April 30, 2010

Climate change now forecast to bring much higher sea level impact

New research conducted independently by scientists from England, China and Denmark anticipates a 1 meter sea level rise in the next 100 years. This is nearly three times the previous estimate made by the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), whose 2007 calculations did not take into account the dynamic effects of melting ice sheets.

One of the recent studies conducted by the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark evaluated sea levels from the 1700s to the present.
Their results forecast a sea level rise of between 0.7 and 1.2 meters during the next 100 years, with the variation being determined by humanity’s actions to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

International scientists, we are grateful for your efforts that further clarify the increasingly perilous state of our planet. Let us all join now while there is still time to protect our shared Earthly abode.

Addressing the gravity of this dire situation during an interview for the September 2009 edition of The House Magazine, Supreme Master Ching Hai reminded that it may be alleviated through humanity’s adoption of nobler standards.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: It’s too serious. Too serious. Sea level rise, for example, threatens half of the world's population living within 200 kilometers of a coastline. Seventeen million in Bangladesh have fled their homes already, mainly because of coastal erosion. In the United Kingdom as well, several coastal flooding disasters have already occurred with more forecast by the nation’s Department of Environment.

This is due in part to the fact that over 26 million residents in the UK live in coastal zones, with 40% of Britain’s manufacturing industry also located on or near the coast.

These situations will only worsen, not improve, until we stop the cause. This means to halt the livestock production and meat consumption. If humans switch to the vegan diet, the Earth will begin cooling immediately and many of these dilemmas can even be reversed. So please, be veg and do good, to save the planet and all the beings on it, including you and me.


April 29, 2010

Unstable Spring weather affects Japan

Recent unseasonal ups and downs of temperatures have caused significant increase in produce prices, along with a later bloom of Spring flowers. The rapid weather changes are so dramatic as to give the appearance of different seasons on different days, with cities like Tokyo recording a high of 22.4 degrees Celsius on one day in April, followed by a drop to 6.7 degrees the next day, only to rise again to 18.2 degrees the day after.

Heavy rains and reduced hours of sunshine have also affected northern and western Japan, while other locales like Ashinoko Lake in Kanagawa Prefecture are witnessing unlikely snowfalls of 10 centimeters.

The colder temperatures are hampering vegetable harvests and shipments, with some markets even doubling their prices, while cherry blossoms that typically bloom in time for events and festivals have been delayed in their flowering due to the unexpected colder weather.

Japan’s Meteorological Agency attributes these weather pattern irregularities to the El Nino phenomenon, whose effect has worsened according to climatologists due to global warming.

Blessed be the gentle Japanese people in enduring such extremities that are affecting both the economy and the country’s cultural traditions. We pray that the balance of nature and livelihoods are restored through the greater consideration by all humanity of our co-inhabitants and Earthly abode.

In an October 2009 videoconference in Germany, Supreme Master Ching Hai conveyed as she has many time previously her concern for the environment’s perilous state, encouraging harmonious ways of life to restore its stability.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Moreover, global warming has resulted in many instances of documented extreme weather , leading to devastating crop losses and also drive food prices sky high.

So, if everyone turns to the plant-based diet, we have more food immediately and an easing of conditions like drought and flooding, with abundant harvests and food supplies quickly restored.

So, to return ourselves and our world to a purer state, one where all beings can feel safe, protected and loved, and where all humans walk the dignified way of the children of God, we have to stop the killing of innocent animals. Stop it now. Stop it now and turn to the merciful way of life. The natural way of life that God intended us to live, which is the vegan diet.


Bangladeshis face severe shortages in water and power

The situation has become dire for many of the 12 million residents in the capital city Dhaka who are facing their third week of severe power shortages. Accompanied by ongoing lack of rain, the diminished electricity has also affected water supplies due to a dependency on mechanical pumps that remove water from the soil.

Thus, city officials estimate a yield of 1.9 billion liters of water daily despite the need for at least 2.2 billion liters. In desperation, many people have turned to drinking surface water, whose foul smell and frequent contamination cannot be remedied by boiling because of the power shortages.

