September 12, 2011

Prince Charles assumes presidency of UK's World Wildlife Fund

In his inaugural address as the new head of Britain's chapter of the international environmental organization, His Royal Highness Prince Charles, Prince of Wales said that humans must radically change their relationship with nature, or risk becoming endangered as well.

Highlighting the urgent need for reversing climate change through greater protection of ecosystems and biodiversity, the Prince said that we are otherwise consuming what should rightfully be inherited by future generations.

He concluded by remarking on the notable successes of humanity in working together toward shared goals, saying that we must do so now as he stated, "...What is needed is robust leadership into the future.

For history will not judge us by how much economic growth we achieve in the immediate years ahead, nor by how much we expand material consumption, but by the legacy we leave for our grandchildren and their grandchildren."

Our heartfelt accolades and appreciation, Your Royal Highness, for your candidness and courage in conveying the dire state of our planet while maintaining the hope of attaining noble goals. Our best wishes for your leadership in inspiring many toward such Earth-restoring aspirations for the benefit of all beings in the world.

Sources: Prince of Wales,, Mirror

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