion of waterborne pathogens, and, to a lesser degree, through direct occupational or recreational exposure to marine disease.”

We appreciate this informative research, international scientists. May we act now to protect life both on land and in the sea by refraining from the consumption of all animal products as one of the most effective actions in halting climate change.

During a May 2009 videoconference in Togo, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke about how to minimize global warming and its intricately related health risks.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: The marine ecosystem is in big trouble right now from global warming already. Also, mercury poisoning causes problems to aquatic life even before it gets to the humans. These are things we need to address in trying to save our planet, not to talk about our health also. Eating fish will definitely not help this.

So, if we wish to live healthily, happily ourselves, we should let others live, likewise, meaning we don’t try to make them our food, we don’t make them suffer, then we will never worry about disease, and our life and the planet will be quickly like that of Heaven.

Sources: Daily Mail, ENS Newswire, MS NBC

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