This has led to a surge in water-borne diseases, with hospitals now filled beyond capacity.

In response to the crisis, the government has brought in troops to coordinate distribution of water and has arranged with companies such as US-based General Electric and Scotland’s Aggreko to quickly set up a group of power plants by August.

However, with groundwater levels already declining by about 3 meters per year due to global warming-related drought, the United Nations warns that without mitigation, water shortages are expected to worsen.

We join in sadness for the plight of the Bangladeshi people as we send our appreciation to the Bangladeshi government for its efforts to ease this difficult situation.

Let us join in caring more diligently for our precious resources so that all may live in safety and well-being. During a September 2009 videoconference in Peru, Supreme Master Ching Hai conveyed her concern as she has on previous occasions for the human impacts of global warming, while suggesting meaningful actions that would ease conditions for both people and the planet.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Some countries and communities have to cope with worsened drought situations. There is not enough water to raise crops or even to drink.
Every child, family, and society will be affected in some way by this experience of trauma and tragedy.

The smartest way would be to stop the worsening of global warming by being vegan. It sounds very simple but it is the best solution, the most effective and the effect of it will be felt almost immediately.

Moreover, the problems we already face now – such as the warming atmosphere, water shortage, food scarcity, desertification - we can quickly eliminate by stopping meat production. Stop it now, no further! So please, before the situation gets any more out of hand – let’s choose the vegan diet.


April 28, 2010

Climate change forces movement from the Brahmaputra River

In the Indian state of Assam alone, persistent flooding and droughts are driving more than 500,000 people to leave their homes near the river. Many are small-scale farmers whose families have lived there for generations.

However, especially in the last five years,the river’s unpredictable fluctuations have destroyed crops and thus, livelihoods.

Repeated flooding has also washed sand down the river, leaving large areas unfit for agriculture. In what is being called the second wave so far this year, Assam state has seen disastrous flooding as rivers branching off the Brahmaputra breached embankments, with more than 50,000 people rendered homeless as waters spilled into some 50 villages.

Farmers choosing to stay in the region are trying various approaches such as planting different varieties of rice, such as ones that can tolerate deep flooding next to species that can grow with less water.

We are glad to know of the people’s efforts to overcome the challenges of global warming, even as we are saddened by the suffering and migration that so many must endure. May all humans join in solidarity to protect our planet through life-sparing acts such as choosing plant-based fare.

During a November 2008 interview on Ireland’s East Coast Radio FM, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke of the plight of climate refugees as a consequence of global warming, while highlighting how such situations could be prevented.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: If we don’t have global warming, then no one would be a climate refugee. I ask everyone to please imagine if that were yourself in the refugee’s situation, experiencing all these troubles – insecurities, hunger, lacking all comfort, humiliation, undignified situation, uncertain of the morrows of your future and the future of your helpless children.

Just imagine it. Then try to solve this tragedy by helping in whatever way we can. And above all, and most urgently of all, be veg, go green to save the planet, to prevent such trauma and to build a bright future for the world, for our co-citizens.


Bolivian summit concludes with initiatives for Earth-healing action

On the final day of the large climate change conference held in Cochabamba, international delegates from dozens of countries agreed that leading industrial countries must drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50%.

This is in accordance with he need to safeguard the lives of global citizens, especially those suffering most from a warming atmosphere. The full set of suggestions as proposed by summit representatives will be presented to the United Nations for the November 2010 Climate Change Conference.

Supreme Master Television’s correspondent shares more.

Correspondent (M): On the last day of the “People’s World Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth,” delegates from 47 countries such as Iran, India, Finland, France and the UK attended a panel discussion between people and governments in the morning.

Among the recommendations was an international environmental court, created to protect the rights of Mother Earth.

Meanwhile, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called for the participating countries of this historic conference to form a united front at the upcoming COP16 in Cancun, Mexico this November in order to accomplish significant change that would protect the life-sustaining environment.

