December 30, 2010

UN reports on the rising impacts of climate change

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has released “Vital Climate Change Graphics for Latin America and the Caribbean,” to help identify effects and make suggestions for mitigation.

The report finds a dramatic increase in the number of people affected by disasters, up from 5 million during the 1970s to 40 million during the past decade, costing an estimated US$40 billion.

Executive director of the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center in Belize, Dr. Kenrick Leslie (PhD) spoke of the increased storm intensity in the region.

Dr. Kenrick Leslie - Executive Director, Caribbean Community Climate Change Center, Belize (M): What we have been seeing over the last few years is that the hurricanes are much stronger. In other words, instead of having the categories 1 and 2, we tend to have categories 3, 4, and 5. And they also develop much faster, which means you have less time to give warnings to the public.

VOICE: The report also forecasts that increasing sea surface temperatures by 2050 will bleach corals, leading to decreases in tourism.

Dr. Kenrick Leslie (M): Most of the islands in the Caribbean depend on tourism. So, if you have your coral reefs being damaged, the infrastructure where the hotels are damaged, it means you will have less work for people to do. And hence, it creates a labor problem for people to survive.

VOICE: Dr. Leslie discussed one important countermeasure to avoid climate change's devastating consequences.

Dr. Kenrick Leslie (M): As I said, if we eat less meat: So the governments can say, “What we will do is to find alternative food for the people.” But the people must also recognize that we have a role to play as individuals. So it is the government, people together that will help to make our atmosphere better secured for the future.

VOICE: Our appreciation, Dr. Leslie and United Nations Environment Program for helping governments and people across the globe understand not only the increasing effects of climate change on lives and livelihoods, but also their role as agents of change.

May such efforts as yours push us all to act evermore diligently to avert disasters and to protect lives, first and foremost by adopting a plant-based lifestyle. During a November 2009 videoconference in Mexico, Supreme Master Ching Hai expressed as on many previous occasions her concern for humans' safety amidst worsening conditions as she highlighted at the same time the best way to avoid them.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: The rising intensity and frequency of storms comes from the warming of the ocean which changes weather patterns. L611-635 Like Hurricane Mitch in 1998, which took the lives of nearly 20,000 Central American brethren, as well as Mexican fellow citizens.

In 2007, the southern region once again endured storms and flooding with hundreds of lives lost and hundreds of thousands affected.

Climate change is not an abstract concept at all. It is here and now, affecting our neighbors, affecting us, and more and more.

Researchers in the US concluded that eating a vegan diet for a year is more effective at cooling the planet than driving a hybrid vehicle for the same period of time.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: So, the solution is very simple. We just have to turn away from the animal products. We stop eating meat, dairy, eggs, fish. If everyone does this, we will have a transformed world in no time.

December 29, 2010

Study confirms 160 years of warming trend

In a recent report that compiled temperature data from over 20 institutions worldwide, the Met Office at the Hadley Center in the United Kingdom noted since the 1970s, global average temperatures have increased 0.16 degrees Celsius per decade.

While this rate slightly decreased to a maximum of 0.13 degrees from 2000 to 2009, overall temperatures during the last decade were still the warmest in the past 160 years. Contributing factors for this decade's apparent slowed rate could include an increase in fossil fuel-related aerosol emissions, pollutants that actually have a cooling effect.

Matt Palmer, ocean observations specialist at the Met Office, stated, “It is clear from the observational evidence across a wide range of indicators that the world is warming. As well as a clear increase in air temperature observed above both the land and sea, we see observations which are all consistent with increasing greenhouse gases.”

Our appreciation, Dr. Palmer and Met Office colleagues, for your comprehensive evaluation of data that confirms the continued danger of planetary warming. May more and more people join in the awareness and sustainable steps needed to reverse climate change.

During an interview published in the September 2009 edition of The House Magazine, Supreme Master Ching Hai highlighted, as on previous occasions, the predicament faced by humanity along with the most effective way to address this urgent matter.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: The pollutant known as aerosols, or particles released along with CO2 from burning fossil fuels, actually have a cooling effect. Some scientists say it is roughly canceling out the warming effect of CO2. Therefore, much of the warming we are seeing may actually be due to methane.

NASA scientists are paying increasing attention to another very serious source of global warming - that is, black carbon. It is 4,000-plus times more heat-trapping than CO2.

We must urgently address methane and black carbon, both outcomes of the meat industry, immediately we have to tackle it. I pray all wise leaders will halt the lethal meat practice, which is the main force driving us to the point of no return right now.

By all means, be veg as the first and foremost way to stop global warming. ...

Guyana spends scarce resources to fend off rising seas

As highlighted in a recent article by the international news network Al Jazeera, climate change is already having drastic effects on this small South American nation. Around 90% of the population lives from 50 centimeters to 1 meter below sea level. Between 1955 and 2005, the Guyanese coastal waters rose 17 centimeters, twice the global average.

Devastating flooding in 2005 put the capital under water for months and caused US$2 billion in damages. Now, the country is spending over US$5 million per year, an amount it can hardly afford, to build and maintain sea walls, sluice gates as well as water pumps that return the flooding salt water back to the sea.

Individuals have also been forced to elevate their homes in an effort to prevent constant inundation. Highlighting the global nature of this problem, Guyanese Agriculture Minister Robert M. Persaud stated, “Whatever happens in the climate, it is not situated in a particular part. If you look at … the United States, (or) what is happening in Europe in terms of the weather patterns and what has been taking place (there), we all see that it is becoming everyone's problem and everyone in the global community needs to do something.”

We thank you Minister Persaud, Al Jazeera and Guyana, for sharing information about this urgent situation that we indeed all share. Our prayers for the protection of the good-hearted people of Guyana and other nations facing similar challenges of rising seas, and that governments and individuals join in concerted efforts worldwide to restore the balance of our Earth.

During a February 2009 videoconference in Formosa (Taiwan), Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke with great concern about this distressing predicament as she urged for the immediate actions necessary to protect lives.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: The situation is really urgent. And honestly, every day I'm worried about the fate of many people.

I wish and pray all the able governments and great nations, please help them.

We cannot just sit here and watch them drown.

We do hope we do something so that we can stop the rising sea level the way it is right now and not getting worse so that other nations can still help the already sinking nations.

I wish that all the governments in the world would encourage organic farming to save our world.

The benefit of organic farming for human livelihood, for human health, and for animals' health, natural resources and protection of our planet, all these benefits we cannot even underestimate. So, I just suggest vegan organic.

December 28, 2010

Amazon forests approach tipping point

According to the Global Drought Monitor, a classification system developed by the UK's University College London, by October 2010, large swathes of the Amazon rainforest were experiencing a category known as exceptional drought, which goes beyond even extreme drought.

The 2010 drought was widespread, with most of the Amazon region receiving less than 75% of normal rainfall between 1 July and 30 September, and, in many cases, as little as 25%. Such arid conditions, which normally occur once every 100 years, in this case were observed only five years after a previously severe dry spell in 2005, as well as one just seven years before that in 1998.

Besides the dryness was a record number of fires. Along the edge of the forest in Peru and Bolivia were more fires this year than any year on record, with the Xingu indigenous region seeing a total of 19,000 blazes compared to 5,000 the previous year as well as reports of substantial damage to plants in the normally wet areas.

The fires went hand in hand with extremely low water flows, such as the Amazon tributary River Negro, which hit an all-time low just one year after a never- before-seen high level occurred in the wake of devastating floods.

Scientists are concerned that these patterns are pointing to alarming die-offs of the Amazon as the forest dries out. Dr. Greg Asner, an ecologist at the Carnegie Institution for Science, states that along with the melting polar ice, which for many symbolizes the effects of climate change, should also be considered the drying up and burning of the world's largest rain forest, whose survival is equally threatened.

As observed by forest expert Dr. Oliver Phillips of the University of Leeds in the UK, the Amazon may be reaching a tipping point. He stated, “Every ecosystem has some point beyond which it can't go. The concern now is that parts of the Amazon may be approaching that threshold.”

Scientists at University College London, Dr. Phillips, Dr. Leeds and other researchers, we appreciate all your contributions to this informative report, despite its disturbing implications.

