March 15, 2011

Years of UFO sightings become public record

British officials have made available 8,500 pages of reports that document sightings of unidentified flying objects dating back to the 1950s. The public now has internet access to these files, which include photographs, drawings and descriptions of UFO sightings. Those who have reported sightings range from policemen to soldiers, a Royal Air Force officer and members of the public.

In the case of the Royal Air Force, the retired officer reported seeing a UFO while on holiday in Sri Lanka in April 2004 and sent supporting photographs. With researchers from the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently finding that half of the stars in the universe are likely to have Earth-like planets orbiting them, prominent global figures have affirmed their belief in the existence of UFOs.

These include theoretical physicist Professor Stephen Hawking, astrophysicist Baron Rees and Lachezar Filipov, deputy director of the Space Research Institute in Bulgaria, who spoke of extraterrestrials, saying, “They are not hostile towards us; rather, they want to help us but we have not grown enough in order to establish direct contact with them."

Retired members of the US military recently reported on UFOs that were found to have disabled nuclear missiles, with officer Robert Salas stating, “My speculation is they're trying to point out the folly of nuclear weapons.” The UK files are available to download free of charge for one month at the website of Britain's National Archives.

Our thanks, British government for sharing this information with the public. May the insights gained from these remarkable experiences give us further appreciation of our greater cosmic community.

During an October 2010 videoconference with Supreme Master Television staff in Los Angeles, USA, Supreme Master Ching Hai shared insights on a noted increase in UFO sightings in certain places.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Recently, our planet is in trouble, you see, in danger, in urgency, so they always come to try to give the blessing or to avert some disaster, whatever they can - be it comet or earthquake or typhoon. Without their intervention, we would have been done for.

Also, now we are more accepting of information about UFOs on the internet, in books. And governments help to release many of the UFO facts, so the people are more open now to their existence, so they feel more easy to come to help us in any way they can.

Without their intervention, we would have been gone: the planet, gone; people, gone - all gone. They are trying to help us so that we can hang on in there, so that we may wake up and help ourselves.

You see, they can't do everything; they can't. We have to help ourselves by our spiritual merit, by our moral power. Then we will survive, and we will develop more and more and then we will see them even in person, and we can visit them like I would visit you.

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