Experts have found that the elimination of raising livestock for meat would be tremendously effective in stopping the further impacts of climate change. In an exclusive interview with Supreme Master Television, Bolivian Minister for the Environment and Water Maria Esther Udaeta Velasquez stated in fact that meat consumption is causing the destruction of the forests.

Maria Esther Udaeta Velasquez – Bolivian Minister for the Environment and Water (M): Because the livestock exploitation preys on forests, preys on the Earth, there is a very strong trend which goes against this agriculture geared to the business of maximizing profit.

Correspondent (M): As a gesture of Earth-wise generosity, the hosting Bolivian government arranged for a local vegetarian restaurant to provide free vegan food for the delighted conference attendees.

Betzi Camargo – Owner of vegetarian restaurant commissioned to serve conference (F): I think the government has been encouraged, as I said there are many people who are vegetarian, therefore to give the option to those people to be able to have a healthy diet.

VOICE: Since the summit’s launch, members of the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association have been actively promoting the vegan diet as well, both by raising the issue during formal working group sessions and through the distribution of more than 1,000 free vegan sandwiches and over 85,000 SOS flyers and related information packs created for the conference.

The meeting’s main organizer, Bolivian President Evo Morales, who himself has spoken of the need to reduce meat consumption, also received a set of the materials and even proceeded to hand them among the other Latin American government officials.

Correspondent (M): Finally, tens of thousands of people attended the closing ceremony in the afternoon at the city stadium. It was found that while almost 10,000 representatives from 142 countries registered for the conference, actual attendance was estimated at over 35,000, showing clearly that people are united and determined to save our planet. Reporting from Cochabamba, Bolivia, this is Supreme Master Television.

VOICE: We thank all the caring world government officials, organizations and communities who put forth their best efforts in this climate conference. May the momentum of the bold ideals from this past week continue, especially in hastening steps toward the vital organic vegan solution to save our planet and her inhabitants.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has frequently encouraged world leaders to enact beneficial policies that most effectively sustain both humankind and the environment, as in a March 2009 videoconference with government dignitaries and the public in Mexico.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: I suggest all world leaders and governments to please promote the animal-free lifestyle and quick so that we can save our planet.

We have not too much time left. This is no longer even about politics. It’s about the survival of ourselves and our children.

If all governments encourage people toward the healthy, animal-free diet, the planet could be saved in no time.

And the activities that are good for our Earth can also generate livelihoods. We have a shortage of food, so the government can easily support organic vegan farmers and the advancement of other green practices.

This will help greatly. The government must make a priority, saving the planet, organic vegan farming, subsidize.


April 26, 2010

Bolivian conference recognizes the rights of Mother Earth

Initiated by Bolivian President Evo Morales, the gathering described by some as a "people’s summit" that has also been welcomed by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has brought together more than 130 countries this week in Cochabamba.

Many of the participants represented the world’s indigenous communities, who contribute traditional values of sustainability and respect for nature even as they are often the first to be afflicted by global warming.

Supreme Master Television’s correspondent shares an update on the summit’s collaborative efforts, which culminated in a final document to be submitted to the United Nations Climate Change Conference leaders for the November 2010 meeting.

Correspondent (M): Day three of the "World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth", 17 different work groups have formed their conclusions.

These groups, ranging from topics such as action strategies, and agriculture and food policy, were open to all who came, and everyone was welcome to voice their concerns.

Now these conclusions will be compiled into a final document. Panels that convened today focused on the rights of Mother Earth and how communities can enact legislation that will recognize and protect those rights.

Mari Margil – Associate Director, Community Environmental Legal Defence Fund (F): And worked with them to draft and adopt a law which, as one of the first communities in the United States, recognized the legally enforceable and inalienable rights of nature within Blaine Township.

Correspondent (M): Scientists and community leaders continue to point to livestock as a primary cause of our environmental crisis.