May we all act now to protect the Amazon rainforest and all natural habitate, so that future generations may also enjoy the beauty of our rich creation. Supreme Master Ching Hai has often discussed the crucial issue of climate change impacts on rainforests, including the Amazon, as in an October 2009 videoconference in Germany.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Saving the world's tropical forests, the lungs of the Earth, is one of the very important priorities. Because when the tropical rainforests are destroyed, there are many frightening side effects. It's not just the permanent changes to the world's temperature, rainfall, and weather patterns which the forests regulate. It's not just about the millions of people who might lose their livelihoods that depend on the forests.

The rainforests themselves normally are our protectors, but as the climate gets warmer, instead of absorbing CO2 to protect our planet's climate, they will be emitting back CO2 as well. They will be not helping us, the rainforest, if the climate gets warmer. But instead, They will be worsening the global warming problem.

Stop the livestock industry - that would be the most effective way to halt global warming and restore our planet. It will save our precious forests.

Thousands endangered by Somali drought

Extended lack of rain has caused a sharp increase in food prices in the southern part of the country, affecting some 12,000 people near the city of Afmadow, with at least seven small towns and villages being recently abandoned.

In the central region of Mudug, severe drought has prompted an appeal by local leaders for urgent aid for more than 30,000 people who are in need of immediate assistance. The normally long rains from April to June, known as Gu rains, were insufficient this year, while the October to December rains known as the Deyr completely failed to arrive. In places where the water supplies have not already dried up, the little that is left is not suitable to drink.

These conditions have forced many villagers to leave their homes to search for food in cities, with relief feeding centers seeing an exceptionally high number of people asking for assistance.

To curb humanitarian tragedy and stop more people from becoming climate refugees, the United Nations World Food Programme has appealed for donors to provide tons of food, while local non-governmental organizations have been working to deliver water to the worst-affected areas.

Our appreciation, leaders, UN World Food Programme, local agencies, and all those working to assist the drought-afflicted. We pray that the Somali people may soon be blessed with revitalizing rains as humanity strives restore the Earth through sustaining and eco-stabilizing lifestyles.

Speaking with concern during a May 2009 videoconference in Togo, Supreme Master Ching Hai emphasized the elimination of livestock-raising as the most effective way to reverse the drought crises in Africa and conserve global water resources.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Africa has not been spared the effects of global warming. Another situation that has had drastic effects within Africa is drought.

The biggest contributor to global warming is the animal product industry. In terms of drought, one serving of beef on average requires 1,200 gallons of water to produce, while an entire vegan meal takes only 98 gallons. That is 12 times as much water to produce the same amount of energy from food.

And in this I describe only the physical situation. Along with the physical is the reason behind, which is that we must switch to a more compassionate way of living in order to survive.

So that is the key, to be veg and spread the message of compassion, to let people know that they can really make a difference, and we each can through the choices we make in putting food on our plate.

December 27, 2010

The wisdom of returning to a kinder and simpler life

In a press conference on Saturday, December 18 during her time in Cancún, Mexico, Supreme Master Ching Hai encouraged attending newspaper, radio and television journalists from more than 10 media groups toward greater efforts to inform the public about the urgent situation of climate change.

In identifying the livestock industry as the main cause of global warming and other environmental crises of our planet, she also asked for the media members' help in sharing these vital facts.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Livestock farming is like producing food in reverse. In fact, the “product” is hunger and war, death, and destruction, and maybe even destroying the whole planet, and all lives on this planet.

But now, it is the urgent time to bring these emergency facts that we know into constructive, life-sustaining actions. We must help to end all the mass killings of the tens of billions of animals a year, not only to stop catastrophic climate change consequence, but also to save the original goodness of our own humanity in our heart.

We are the children of God. We should act like God: merciful, compassionate, protective, loving and kind.

VOICE: A warm and open question-and-answer session followed over a scrumptious vegan lunch with dessert, which in itself demonstrated the ease and feasibility of adopting the ecological plant-based lifestyle.

Journalist (M): Good afternoon Master. You were talking about this method of a vegan diet. How to present it to a normal family that consumes a normal diet?

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Thank you for your question. It's a very practical question. The Mexican ancestry's diet consisted not of meat or very little or almost zero. And they were healthy, intelligent; they built such a pyramid for the whole world (Journalist (F): Yes, yes.) to be impressed.

Just normal vegetables, legumes, beans and corns and rice, plantains, these already are very healthy and make you feel very light and easier to think than the very heavy meat diet - difficult to digest. As we develop more technological inventions, then we focus too much on food, which is not always good for us. We should focus more on spiritual food and everything else will go well.

In the Bible, it says: “Seek you first the kingdom of God and all the things shall be added into your life.” So I think it's time we change our priority, by returning to the wisdom of our ancestors, to study more of how they lived their lives. Then we probably can save our planet and survive.

VOICE: Our respectful thanks, journalists and media groups in Mexico for your role in bringing about changes in awareness needed to save our world.

We are especially grateful to Supreme Master Ching Hai for her tireless efforts to inform the public of important choices we now face. May our own loving wisdom guide us to be veg to preserve our Earth and co-inhabitants. Please tune in to Supreme Master Television for the broadcast of this press conference at a later date on Words of Wisdom, with multi-language subtitles.

December 25, 2010

Press conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai on organic vegan diet to reverse climate change

On Saturday, December 18, Supreme Master Ching Hai was invited to a conference with Mexican media members in Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico, where the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 16) had recently concluded.

Having previously met with COP 16 delegates and major media representatives during the summit, Supreme Master Ching Hai at this time addressed regional journalists and then answered questions from participants representing print, radio and television media. These included print publications such as “News of Quintana Roo”; (Novedades de Quintana Roo) “La Verdad Editorial”; “De Peso”; “A New Quintana Roo”; (Un Nuevo Quintana Roo) “The Journal of Quintana Roo”; “The Voice of the Mayas Magazine”; and “Por Esto! Quintana Roo”; as well as Radio Turquesa, Radio Formula, Cancún Radio, and television station Canal 10.

In a warm and candid atmosphere, the journalists listened attentively as Supreme Master Ching Hai's presentation made an urgent moral appeal for help that was also supported by many compelling facts, for instance, about animal farming as the cause of over half the global warming, combined with a potential 40% removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through organic tilling of the world's farmlands.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Scientists are now saying that we must take advantage of shorter-lived emissions like methane — which heats the atmosphere 100 times more than CO2 but disappear quickly, in 9 or 12 years, while black carbon (or soot) disappears within a few weeks.

We are living the worst-case scenario and the scientists are crying, crying out for us to hit the emergency brake now, and hard.

So it's the emergency brake that we need, and the place to start is the livestock industry. Stop livestock industry then consequently we stop like 91% of the warming effect. 91%. Therefore, respected journalists, ladies and gentlemen, your noble mission is not only to save this planet but also to restore the benevolence of the humans' heart.

We must shape our future on virtue and compassion. Then, all generations hereafter shall thrive and flourish.

VOICE: Amidst Supreme Master Ching Hai's encouragement for the media's efforts during the press conference, a delicious vegan lunch was served to the journalists. Many eagerly wanted to know more about the lifestyle for themselves, with one reporter saying that he became a vegan just 30 days ago while another stating that he has been seeking to open a vegan shop.

Supreme Master Ching Hai also made sure that further factual materials were provided for the journalists, including Mexico-specific data, so that they could better inform the public about climate change. Our salute and appreciation all the caring media members and groups in Mexico who are alerting fellow citizens on how we each can halt the planet's crisis.

We especially thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for sharing her messages of concern through this press conference, and pray that everyone joins in the fastest effective solution of the plant-based lifestyle. Please tune in to Supreme Master Television for the broadcast of this press conference at a later date on Words of Wisdom, with multi-language subtitles.

December 24, 2010

Ocean dead zones may foreshadow mass extinction

An Australian marine scientist is sounding the alarm about the spread of large, dead zones in the ocean.

Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, of the University of Queensland and the ARC Center of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies (CoECRS), says there is growing evidence that declining oxygen levels in the ocean have played a major role in at least four of the planet's five past mass extinctions.

With the number of dead zones having grown to more than 400 during the period of 2000-08, some are now as large as 70,000 square kilometers in size.

Noting the link between these oxygen-depleted zones and climate change as well as human activities such as agricultural runoff, Professor Hoegh-Guldberg stated that their presence can change things like the degree of mixing that goes on between surface and deep waters.

