June 20, 2011

Mattel to investigate toy packaging sources after Greenpeace alleges deforestation link

In response to the latest efforts of an ongoing campaign by international eco-organization Greenpeace to protect the dwindling Indonesian rainforest and her inhabitants, the world's biggest toy maker, Mattel, promises to stop obtaining goods from one supplier known to be engaged in destructive practices such as large-scale clear cutting.

At the same time, Greenpeace officials say that this is not going far enough as they urge for the company to implement a comprehensive policy that prohibits materials derived from deforestation.

With Indonesia's rain forest being the third-largest in the world after the Amazon and the Congo, groups such as the Indonesian wildlife conservation society ProFauna Indonesia warn that some 70% the nation's 40 primate species are on the brink of extinction due to destruction of their habitat caused by deforestation and illegal trade.

Our heartfelt appreciation and salute, Greenpeace, ProFauna Indonesia and other advocates for your tireless endeavors to preserve the environment and precious co-inhabitants.

May increased awareness bring action from more and more people to honor the balance of all life on Earth.

LA Times Blog

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