Alberto Acosta – Equadorian politician and economist (M): I think it's one of the activities that cause more problems, in the way that produces a large amount of greenhouse gases, and also forces the assignment of large expanses of land to produce huge quantities of meat as demanded by the world market.

Correspondent (M): In a press conference, Bolivian President Evo Morales said that Mother Earth's rights are of the utmost importance, and humanity's interests are fundamentally tied to those of the planet.

Evo Morales – Bolivian President (M): Here, there is something deep, who gives us life, is Mother Earth, that’s why it is said Mother Earth. Now, it is more important to defend the rights of Mother Earth than defend human rights. Defending the rights of Mother Earth, we defend fundamentally human rights.

Correspondent (M): Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association members passed out over a thousand delicious vegan sandwiches to conference attendees.

Conference participant (F): Animals also have rights, they are living beings like us, and I also would agree because somehow it would lengthen our lifetime, right? We would have a much healthier kind of life.

Correspondent (M): May representatives of the world's peoples, international organizations, and government leaders coming together for dialog, lead the world into a new age of unity between Mother Earth, known here as Pachamama, and the peoples who rest in her arms. From Cochabamba, Bolivia, this is Supreme Master Television.

VOICE: Our appreciation, all leaders and delegations contributing to this fruitful conference. We pray that the swift and wise actions recommended by this forum will include the most Mother Earth-friendly remedy to climate change, that is, an organic vegan food policy.

In an October 2009 videoconference in Indonesia, Supreme Master Ching Hai once more urged for more eco-conscious lifestyles, referring to indigenous environmental wisdom.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: The land is part of the great being we call Mother Earth which, in a higher sense, belongs to God. In fact, many religious beliefs describe the role of the humans as the stewards or caretakers of the planet.

For example, in the Native American tradition there is a saying, "We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children." Because of the critical state of the planet, if we don’t act quickly, there may be nothing left at all for us to even want to protect. At that time it might be too late.

The most important first step is to stop buying and eating meat, fish, eggs, dairy, and any animal products for you and for your family’s sake, for the natural resources’ sake, and to plant the seeds for a better agricultural system for everyone. In this way, everyone will prosper and enjoy a long and thriving life.


April 23, 2010

Veg solution raised in Bolivian climate conference

As daily talks gained momentum at the “World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth” in Cochabamba, delegates from government, science, environmental, and indigenous communities formed working groups to develop a document that will be presented to the 192 nations of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

With a shared goal of halting global warming impacts such as drought and rising sea levels that affect the most vulnerable, leaders and participants, including Bolivian President Evo Morales, emphasized the empowerment of individuals in adopting more harmonious lifestyles.

Supreme Master Television’s correspondent brings more details.

Correspondent (M): In a colorful ceremony attended by foreign dignitaries, spiritual leaders, and indigenous groups representing all peoples of the Earth, Bolivian President Evo Morales gave a stirring speech in which he warned of the dangers of eating poultry, spoke against genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and encouraged a return to the use of curative traditional plants.

He further stated there was no need to have meat or dairy in one’s diet in order to be strong and healthy. Later, President Morales, the Bolivian delegation’s lead negotiator Angelica Navarro, and other high government officials graciously accepted press packs presented to them by members of the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association.

VOICE: Our Association members participated in the opening ceremony by holding banners and distributing SOS flyers and other information on the vegan solution to climate change.

Representative members are also serving in and giving presentations for the forum’s various working groups that meet daily during the conference.

Many people have been accepting the SOS flyers with keen interest in the alternative lifestyle.

Correspondent (M): Friends of the Earth - El Salvador president Ricardo Navarro, in speaking out against the livestock industry said:

Ricardo Navarro – Friends of the Earth – El Salvador (M): If you consider all the emissions in the world, more than half are related one way or another to production and consumption of food, particularly meat.

If we develop a vegetarian diet, which is better for our bodies than a meat diet, we certainly can reduce very much our CO2 emissions and absorb carbon dioxide also. So that’s a way out of the problem.