Concerned about the effect of these alterations, he said, “… The point is that our activities on land have a big influence on what goes on in the oceans and now we are starting to reap the harvest of those changes.

We are starting to see changes in the ocean's ability to produce oxygen and … food and … all of the ecosystem services that are so important to not only us, but all of the other organisms on the planet.”

Our thanks Professor Hoegh-Guldberg and all scientists working to understand the link between declining ocean life and climate change. May such alarming news prompt us to adopt sustainable lifestyles while we still have a chance.

During an October 2009 videoconference in Formosa (Taiwan), Supreme Master Ching Hai addressed the dead zone problem and reminded of the way to restore the seas and the planet.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: The number of oxygen-depleted oceanic dead zones has increased from only 49 in the 1960s to 405 in 2008.

And I am sure there are more now, there are much more sea dead zones right now. The dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico is one of the largest in the world. It is 22,000 square kilometers and was created mainly from agriculture runoff, including food raised for livestock and manure.

Around 212,000 metric tons of fish are estimated to die in the Gulf of Mexico dead zone every year.

Regarding the concrete instructions and guidance to avoid the planet's destruction, it's again: Be veg, go green, do good deeds and be loving. That's the loving way to live, that's the noble way to live.

We must develop our innate noble qualities, because after all, we are humane beings. And, it's the only way we can save the planet from destruction.

December 22, 2010

Black carbon: an opportunity for near-term mitigation of global warming.

While world governments have been negotiating longer-term reductions of carbon dioxide, a number of scientists and experts have been urging for a short-term approach that would involve eliminating warming factors such as black carbon.

The impact of this substance on melting ice caps has been recently reevaluated by scientists as being more significant than previously thought, with studies showing black carbon to be the cause of half of the Arctic's melt.

During the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancún, Mexico, a meeting was convened by the US-based Climate Institute along with the United Nations Foundation to discuss the importance of fast-acting mitigation strategies that would reduce black carbon. Generated in huge quantities by activities such as deforestation for livestock grazing, black carbon has more than 4,470 times the warming potential of carbon dioxide, yet leaves the atmosphere within weeks.

Such an opportunity for immediate emission reductions was noted by attending delegates such as former senator and current Climate Change Advisor to the Philippine President, Heherson Alvarez.

His Excellency Heherson Alvarez - Climate Change Advisor to Philippine President, Shining World Leadership Award laureate (M): This conference organized by Climate Institute is one of the high points of hope on a fast action - they call it short-term climate change response. We will talk about how to address black carbon, and that will buy us time.

VOICE: Invited as a presenter was Australian Mr. Gerard Bisshop, lead scientist for the World Preservation Foundation and former principal scientist of the Queensland Department of Environment and Resources Management, and our Association member, whose recent report on a 20-year study commissioned by the Queensland government revealed that 91% of all tree clearing has been done for livestock grazing.

Gerard Bisshop -Principal Scientist, World Preservation Foundation (Vegan) (M): The livestock agriculture contributes black carbon, largest source of methane, largest source of nitrous oxide, a lot of the deforestation, much of the open fire, and stored carbon. Potentially, if we reverse this, 70% of the world's agricultural land could be restored by reforestation and tree carbon sequestration.

We strongly urge that - and they've been called “perverse” by the UNEP - that “perverse” subsidies on livestock production are stopped.

VOICE: Former US Congresswoman Claudine Schneider, who also joined the meeting, commented on the effectiveness of reducing meat consumption.

Her Excellency Claudine Schneider - Former US Congresswoman, Board Member of Climate Institute (F): Fire burning is a major contributor to the problems. And more often than not, they're clearing forests so that they can do grazing of cattle. If we were to move more rapidly toward a vegetarian diet, we would be addressing not just deforestation, but the problems of erosion and loss of clean drinking water. We would also be enabling people to live a healthier and longer life, if they were relying on a vegetarian diet.

VOICE: We thank the Climate Institute, United Nations Foundation, Mr. Bisshop and Their Excellencies Alvarez and Schneider for raising the important issue of black carbon to the climate agenda. May swiftly sustainable actions soon follow such discussions to more swiftly bring about the necessary cooling of the planet.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has often addressed the need to curb the many times more potent Earth-warming substances coming mainly from the animal industry, as during an interview published in the July 12, 2009 edition of the Irish Sunday Independent.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: As for black carbon, which is the particulate matter also known as soot, NASA scientists found that it has a serious impact on climate change. Black carbon is 4,000-plus times more heat trapping So CO2 is not our foremost and urgent problem.

The soot is accelerating the melting of Antarctic ice, which raises the world sea level. Scientists found that 60% of the black carbon particles in Antarctica were carried there by the wind from South American forests that are burned to clear land for livestock production.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: So, this pollutant is yet another damaging byproduct of the meat industry again. We will destroy the world if we do not stop eating and producing meat and other animal products. So, the organic vegan diet is the fastest, easiest, and most effective solution for a life-sustaining planet.

December 21, 2010

Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai by “El Quintanarroense” newspaper in Mexico

Just after the conclusion of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in the country's seaside city of Cancún, Mexican journalist Mr. Luis Ballesteros of Quintana Roo state's major newspaper, “El Quintanarroense,” requested an interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai to further discuss climate change.

Supreme Master Ching Hai accepted the invitation, cordially inviting Mr. Ballesteros to a delicious vegan meal.

Interview with Supreme Master Ching HaiBy Journalist Luis Ballesteros Published in El Quintanarroense newspaper (December 12, 2010)

Luis Ballesteros - Journalist, El Quintanarroense newspaper, Mexico (M): Do you believe that global warming is irreversible?

Supreme Master Ching Hai: No, reversible. Can change. We have to reverse our action. Just like if you go south and you want to be in the north, then you just turn the car. U-turn and come north. We warm up the planet, because of many reasons.

Fossil fuel, and animal industry. But then, when we burn fossil fuel, it emits two types of things, carbon dioxide, CO2, and aerosol. Aerosol, more or less cancels the effect of CO2. Aerosol is not too good for our health, but at least it cancels CO2. So the warming effect came from the methane gas, and nitrous oxide. These are poisonous anyway. Not just warming, but poisonous to us. Even if CO2 does warm up the planet, it's only 1% compared to methane, and one 1% of 300% compared to nitrous oxide.

Luis Ballesteros (M): Wow.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: And black carbon is even 4,000-plus more warming than CO2.

Luis Ballesteros (M): Wow!

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes, yes but the thing is methane is short, it can dissipate within 10 years, more or less. (NOTE: In addition, black carbon remains in the atmosphere for only days or weeks)

Supreme Master Ching Hai: So if we cut all these -- methane, nitrous oxide -- then we cool the planet within a few years.

VOICE: During the interview, Mr. Ballesteros also announced his personal decision to help the planet by stopping his own intake of meat. The following is an excerpt from the article he wrote, published in the December 12 edition of the daily “El Quintanarroense.”

“[Supreme Master] Ching Hai Speaks About the Climate Benefits of Being Veg.” “After having been invited as a guest to some sessions of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Summit [Supreme Master] Ching Hai spoke about the importance of avoiding the continuation of the global temperature increase. She emphasized that the elimination of the animal industry for human consumption would significantly benefit the environment…

The environmentalist, writer, musician, and spiritual teacher highlighted the consumption of plant-based foods as a way to reverse temperature increase across in the globe. She mentioned that all human beings can be part of the solution, by supporting vegan foods and stopping animal product consumption … In reference to her participation as defender of the planet, she mentioned that she has urged world leaders and governments to participate in animal-free lifestyles… The humanist said that each individual has the elements necessary to revert the alarming situation of the warming that endangers cities and countries with submergence by oceans.”

VOICE: Journalist Mr. Ballesteros wrote a second article, “National and international young advocates raise their voice in favor of plant-based food.” This article was published on December 13 and covered the activities of the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association as encouraged by Supreme Master Ching Hai, to support decision makers toward organic vegan policies.

Our appreciation Mr. Ballesteros and “El Quintanarroense,” for your important roles in sharing this urgent and effective message about saving our planet. We also thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for her tireless efforts in working with both the media and governments to awaken humankind to the best remedy to climate change.

