September 2, 2011

Climate change also devastating to mental health

A report prepared for Australia’s Climate Institute reveals a link between increased extreme weather events and psychological problems such as depression, substance abuse and even suicide.

Titled "A Climate Of Suffering: The Real Cost of Living with Inaction on Climate Change," the study notes that the repeated flooding and prolonged drought seen especially over the past decade in Australia has generated feelings of anxiety and insecurity, not just in adults but also for children.

These adverse psychological effects do not diminish quickly, often persisting for months and years, with higher rates of drug and alcohol addiction, violence, family separation and suicides more likely.

Australia's Climate Institute Chief Executive John Connor stated that these deeper effects on human health must thus be accounted for when calculating the true cost of climate change.

Our sincere thanks, Mr. Connor and Climate Institute of Australia for this study that reveals some of the additional tragedies of planetary imbalance.

May our wiser and more harmonious actions help restore our harmony with nature and foster peace of mind.

During an April 2011 videoconference in Mongolia, Supreme Master Ching Hai addressed a question on how to counteract the detrimental tolls of climate change that include related disease.

MC (f): We are witnessing the destruction on the environment and a massive number of people suffering from diseases in every corner of the world. (Supreme Master Ching Hai : That’s right.) What would you like to say foremost to humanity right now, at this moment?

Supreme Master Ching Hai: We have to be merciful and compassionate in order to beget the same quality. We have to be loving and kind to our own co-inhabitants so that we can attract loving and kind mercy from Heaven. The Buddha has taught always compassion; Jesus taught the same thing. All the masters
in the past taught the same things, that we have to return to our kindness and love, which is our own nature.
(Q (f): Yes, Master.)

Stop killing, stop oppression of all kinds. We can save ourselves and our loved ones. Stop killing, be loving, be compassionate, be kind. Thank you.

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