Correspondent (M): And indigenous leaders such as Ecuador’s Franklin Columba agreed, praising a change to a plant-based diet.

Franklin Columba (M): They savagely murdered our beings of nature from sea, from water, from mountains and really damage the own human beings’ health. They murder our living beings of nature and murder themselves automatically, because they hurt themselves, because this alters the organic system.

Our ancient Quitu grandparents have taught us a rich culture of experience and knowledge of how to survive only through the plants, the fruits that Mother Earth gives us.

Correspondent (M): Here at the conference there is a general feeling of love for Mother Earth and a determination to do what needs to be done.

Angelica Navarro – Bolivia’s Lead Negotiator (F): We are out of time. We have to do things right now and not to wait 20, 30 years.

Correspondent (M): Supreme Master Television reporting from Cochabamba, Bolivia.

VOICE: Our appreciation, President Morales, organizers and all eco-conscious conference participants for working together to halt climate change. May your earnest efforts and the prioritization of the plant-based dietary solution help to guide our planet and all inhabitants to safety.

In a July 2008 videoconference with Supreme Master Television staff in California, USA, Supreme Master Ching Hai emphasized again our need to act in ways that enhance the survival of all life on Earth.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: If people change to a more benevolent lifestyle that is respecting all lives, then we will beget life and our lives will be spared. And nature will restore the balance and repair all damages.

I wish to see that day soon, in my lifetime. It’s still repairable. But people have to realize this, and they have to know it’s urgent and they have to cooperate. The more vegan people


April 22, 2010

Bolivia hosts international climate summit

Throughout this week, the Bolivian government is hosting a large grassroots climate change meeting in Cochabamba to call for greater environmental responsibility in addressing climate change.

First proposed by Bolivian President Evo Morales, known as a leader of the world’s indigenous people, the summit brings together thousands of diverse representatives from government, science, environmental advocacy, indigenous communities and other members of civil society to find ways to ensure the protection of those most vulnerable to the impacts of global warming.

Supreme Master Television’s correspondent reports from Bolivia.

Correspondent in Bolivia (M): We are here at the opening day of the “People’s World Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth” in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

This conference is bringing together concerned citizens from all over the world in a joint effort to discuss how global warming can be kept to within 1 degree rise.

Nurah Amat’ullah – PetroBronx US-based community service organization, USA (F): We’re proposing that as we are moving forward into this green economy that we be mindful that we bring all of the communities in and the people have a voice.

Indigenous participant (M): Our ancestors had intimate knowledge of communion with nature.

Correspondent (M): This initiative is supported by up to 100 government representatives, many of whom are from the most vulnerable nations affected by climate change.

Jorge Dalberto Aguilar Chinche – Indigenous participant from Bolivia (M): Before we had plenty of rain. Now, it has practically changed: There is hail, wind, there is drought, there is much heat.

VOICE: The conference also seeks to raise governments’ awareness of the plight of indigenous communities such as those in the South American Andes Mountains, where ice caps are melting at alarming rates.

Delegates expressed their concern for the floods and drying of rivers that in turn jeopardize water supplies needed by the communities to survive.

Jorge Dalberto Aguilar Chinche (M): Something is happening in the world and it’s a big concern. And I want to welcome all the brethren in the world that we will surely handle this issue to resolve the future of our living beings.

Correspondent (M): The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association members are participating by attending discussion work groups where policies can be presented.

Flyers highlighting the importance and urgency of mitigating climate change through the plant-based diet are also being distributed.

Indigenous participant from Peru (M): We are all committed to not pollute more our planet Earth, our Pacha (Earth). That is, to take care of our flora, fauna, our animals.

Participant from Peru – Vegetarian (M): Meat is a poison, not a food. It’s becoming increasingly more poisonous because of the way animals are grown.

Correspondent (M): Supreme Master Television reporting from Cochabamba, Bolivia.

VOICE: We send our congratulations and best wishes to all participants of this unique summit that gives voice to those already experiencing unfavorable climatic change.