After Cancún, urgency remains for bold climate action

Coinciding with the conclusion of Mexico's United Nations Climate Change Conference was the confirmation, announced by the director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, Dr. James Hansen, that 2010 is now the hottest climate year on record.

Amplifying the significance of this discovery is the fact that these high temperatures were recorded during a period of maximum cooling effect from the sun.

Such data gave new weight to a report presented during the conference stating that overall, the global average temperature is currently on a path to rise by a catastrophic 4 degrees within 50 years.

In his speech marking the end of the summit, Mexican President Felipe Calderón emphasized the real urgent danger of climate change as it affects all nations.

H. E. Felipe Calderón - Mexican President (M): In recent years, my friends, and particularly in 2010, the catastrophes caused by meteorological phenomena, worsened and multiplied by climate change, have been more than evident. If we don´t start acting with determination here and now, this will damage us all.

VOICE: His Excellency also reviewed the notable concrete results from the summit.

H. E. Felipe Calderón - Mexican President (M): One of the greatest achievements of Cancún is the adoption of mechanisms to reduce emissions from deforestation and land degradation. We have to remember that in most of the developing countries, more than half of carbon emissions come from deforestation, and these emissions reach up to 20% of the global emissions.

VOICE: Worldwide, at least 51% of greenhouse gas emissions, including those coming from deforestation, have been strongly linked to animal agriculture.

Scientists and others have been calling for alternatives to animal products to stop the current destructive livestock raising, an idea supported by Bolivian Ambassador to the United Nations, His Excellency Pablo Solon.

H. E. Pablo Solon - Bolivian UN Ambassador (M): Industrial agriculture is one of the main emitters. So, to have something that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions through an ecological agriculture is very positive.

VOICE: Supreme Master Ching Hai has long urged for a full transition to organic vegan farming as an energy and time efficient way to stop global warming. During her busy schedule attending the COP 16 conference and meeting with delegates in Cancún, Supreme Master Ching Hai also spoke about this solution in interviews with the media.

Broadcasting this coming Sunday on the channel TVCun is an interview by the program “Encadena TV,” in which Supreme Master Ching Hai is asked to share on various topics, such as her reason for dedicating her service to the world, spiritual connections between violence and the planet's crisis, and the urgent need to replace meat production with benevolent ways of growing food.

Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai By Encadena TV, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Supreme Master Ching Hai: The government should subsidize organic farming and encourage people to change into organic farming. I really, really want to invite the government to take this opportunity to be more heroic, more noble, more protector of the planet, of their people, because truly they have more facilities than I and you.

Animal industry is killing our people and our planet. Killing our people by giving disease and sickness and abnormal function. And killing the planet because of methane gas that's heating up our planet.

So, if we realize that, then we'll stop it. Then we will be all heroes. I don't want to be the only one hero on the planet.

I don't want to be praised or given award or anything, I just want everybody to become a hero - and now - to save our home!

VOICE: We send our appreciation for the government decision makers' efforts in Cancún, as our gratefulness also goes to Supreme Master Ching Hai, whose steadfast support throughout the summit was felt by many an encouraged participant.

May our world be steered to safety through our leaders' noble endeavors, the most crucial of which is the planet-cooling organic vegan policy.

All information concerning the scientific evidence of climate change and its solution is in Supreme Master Ching Hai's book, “From Crisis to Peace: The Organic Vegan Way Is the Answer.”

Freely available to read at You can tune in to the upcoming broadcast of Encadena TV's interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai on the channel TVCun, on Sunday, December 19 at 10 am in Quintana Roo, Mexico, or 5 pm Central European Time, on Channel 13 TVCUN in Cancún City, and via live streaming online at

December 20, 2010

More media report on Cancún gala and the organic vegan solution to climate change

Midway during the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancún, Mexico, “The Greenest Heroes Gala” was co-hosted by the Mayor of Cancún, The Honorable Jaime Hernández Zaragoza and the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, with Supreme Master Ching Hai present as the guest of honor.

Dignitaries attending the COP 16 summit had also been invited to the exuberant musical event, which honored some of the champions of the planet-cooling organic vegan lifestyle, while also supporting the spirit of cooperation at the climate change summit.

Indeed, since the conclusion of the conference, analysts and government officials alike have agreed that the open forum setting of this year's gathering, which allowed each country to be heard, assisted greatly in restoring the confidence necessary for collaborative progress.

The visibility offered by the Mexican media has also helped promote unity and motivation amongst the public regarding this complex environmental challenge. A live broadcast of the gala by Quintana Roo's Radio Formula QR 92.3 FM channel was one such instance, with gala highlights also reported by major local newspapers.

“The Newspaper of Quintana Roo,” (“El Periodico de Quintana Roo”) shared the following overview of the evening: “Realized in the Fairmont Mayakoba Resort and presenting world class entertainment and gourmet vegan cuisine, the Gala gathered the main global figures, Oscar and Grammy Award-winning artists, as well as other distinguished guests from COP16, and included speeches from the respected former President of Costa Rica, José María Figueres Olsen; the Supreme Master Ching Hai, and the esteemed promoter of human rights and seventh President of Ireland, Mary Robinson.”

The newspaper “Quequi of Quintana Roo” acknowledged the honor bestowed to the eight Greenest Heroes of the gala, defined by their life-saving and emissions-minimizing vegan diets, with the following photo caption: “At the moment of giving the awards, Mr. Jaime Hernandez Zaragoza, mayor of Cancún, and Supreme Master Ching Hai, recognized the Heroes of the environment.”

Yet another media group, the daily “El Quintanarroense,” promoted the new book, “From Crisis to Peace: The Organic Vegan Way Is the Answer,” which was premiered at the gala, as it stated: “Also in the event was the launch of Supreme Master Ching Hai´s newest book `From Crisis to Peace: The Organic Vegan Way Is the Answer,' in which it is highlighted how a plant-based diet provides practical solutions to fight climate change through recent scientific data from international government researchers, as well as spiritual thoughts.

...Supreme Master Ching Hai signed copies of `From Crisis to Peace,' while hundreds of people queued for an autograph.” In addition, coverage of the gala appeared on the user-generated news source, CNN iReport, with online video of excerpts from the event. This quote was shown on CNN iReport

Supreme Master Ching Hai: We should subsidize life, benevolence, love and compassion - not death, not war. We have to stop the war between humans, and between humans and animals.

VOICE: With appreciation for all media members helping to share the plant-based lifestyle as the answer to our most urgent global issues, we also thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for her support of the gala's uplifting ideals and her solidarity for delegates gathered in Cancún.

Let us all join in the noble cause of saving our shared planet by adopting the greenest, organic vegan lifestyle.

Supreme Master Ching Hai's book, “From Crisis to Peace: The Organic Vegan Way Is the Answer,” is freely available to read at

December 17, 2010

Supreme Master Ching Hai warmly received for shared ideals of a protected Earth

As part of the agreements reached at the two-week Conference for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Cancún, Mexico, a new Adaptation Committee has been assigned to assist developing nations in protecting from the already increasing climate impacts such as floods, droughts, and sea level rise.

A fund is also being created to support these endeavors, with a goal of applying donations of US$100 billion per year from 2010 onward. While such a unified show of care for vulnerable nations was considered a surprise to some, it was appreciated by many.

With deep concern for the effects of climate change on humanity and all beings, Supreme Master Ching Hai had accepted an invitation from the Mexican Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources to attend the climate summit in support of a harmonious concerted effort.

H. E. Dessima Williams - Permanent Rep. of Grenada to UN, Chair of Alliance of Small Island States (F): Thank you for your positive energy and your prayers.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Of course. We love your people.

H. E. Dessima Williams (F): Thank you.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: We love all the people (of the world, yes). They don't deserve this suffering.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Please save my planet. Save African people,

(Victor Ayodeji Fodeke - UNFCCC Focal Point, Nigeria (M): Yes, you know.) because they suffer too much. (Thank you.)

VOICE: While observing some of the high-level sessions, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke personally with international dignitaries, including Chair of the Alliance of Small Island States, Her Excellency Dessima Williams; Vice-chair of one of the UNFCCC Ad Hoc Working Groups, Miroslav Spasojevic from Serbia; Swiss Representative from the Federal Office of the Environment, José Romero; Advisor of Afghanistan's National Institute of Environment Protection, Abbas Basir; Cameroon's UNFCCC National Focal Point, Ambassador Joseph Armathe Amougou; and Peru's Environment Minister Dr. Antonio José Brack Egg.