May this be an opportunity to boldly choose the most effective course of action, that is, the organic vegan diet that benefits all world citizens and our Earth.

During a September 2009 videoconference in Peru, Supreme Master Ching Hai emphasized, as she often has, the necessity of a global shift to a plant-based diet for the planet to survive.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: We can see everywhere reflections of a planet in trouble, with monsoons and flooding in one location and people losing their harvests and drinking water to drought in another.

One way that our world can be preserved and stabilized is through everyone’s change to a compassionate lifestyle, choosing organic vegan diet, which not only eliminates methane and other toxic, heat-trapping greenhouse gases emissions from the livestock industry, but the organic part takes care of harmful fertilizer chemicals and allows the soil to absorb a huge amount of atmospheric CO2.

Now we need 100% of the world population to be veg to save our world. We have to change before it is too late to change. Because if we don’t change now, later when we want to change, it won’t be helpful anymore.


April 21, 2010

Scientific paper links climate change to increased volcanic activity in Iceland

The eruption of the Icelandic volcano that began last Wednesday, April 14 has continued, with a giant plume of ash that prompted a massive shut down of air travel as it spread across Europe, leaving millions of passengers stranded and uncertainty as to when flights would resume.

Bulgarian Citizen: We were stuck for 3 days at London...Siim Kallas – European Commissioner for Transport: This is unprecedented; such a long time, such a big airspace totally closed. This is of course something that cannot be very easily solved immediately.

In Iceland, the heat of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano unleashed flooding due to increased glacial melt, forcing hundreds of evacuations.

Iceland’s health officials have also advised air masks for nearby residents and that companion animals be brought indoors to protect their respiratory systems. A further concern is that the ash could contaminate drinking water.

Further volcanic activity on Monday, April 19 dashed hopes of resumed air travel in some parts of Europe, as officials stated that the new ash cloud was headed toward the United Kingdom.

The UK’s National Air Traffic Service said that the worsening situation made flights for places like Northern Ireland uncertain. In fact, as the initial volcanic ash cloud reached the eastern Canadian province of Quebec on Monday morning, Transport Canada grounded flights for some airports in Newfoundland and Labrador province.

With another volcanic plume expected to bring even more concentrated ash, further flight restrictions may be imposed for safety.

The International Air Transport Association estimates conservatively that airport closures are costing affected airlines over US$200 million per day in lost revenues, plus other costs such as care for stranded passengers or aircraft, while the German Chamber of Commerce calculated that the nation was losing US$1.3 billion daily.

Scientists monitoring the region state that Eyjafjallajökull’s initial eruption created more ash than a non-glacier volcano because the magma was pushing up through ice that was 200 meters thick.

With the glacier nearly gone now, plumes have diminished. However, the researchers caution that this recent activity could set off other volcanoes such as the massive Katla, whose glacier is more than twice the thickness of Eyjafjallajökull. Katla’s last eruption nearly a century ago caused major flooding and lasted for a year.

Also, previous experience in Iceland and other countries such as Mexico warn of disasters such as the heat of eruptions causing the volcano’s ice cap or those of nearby glaciers to melt, resulting in potentially fatal mudslides.

According to researchers Dr. Freysteinn Sigmundsson of the University of Iceland and Dr. Carolina Pagli of the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, global warming can cause ice-capped volcanoes like Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull to more easily erupt due to the ice loss causing a release of pressure on the hot rocks beneath the Earth’s surface.

The rocks then expand and liquefy into the molten substance known as magma. With global warming over the past century causing the formation of an estimated 1.4 cubic kilometers of new magma, Dr. Sigmundsson stated, “Eventually there will be either somewhat larger … or more frequent eruptions in Iceland.”

Moreover, papers just published by the UK’s Royal Society indicate that global warming effects like melting ice, more intense storms and rising sea levels are causing other events such as rockfalls and landslides.

In fact, leading British volcanologist Dr. Bill McGuire stated that even small changes in atmospheric temperature or pressure can set off both volcanic and earthquake activity from within the planet’s crust.