Miroslav Spasojevic - Vice-chair of AWG-KP Working Group, Serbian Ministry of Mining and Energy (M): I saw you a few days ago when I told your colleague that it would be a pleasure to meet you, anywhere in the world. Thank you so much. It was really a pleasure meeting you!

Dr. Mark Wright - Conservation Science Advisor, WWF-UK (M): We've been following all your heroic ventures for many years.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Oh you have? Thank you. (Yes, it's good.) God bless you and your organization. Please continue even though it's hard. (And you. You keep up your good work.) We do.

Dr. Mark Wright - Conservation Science Advisor, WWF-UK (M): I'm delighted to meet you.

VOICE: While some, such as Chief Scientist Dr. Mark Wright of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), were already familiar with Supreme Master Ching Hai's environmental work, others wished to know more about her endeavors for a peaceful planet, such as through her support of Supreme Master Television's constructive programming.

Abbas Basir - Advisor of National Institute of Environment Protection, Afghanistan (M): What kind of program do you have?

Supreme Master Ching Hai: I just want to bring your country up, so everybody can see there are real people, real culture, real history. So we have culture, music, traditional dishes, anything.

Abbas Basir (M): Afghanistan has a very, (Any good things.) very rich culture.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes, yes! We can introduce forever. But we do it regularly. To bring your country up (Thank you.) to the attention.

VOICE: Supreme Master Ching Hai's thoughts on the best solutions to climate change were also introduced to many of the delegates through the newly released book, “From Crisis to Peace: The Organic Vegan Way Is the Answer.”

José Romero - National Focal Point to UNFCCC, Federal Office for the Environment, Switzerland (M): I appreciate very much…

Supreme Master Ching Hai: You have read a little bit of the book already?

José Romero (M): Yes, yes. Absolutely. It's always very inspiring.

Dr. Antonio José Brack Egg - Minister of the Environment, Peru (M): I am the Environment Minister of Peru. My wife in Lima is a big admirer of you. She has your book and all these things. Blessing to you.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Please save my planet.

Dr. Antonio José Brack Egg (M): Yes!

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Save my Peru.

Dr. Antonio José Brack Egg (M): We all together save the planet. (SM: I know, I know.)

VOICE: As we join the world in thanking all distinguished participants of the Climate Change Conference for their concerted efforts in Cancún, Mexico, we are also grateful to Supreme Master Ching Hai for her genuine love and concern for nations worldwide facing the shared challenge of climate change.

Our prayers that leaders make the wisest decisions to save the planet, especially the urgent switch to the organic vegan lifestyle.

Supreme Master Ching Hai's book, “From Crisis to Peace: The Organic Vegan Way Is the Answer,” is freely available to read at

Climate change conference delegates appreciate encouragement from Supreme Master Ching Hai

It was not an easy task for the delegates from more than 190 countries to endorse a final agreement on curbing global warming. However, the outcome of the two-week negotiations in Cancún, Mexico was hailed by many as a success, with the meeting's chair, Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa saying that it heralded “a new era of international cooperation on climate change.”

Arriving at the invitation of Mexico's Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources, Supreme Master Ching Hai set aside time in her schedule to lend her support for the decision-makers' crucial task of restoring the planet - not only through her prayers but also her presence in their sessions.

Some of the attending dignitaries who had the chance to speak with Supreme Master Ching Hai included the President of Mexico, His Excellency Felipe Calderón; US Deputy Special Envoy for Climate Change Dr. Jonathan Pershing; Deputy Director of the Office of Global Change, US Department of State, Mr. Trigg Talley, and Moldovan Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Gheorghe Şalaru.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: My respectful salute to all your endeavors for Mexico.

H. E. Felipe Calderón - Mexican President (M): Thank you. Thank you very much.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: I love your people.

H. E. Felipe Calderón - Mexican President (M): I love you too.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Are you happy with the meeting? Vous etes content avec le meeting?

Minister (M): 50/50

Supreme Master Ching Hai: We have to wait a bit more. Il faut attendre encore. (huh?) Vous attends encore.

VOICE: National ministers and UNFCCC National Focal Point representatives received a copy of the new book, “From Crisis to Peace: The Organic Vegan Way Is the Answer," which Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously signed.

Togo's National Focal Point to the UNFCCC Ambassador Komi Tomyeba; Head of the Climate Change Department at the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, Dr. Ezzat Lewis Hannalla Agiby, and Ugandan Environment Minister Her Excellency Jesca Eriyo, were among those also expressing their gladness upon meeting Supreme Master Ching Hai, who conveyed her encouragement for their efforts.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: I just support your work. H. E. Komi Tomyeba - Togo National Focal Point,

UNFCCC (M): Yes, yes.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: We are here to support your work.

H. E. Komi Tomyeba (M): Hi, Master. Thank you very much.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: I know you're busy.

H. E. Komi Tomyeba (M): We need your support.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: I pray Allah bless you.

Dr. Ezzat Lewis Hannalla Agiby - Head of Climate Change Central Department, Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (M): We need it.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Allah bless you.

Dr. Agiby (M): Thank you.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Good luck to your country.

H.E. Jesca Eriyo - Ugandan Minister of State for Environment (F): Thank you. (Okay.)

Supreme Master Ching Hai: I pray for your people…

Ugandan Minister (M): Thank you very much.

Supreme Master Ching Hai:…and for the best outcome for Africa.

H.E. Jesca Eriyo - Ugandan Minister of State for Environment (F): Sure. Thank you very much.

VOICE: Supreme Master Ching Hai's heartfelt wishes for the leaders to act with courage came just as scientists from the US National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) announced 2010 as the hottest year on record due to accelerating climate change.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Please save my planet.

Dr. Jonathan Pershing - US Deputy Special Envoy for Climate Change (M): Okay. We're ready to make it happen.

VOICE: Meanwhile, international environmental groups including Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund commended COP 16 representatives for renewing the momentum, goodwill and sense of purpose regarding climate change policy.

However, some concerned society members continued to urge for more bold and immediate actions to halt global warming, as expressed in one young activist's t-shirt, which read: “You have been negotiating all my life. You cannot tell me you need more time.” These words were originally spoken by Christina Ora, (female name) a Solomon Islander youth delegate who had addressed the COP 15 meeting one year ago in 2009.

Christian Ora - Youth delegate from Solomon Islands addressing COP 15 plenary (F): I was born in 1992. You have been negotiating all my life. You cannot tell us that you need more time. Because you hold our future in your hands.

VOICE: We send our appreciation for the government decision makers' efforts in Cancún, as our gratefulness also goes to Supreme Master Ching Hai, whose steadfast support throughout the summit was felt by many an encouraged participant. May our world be steered to safety through our leaders' noble endeavors, the most crucial of which is the planet-cooling organic vegan policy.

Supreme Master Ching Hai's book, “From Crisis to Peace: The Organic Vegan Way Is the Answer,” is freely available to read at

December 16, 2010

Climate Summit concludes in Mexico with new “Cancún Package”

Throughout this year’s two-week United Nations Climate Change Conference, delegates focused on moving closer to an accord to replace the Kyoto Protocol on globally reducing greenhouse gas emissions, originally created by the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and set to expire in 2012.

Supreme Master Television reports from Cancún, Mexico.

Correspondent (F): Here in Cancún, United Nations delegates have arrived at the end of an intensive two weeks of climate change negotiations, with dedicated efforts being made by all 192 nations to reach an updated agreement.

Also present for many sessions of this significant summit was Supreme Master Ching Hai, who had been invited as a special guest by Mexico’s Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources.

Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa, who served as conference chair, stated that a broad set of decisions are now within reach. Government leaders working through the night have arrived at a consensus on some issues, such as on how developing nations will be assisted in adapting to climate change.

VOICE: Other matters that were resolved include a plan for protecting forests, ways to share new clean energy technologies and a reporting structure to ensure that countries follow up on their emissions reduction pledges.

This proposal was supported even by significant greenhouse gas emitters such as China and the United States. The “Cancún Package” as announced by Mexico’s President Calderón and Foreign Minister Espinosa, received a standing ovation in acknowledgement of both the advancements and the general cooperation experienced among the negotiating parties.