Our sincere thanks, Drs. Sigmundsson, Pagli and McGuire, as well as all scientists and public officials for your factual insights and efforts to help people cope with these troubling events.

May humans everywhere move quickly to adopt sustainable lifestyles that renew the stability of our Earthly home. In a May 2009 public videoconference in South Korea, Supreme Master Ching Hai urged once more for solutions that would lessen both climate change and such distressing occurrences on the planet.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: It’s not only global warming that will be facing us. We have also sunspots exploding and it’s going to be bigger and we might have even explosive-like volcano from the middle of the Earth, from the ocean that will blow everything up.

So it’s not the technical reparation we have to concentrate on. It’s the retribution, the cause and retribution that we have to pay attention to. We just have to stop killing animals and man. We have to stop it. And then everything else will suddenly come clear. We will find better technical means to tackle the climate problem, the sunspots might even stop exploding. The ocean explosions might just stop. The typhoons might just stop.

The cyclones will be silent. The earthquakes will just be gone. Everything else will turn to a peaceful way of life because we create peace and then we will have peace.

Peace not only among humans but among all co-inhabitants. That’s why I keep emphasizing the vegetarian diet.


Stranded dolphins rescued in Tasmania, Australia

Rescuers were able to return 11 stranded bottlenose dolphins to the water on Sunday, April 11 after they had become trapped at a river mouth in Tasmania where approximately 30 sadly perished.

Of the surviving 11 marine mammals, four were seen returning to the sea, while the rest disappeared upstream.

Dr. David Pemberton, a marine biologist with the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, said that this was the first time in more than 25 years he had witnessed such behavior, while visiting marine ecologist Chris Wilcox of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) stated that he had seen the dolphins go from being happy and frolicking a few days earlier to appearing toxically ill.

An open-cut iron ore mine operates in the area, discharging chemicals into the river, and scientists said they would look into poisoning as a possible cause of death for the marine mammals who perished.

Our thanks to all the rescuers for your quick efforts in returning the stranded dolphins to open waters as we convey our sadness for the loss of precious life.

May these and all marine animals be protected as humanity adopts more caring lifestyles and eco-friendly practices. Speaking via videoconference during the March 2009 Juice Fast for Peace in California, USA, Supreme Master Ching Hai addressed such signs of distress from our marine co-inhabitants, while offering a way to alleviate such tragedies.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: As the ocean becomes warmer and warmer and more acidic, more toxins are present in the water. The whales and dolphins are thus being driven from the ocean as the conditions worsen; it is suffocating them. Sometimes hundreds at a time, they’re dying because they cannot tolerate this toxic condition in the seawater anymore.

So, even though fish may not have the obvious carbon impact that other animals do, everything is interconnected. And there is no way to say that consuming these things results in lower carbon price to the Earth at all.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: We should not kill anything. We should not eat anything except plant-based diet.


Evidence of active volcanoes on Venus

A recent analysis of data obtained by the European Space Agency's Venus Express indicates relatively recent lava flow on the planet’s surface. Scientists at the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Jet Propulsion Laboratory were able to identify different compositions in surface materials as well as evaluate the European orbiter’s findings of three young active volcanoes that geologically resemble the Earth’s Hawaiian Islands.

Research lead Dr. Suzanne E. Smrekar stated in the team’s report, "We estimate the flows to be younger than 2.5 million years,and probably much younger, likely 250,000 years or less, indicating that Venus is actively resurfacing." The report went on to say, "Venus appears to be a geologically active planet, with hot spots as important centers of heat loss,volcanism, and atmospheric (water) and (sulfur dioxide)." These eruptions not only explain why the planet does not have craters, they also imply that
the interior core of Venus is similar to that of our Earth.

Dr. Smrekar, fellow Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientists and European Space Agency, we appreciate your collaborative work in bringing this fascinating information about our planetary neighbor.