Correspondent (F): Throughout the summit, people from various sectors – non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government agencies, private companies, research institutions, and students – all showed interest for the plant-based lifestyle change to restore the environment.

Michael Mathres – Co-founder, World Climate Summit, USA (M): It’s very very important that people understand that they should limit or not eat meat, because they produce a lot of methane emissions.

Surveyor Efik, Coordinator, Climate Change Network Nigeria (M): You see the two coming on Nigeria: desertification, coastal erosion, and it’s causing a lot of refugee problems. People should start adapting to veg, and that’s what I support your organization for.

Participant – Climate Change Village (F): Learning at this place, I want to be vegetarian; I’m going to try with my family also, to save the animals, to save the world, save water also.

Sarah Ricci – TechnoWise Group, vegetarian (F): I believe that the ways animals die has an effect on us as individuals, and I’ve been vegetarian for over five years and I feel very happy with my decision. It greatly reduces greenhouse gases, and it is not only important for climate change, it is very important for the health of individuals, for the economy.

Correspondent (F): Former executive secretary of the UNFCCC Mr. Yvo de Boer also expressed his support for the dietary solution to climate change.

Yvo de Boer – Former UNFCCC Executive Secretary (M): It’s a good solution because producing animals to then kill them for human beings to eat involves consumption of huge amounts of energy.

And it’s not very nice for the animals. I think lifestyle change could be a very important part of action to address climate change at the national level, so certainly, as part of a national strategy, that’s something we need to look at.

Correspondent (F): This is Supreme Master Television reporting from Cancún, Mexico.

VOICE: Supreme Master Ching Hai had arrived in Cancún to pray for its smoothest proceeding.

She was also invited as the special guest of honor to a gala held midway through the summit, which honored exemplary role models while raising awareness about the organic vegan solution to climate change, both among the dignitaries present and in the Mexican media.

The “Greenest Heroes Gala” received coverage from regional media, including the newspaper “Novedades,” with the following excerpt from an article titled “Organic Veganism to Save the Planet”:

On Sunday, December 5, the Mayor of Cancún, Mr. Jaime Hernández Zaragoza and the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association were hosts of the “Greenest Heroes Gala” to recognize the efforts of all the participants of the COP 16 and to honor the champions of the environment, who are an example for climate change and other environmental crises through the vegan diet.

Also reporting on the occasion, the popular newspaper “Por Esto!” stated: Received as a bonding event without precedence in the history of COP, the special evening celebrated the international society and the progress reached up to now in Cancún, as well as clarifying the most exceptional personal and planetary benefits that can produce this year´s recommendation of…

“staying away from meat and dairy products,” made by the Environmental Program of the United Nations, with such benefits as reforestation, significant reduction of climate change, biodiversity regeneration, food supply safety, and the cost of mitigation for both climate and health.

“La Verdad” newspaper also reported: “In sum, the Greenest Heroes Gala is recognized as an historical event of the COP 16 due to its success in encouraging and putting together the support of leaders and delegates to lead with the vegan diet solution, nutritionally optimal and without match.”

In her busy schedule, Supreme Master Ching Hai also made time to speak with government officials, as well as to accept interviews with the media including one of Cancún’s largest newspapers, “Novedades.” In addition, the weekly state-wide television program “Encadena TV” invited Supreme Master Ching Hai to share her practical and spiritual viewpoints on saving the planet, as presented in the new compilation book, “From Crisis to Peace: The Organic Vegan Way Is the Answer.”

Jose Maria – Interviewer, Encadena TV (F): Like you said before, we have to focus on making it right and looking forward to the Earth, and stop the climate change. And we're all connected between each other, even with the animals. We have to look forward by helping each other and protecting each other.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes, and protect the environment and the animals, because it's the law of the universe, that if we kill or if we harm something, we have to share our spiritual merit with that.

So how many animals we eat, we share all our spiritual bank account with those animals, and then we are depleted, we are poorer and poorer spiritually.

And if you don't have spiritual merit enough, then you have to pay with your health, your luck, or your family member peace and then larger, we have to pay the price for having no peace.

VOICE: Our gratefulness, all the sincere and hardworking leaders, delegates, media members and advocates at COP 16. We also join in thanking Supreme Master Ching Hai for her presence in Cancún, tirelessly advocating the crucial vegan change for our planetary survival.

We pray that world governments will act on this win-win solution that will halt climate change and restore peace for all beings.

Michael Mathres (M) and others: Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!

Supreme Master Ching Hai’s book, “From Crisis to Peace: The Organic Vegan Way Is the Answer,” is freely available to read at

December 15, 2010

The planet-saving act of promoting the organic vegan diet

On December 7, the first Middle East Veg Congress in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, was officially opened by the nation’s Federal Minister for Health, His Excellency Dr. Hanif Hassan Ali. Also invited as the guest of honor was Supreme Master Ching Hai, who spoke via videoconference about the sustainable solution of the organic vegan diet.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai December 7, 2010 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Promoting organic plant-based food is, of course, the most urgent,because we need to stop global warming in order to save ourselves, in the near term, by reducing the methane and other, also toxic gases, poison us even. Not just only global warming, but it will poison our atmosphere.

VOICE: Veg Congress participants shared their thoughts after listening to Supreme Master Ching Hai’s speech as well as engaging in a question-and-answer session with her on various aspects of the plant-based lifestyle.

Harvey Ellis – IT senior executive, vegetarian (M): Some startling statistics with regards to the environment were presented today by the Supreme Master Ching Hai. The fantastic inspiration that she gave to the audience was a sight to behold, particularly in terms of her philosophy with regards to presenting veganism as a solution to all the environmental woes of the Middle Eastern region.

Tony Satinder Pal Singh – senior executive, oil and gas firm, vegetarian (M): To see and feel her passion and her commitment to what it means to planet Earth if we could all move towards a vegan diet, is a source of inspiration and a message of extreme importance to all of us.

Because she’s absolutely right, that indeed most of the world’s greenhouse gases actually come from farms that breed animals for human consumption. We spend so much of time developing fuel efficient cars and other ways to save energy, but here is a solution staring at us in the face.

VOICE: Coinciding with the Veg Congress was the Middle East Natural and Organic Product Expo, during which a launch was held for the new Arabic language edition of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s #1 international bestseller,“The Birds in My Life,” which was already sold out during the two-day event.

Lina - Iranian participant (F): After I finished this book, it’s opened a different view for knowing the animal kingdom. Thanks to Master Ching Hai for this wonderful book. Thanks, thanks a lot!

VOICE: In the videoconference discussion,as through her books, Supreme Master Ching Hai offered thoughts to awaken further compassion among Congress participants. She even revealed inner knowledge obtained through her meditation about the merit of promoting the cruelty-free lifestyle.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: I tell you a secret, before I forget. Suppose you promote organic plant-based food, now, the government, whoever decided to approve this plant-based diet solution, just approve it only, he will earn - my God – thousands of zillions of spiritual merit points.

And we need a lot of points to go back to Heaven. Whoever approves this even, just one time, it’s enough for him to fly to Heaven already, after he leaves this world. And whoever makes sure that it carries out, will obtain the same spiritual merits points that Heaven will bestow upon.

VOICE: With appreciation to His Excellency, Dr. Hanif Hassan Ali, the government of Dubai, the Middle East Veg Group and others involved in this meaningful gathering on the veg way of living, we also thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for generously imparting a clearer understanding of what we must do to save our planet.

Blessed be leaders and individuals’ efforts to change to the organic vegan lifestyle for the benefit of one and all. Please tune in to Supreme Master Television for the full broadcast of this videoconference at a later date on Words of Wisdom, with multi-language subtitles.

December 14, 2010

“The Greenest Heroes Gala” sheds light on our immeasurable blessings

Sir Richard Bransen (M): Well, I just wanted to say good luck to all of the Greenest Heroes Gala, and have a fantastic evening, and keep up the good work!

In light of the COP 16 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Mexico, the Honorable Jaime Hernández Zaragoza, Mayor of Cancún, and the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association co-hosted the special “The Greenest Heroes Gala” on December 5.

With keynote speeches from distinguished guests that included Mary Robinson, 7th President of Ireland and the 44th President of Costa Rica, José María Figueres Olsen, the vibrant occasion lauded eight key individuals along with others making great strides towards curbing climate change through their vegan lifestyles.

One of the highlights of the gala was the premiere of the book, “From Crisis to Peace: The Organic Vegan Way Is the Answer,” a compilation of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s messages regarding the protection of our planet.

As a token of appreciation for Mexico, Cancún, and all participants, Supreme Master Ching Hai shared some never-before revealed spiritual information.

The Greenest Heroes Gala December 5, 2010 – Cancún, Mexico
Supreme Master Ching Hai: Well, we have many blessing. As you and I are sitting here, so much blessing you have from the deities of the Heaven. For example, the angels normally would bless you 5%.

If we don’t do anything wrong and if we eat vegan, we get more. If we meditate, we get even more than this. Now, the animals bless us no end. A chicken even, so small and helpless, blesses you 2% to 10%. Because you give them vegan, then they have more power to bless you.

Even the Moon blesses you, 40%. The stars bless you 40%, invisible. The wind, the air bless you also, like 10, 15%. We are swimming in blessing. Please, be conscious so that you get more blessing, so that you can live your life more in peace and make a better decision for you and for all of us, everyone.

VOICE: The gala also featured dazzling musical performances from esteemed artists, including Grammy- and Oscar-winning composer David Shire who accompanied soprano Lynne Wintersteller; founding member of the legendary Beach Boys, Al Jardine; Tony Award-winning singer Melba Moore; acclaimed soprano Kerry Walsh; award-winning Italian-Mexican singer Filippa Giordano; and multi-platinum recording artist Taylor Dayne.

Many were moved by Supreme Master Ching Hai and the event’s spirit and profound message.

Melba Moore (F): The lyrics are the poems of the wonderful Supreme Master Ching Hai. And we want to say, because she’s very shy, that the reason that many of the songs were chosen tonight, is because we love her heart, we love her soul, we love her spirit.

Filippa Giordano, Award-winning Italian-Mexican singer (F): Tonight after I heard you speaking and everything, I want to do the most hard work to make it happen again, and this time become vegan.

Kerry Walsh, Acclaimed soprano (F): I’ve had the, the privilege and the pleasure to be acquainted with Supreme Master for twelve years. And I can’t say too much, because I get very emotional, but I hope everyone is having a wonderful time. It’s just magical. I feel the energy in the air, and I am so honored and this song I sang with all the love in my heart to Supreme Master.

VOICE: Many VIP guests also wished to comment on their heartfelt impressions of “The Greenest Heroes Gala.”

Dr. Ezzat Lewis, Head of Climate Change Central Department, National Ozone Unit (NOU), Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA), Egypt (M): I’ve never had such a beautiful night, too much love! I’m glad to be here with you tonight. It was an honor.

Ma. Eugenia Carrasco Ramirez, Vice President of Sólo por Ayudar- Cancún, Mexico (F): I’m in love with Master! She’s such a powerful lady, such a spiritual lady, and I know she has the power to teach us and let us learn from her and from all the stories, and for us really to start doing a little bit in changing what has to be changed.

VOICE: With our respectful appreciation to Your Excellencies, 44th Costa Rican President Figueres, 7th Irish President Robinson, and Cancún Mayor Hernández Zaragoza, admired performers and all other participants, we join in heralding the eco-protective Greenest Heroes.

Our gratefulness also for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s caring presence and insights as we look forward to the day that such an event celebrates a world full of people enjoying the health and planetary benefits of wholesome organic vegan fare. Please tune in to Supreme Master Television for the full re-broadcast of “The Greenest Heroes Gala” at a later date, with multi-language subtitles.

Supreme Master Ching Hai’s book, “From Crisis to Peace: The Organic Vegan Way Is the Answer,” is freely available to read at

Live videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai in United Arab Emirates

On Tuesday, December 7, during the first Middle East Veg Congress held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the public had the opportunity to interact with distinguished speakers regarding various aspects of plant-based living.

The two-day meeting was organized by the Middle East Veg Group (MEVEG), with support from the Middle East Natural & Organic Product Expo 2010 and endorsement from the Dubai Health Authority.

Broadcast live on Supreme Master Television, the event was hosted by behavioral psychologist and TV personality Ms. Zaufyshan Haseeb. Presenters included the head of Iran’s National Nutrition and Food Technology Research Institute, Dr. Arash Rashidi, who spoke on the connection between meat and cancer; Thomas Cierpka, senior manager of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, on the ecological and economic sense of organic agriculture; and Indian Vegan Society’s founder Shankar Narayan about the plant-based lifestyle.

The Veg Congress concluded with a special videoconference addressed by guest of honor Supreme Master Ching Hai, who agreed to share her thoughts on the necessity of the organic vegan diet in halting climate change and sustaining the planet.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai First Middle East Veg Congress December 7, 2010 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Supreme Master Ching Hai: There will be dangerous impact if people don’t change, if we don't change as a whole humanity. Not only in the United Arab Emirates, but the whole world has to change, to the more sustainable diet, not to talk about compassionate diet.

As the scientists have told us and as you mentioned, we are already seeing the impacts worldwide. We have to be honest and truthful about the main topic.

We cannot run around in a circle and avoid the meat industry question like we avoid a sore thumb or avoid a boil on our body: “Don’t touch it, don’t touch it!” We have to touch it in order to heal it.

Especially, we know that it is a very dangerous boil, which could affect our lives, which could be fatal to our lives, and even infect others, and even in this situation, infect the whole planet, could kill the whole world. Then we have to touch that boil and let the doctor heal it or we heal it ourselves if we know how. And we do know how. We have technique, we have power. Each one of us can do this. Just by being vegan.

VOICE: Our thanks Middle East Veg Group, the government of Dubai, and all involved in this successful conference on the fascinating and relevant topic of the plant-based lifestyle.

We are grateful to Supreme Master Ching Hai for sharing her deep concern and thoughts regarding today’s vast environmental challenges. May we all help lead the way in the healing of our planet through the benevolent organic vegan diet.

Please tune in to Supreme Master Television for the full broadcast of this video conference at a later date on Words of Wisdom, with multi-language subtitles.

December 12, 2010

Mexico’s president and United Nations leaders urge for Earth-protecting measures at Cancún conference

In an address on Monday, December 6, host nation Mexico’s President Felipe Calderón spoke of the immediate actions needed to curb carbon footprints worldwide and ensure a safe future for our children.

The leader emphasized a foremost requirement that the highly potent methane emissions from animal agriculture and fertilizers be reduced. Saying also that his country had made a mistake 30 years earlier by engaging in destructive deforestation, the president affirmed that such activities must stop now and that a special reforestation committee has been formed toward the goal of restoring the nation’s vital trees.

He also announced plans to increase fuel taxes toward a goal of eliminating fossil fuels, while reminding of the need for fellow citizens to implement eco-friendly practices in their daily lives such as the elimination of 100-watt incandescent light bulbs.

Meanwhile, President Calderón also acknowledged the historical suffering of women, saying that many cruelties of the world exist because not enough women have been involved in leadership roles. He thus expressed his support for more involvement of women in political positions.

VOICE: Also during the conference on Tuesday, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addressed global environment ministers and other high-level officials, urging them to continue their fullest courageous cooperation.

Ban Ki-moon – Secretary-General, United Nations (M): We need to have this political heat as long as we can say that we’ll have a globally binding, comprehensive agreement, as long as we’ll be able to say that we have done enough for our future generations, we have done enough to save this planet from this accelerating climate change phenomenon.

VOICE: To achieve these ambitious goals, both United Nations Environment Program’s Executive Director Achim Steiner and United Nations Development Program Administrator Helen Clark emphasized the need for fundamental changes that restore the Earth.

Achim Steiner – Executive Director, United Nations Environment Program (M): When we talk about the green economy, we are not talking about some abstract notion of the future.

We are talking about something we are destroying right now, which is the natural capital of our economies. So the argument that access to energy and access to clean energy is somehow an impediment to development is about to be disproven.

Helen Clark – Administrator of the United Nations Development Program (F): We know that tackling deforestation can give us some of the quickest and simplest wins on mitigation, getting down greenhouse gas emissions.

But to achieve that, we have to turn notions of development on the head, because development used to be about clearing forests.

Our respectful salute, Your Excellencies President Calderón, Secretary-General Ban, Executive Director Steiner and Administrator Clark, for your dedication to the protection of our planet.

May your conscientious example inspire many more leaders and citizens around the world to adopt green solutions such as the Earth-balancing plant-based lifestyle.

In a November 2009 videoconference in Mexico, Supreme Master Ching Hai offered her support for such effective actions to alleviate climate change.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: I have seen that your country’s president, His Excellency Felipe Calderón, and honorable magistrates, the mayors of different cities representing the dedicated government of Mexico are striving to receive the best information for the wisest actions.

I laud these heartening signs and wish that the time today can serve as another step in your confident strides forward, to do what is right for your country and the world. The most important is to, please, choose to be vegan.

It is an obligation if we want to save our only planet, if we want to save our children, and we can all do it. And if you believe in miracles, we will also definitely have the miracle of a compassionate heavenly-like vegan world. Mexico aims to be a leader in emissions reduction.

December 10, 2010

Urgency of climate change emphasized at Mexico summit

As the United Nations Climate Change Conference progresses in Cancún, many new reports on various aspects of climate change are being presented. A prevalent theme is the alarming recognition that even in best-case scenario forecasts, global warming is heading toward a 4-degree Celsius average temperature increase.

With immediate mitigation actions a priority for the preservation of the planet, the World Climate Summit was launched during COP 16 at the Ritz-Carlton.

Supreme Master Television reports on location.

Correspondent (F): We are here where the inaugural World Climate Summit just concluded, coinciding with COP 16. The World Climate Summit 2010 initiated a new global 10-year framework involving 300 influential companies, financiers, and government leaders dedicated to accelerating solutions to climate change.

Distinguished participants included chairman of the UN Foundation and media leader Ted Turner; Chairman of Virgin Group Sir Richard Branson; and CEO of Grupo Televisa Emiliio Azcarrago.

Correspondent F: On Saturday evening, December 4, the summit also launched the first-annual ceremony of the Gigaton Awards, honoring companies that have demonstrated leadership in the areas of climate change and global sustainability.

VOICE: Sir Richard Branson presented awards to the following six Gigaton laureates for their forward-thinking green programs and practices: international sportswear company Nike; UK-based consumer goods firm Reckitt Benckiser Group; wind energy company Suzlon of India; US-based 3M; UK-based telecommunications corporation Vodafone Group, and energy company GDF Suez of France.

Correspondent: Meanwhile at the lively Climate Change Village, the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association continued to provide enthusiastically-received information on the organic vegan lifestyle solution to climate change, as well as free scrumptious vegan food samples.

Participant from Sweden – Vegetarian (M): I live in Sweden and I came to the climate change conference because I feel it’s important times for us to make a difference in the world.

And one of the reasons why I became a vegetarian is because I believe it’s the first and most important step I can make to make this possible.

Participant from China (F): I support you! You do great!

Participants: Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!

Correspondent M: Reporting from Cancún, Mexico for Supreme Master Television.

VOICE: Our gratefulness, United Nations, host Mexico, World Climate Summit and all COP 16 participants working together to safeguard the planet. Let us join these noble efforts through our own eco-friendly steps such as the Earth-saving plant-based diet.

VOICE: During an October 2009 videoconference in Formosa, Supreme Master Ching Hai addressed the critical need for world leaders and individuals to adopt the most efficient measures to reverse climate change; namely the organic vegan lifestyle.

In order to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions, we must stop the source of greenhouse gas emissions. The source of greenhouse gas emissions is 50% from animal raising, animal products, and we have to stop that source as soon as before yesterday.

Now, we can see meat is everywhere, legally killing us and our children, legally killing our planet, killing the environment on massive scales. We must stop animal production now and at all costs if we want to keep this planet called home.

The government gives subsidies to animal industry anyway. So these subsidies can also be used instead to turn meat and related businesses into wholesome vegan businesses.
Doing this we only gain hugely. Not just immediately, but for the long, long run, and we can keep this planet forever and make it into a paradise by just throwing that meat away and stop the animal industry.

Marc Depoortere, Federal Council for Environment and Sustainable Development (FRDO-CFDD), Belgium (M): I was at a side event where new information was presented about new scientific facts. There are many bad news. It will be much more serious than we thought.

Bert Maerten, Campaign Co-ordinator for Economic Justice, East Asia, OXFAM International (M): To address the impacts of climate change, and to prevent temperature rise to go further, public policy is indeed important, together with those actions of individual citizens like ourselves, of businesses, of civil society. We indeed need to look at solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including agriculture.

Sir Richard Branson, British entrepreneur and philanthropist (M): I think the biggest damage to the world is cattle. Cattle result in enormous emissions, they also result in rainforests being cut down. And so, if people could, you know, cut down on eating cattle, it would make a dramatic difference to global warming.

Water shortage taking toll in Egypt

Extended periods of water scarcity have resulted in the use of agricultural waste water by many farmers to irrigate crops. Some have even resorted to using water containing untreated sewage to keep their crops alive, which poses a large health hazard for the community.

The Egyptian government is trying to resolve the issue by transitioning to modern irrigation techniques and informing farmers on ways to conserve water. Currently, the nation’s population of 80 million is supplied with less than 800 cubic meters of water per person annually, an amount that is below the United Nations water poverty line of 1,000 cubic meters, and below the world’s average of 7,000 cubic meters per person a year.

Mr. Hossam Gamal, a researcher with the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture, noted that the living situation for Egyptian people could be improved along with billions of US dollars saved if meat production in the country, such as cattle imports and factory farming, were reduced. This recommendation is in accordance with United Nations findings that livestock production is a primary consumer and polluter of water.

We are saddened to know of this predicament and pray for Heavenly rain and thank the Egyptian government’s efforts to help resolve the nation’s water crisis.

Let us all step in unison toward more sustainable ways for the survival of communities such as these.

Speaking during an April 2009 videoconference in South Korea, Supreme Master Ching Hai mentioned as on previous occasions an optimal approach to conserving water that would also restore planetary balance.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Scientists have documented that one serving of beef takes more than a thousand gallons of water to produce. By contrast, the vegan diet uses about one-tenth of that amount. So, the water problem would also be completely solved if everyone is vegan. And as the killing karma (retribution) is reduced with people becoming vegan, all disasters will diminish, a more loving atmosphere will envelop our Earth.

So consequently, each nation would naturally have sufficient resources and wholeheartedly exchange help to each other. The vegan diet will help us to achieve that goal, and almost immediately.

December 8, 2010

Central China water levels near record lows due to drought

In November, the Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters of Hunan Province began releasing water from upstream reservoirs in efforts to restore water to the near-dry Xiangjiang River in Changsha City.

From October to November, the river basin received only 28 millimeters of rainfall, or 69% less than average, causing water levels to descend below the minimum supply level.

In some parts, the river is completely dry, endangering the drinking water safety and sustainability of nearby communities. With no precipitation forecast in the near future, provincial officials also began discussing construction of emergency water intake points toward the middle of the river.

Meanwhile, prolonged drought in the northwestern Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region has prompted recommendations for a pipeline to divert seawater from the coast of the eastern Bohai Sea, thousands of kilometers away.

These dry conditions in the nation follow record water lows that were already seen in 2009. We are thankful for the efforts of the Chinese government to provide fellow citizens with adequate amounts of precious water.

Our prayers that the affected areas are soon relieved with blessed rains as we step in unison toward sustainable measures that restore the Earth’s equilibrium.

Ever concerned for humanity’s welfare, Supreme Master Ching Hai highlighted the grave tolls of climate change as well as the most effective solution in a video message for a June 2009 conference in Mexico.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: We have drought, desertification. Precious fresh water supplies are also drying up, such as aquifers under the major cities of Beijing, Delhi, Bangkok, and dozens of other regions such as the Midwestern United States; while the rivers Ganges, Jordan, Nile, and Yangtze have been reduced to a trickle for much of the year.

In China’s worst drought in five decades, vital crops were lost in at least 12 northern provinces, costing the nation billions of US dollars in drought relief to farmers with losses.

It might not be that early, but it’s still not too late, we still can rescue our home, planet home. Okay, Number one solution is vegan, organic vegan. Adopting a plant-based diet can halt as much as 80% of global warming, eradicate world hunger, stop war, promote peace, and it will free up the Earth’s water as well as many other precious resources, offering a lifeline for the planet and for humanity.