May such insights aid us in acting wisely to preserve our planetary abode. During an August 2009 videoconference in Thailand, Supreme Master Ching Hai reminded that our knowledge of Venus may reveal ways to be better stewards of the Earth.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: We only need to look at our own neighboring planets, Mars and Venus, to see that the vision is bleak, is disastrous, if we don’t make the right choice, the right change now.

Any planetary scientist knows that Mars and Venus went through dramatic atmospheric changes in the past, similar to what we have begun to experience right now.

Long ago, Mars and Venus were once a lot like our planet - they had water, life, and people similar to us. But the inhabitants of Mars and Venus destroyed their respective planetary homes because they raised too much livestock, and the gases released triggered an irreversible greenhouse gas effect, plus poisonous hydrogen sulfide in the case of Mars. So let’s not end up like either Mars or Venus, our neighboring planets.

Humanity must uphold a gentler, higher standard for the Earth to continue supporting life.

Animals are killed for meat consumption in the cruelest ways imaginable. The killing must stop and we replace it by virtuous ways of life that are also peaceful and kind.


April 20, 2010

Marine life jeopardized in Europe’s seas

A recent assessment of biodiversity by the European Environment Agency concluded that urgent action is needed to address environmental stress on ocean life, which is being caused primarily by climate-related changes such as acidification, as well as pollution and over-fishing.

This report is the fourth in a year-long series titled “Ten messages for 2010,” each containing a message on an aspect of ecosystems and biodiversity in the European Union.

This most recent report highlights the intricate balance between oceans, land and sky that regulates the climate, produces oxygen and removes carbon from the atmosphere.

Imbalances cause disruption to species and can endanger conditions necessary for life on Earth. The assessment also affirmed existing evidence showing that establishing marine protected areas helps ecosystems to recover.

European Environment Agency scientists, many thanks for these valued insights that raise awareness about the vital importance of the oceans to our own well being.

May we all quickly engage in actions that sustain the delicate interconnectedness of all life. Supreme Master Ching Hai has frequently called on humanity to conserve our precious oceans, as during a May 2009 videoconference in Togo.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Balanced marine ecosystems are extremely important, as more than two-thirds of the planet is covered by oceans. They provide half of the world’s oxygen and play a major part in regulating the global climate.

So, life on Earth truly depends very much on the ocean for survival. In addition, oceans also absorb atmospheric CO2 – carbon dioxide – which directly helps to cool our planet.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: From the oceans themselves, we are seeing warming temperatures, rising sea levels, increasing acidification and terrible levels of pollution.

So global warming is affecting the oceans, which in turn is affecting the fish. This is an equally urgent situation as the one presented by livestock industry, and it has the exact same solution.

Stop eating the flesh; stop killing for food; stop eating the fish. This will help restore the balance of both the ocean and land, immediately.


Demise of Arctic seabirds explained by climate change

In an article recently published in the journal “Arctic,” Dr. Mark Mallory and two other scientists from the Canadian Wildlife Service reported their findings on a study of six species of Arctic birds that are perishing by the thousands as they now endure global warming effects such as insects, unpredictable weather and avalanches.

Birds like the thick-billed murres, fulmars, and black-legged kittiwakes have been observed being plagued by mosquitoes, as well as being found with broken wings and fatalities from colliding with one another in thick fog or being thrown against cliffs by gusting winds.

In one catastrophic event, the researchers estimated that 800 birds were killed when a cliff they were resting on collapsed due to erosion. While the scientists did not intend to focus on fatalities related to a warming planet, Dr. Mallory commented, “A high proportion of the adult birds we see tend to be dying [due] to factors related to climate and weather.”

Though deeply saddened by these tragedies, we are grateful for such research about these valued species.

May such findings hasten our actions to protect our fragile ecosystems and fellow beings. Supreme Master Ching Hai has often addressed the heartrending plight of our animal co-inhabitants and humanity’s ability to stop it, as during an August 2008 videoconference with our Canadian Association members.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: They are trying their best to sound the warning bell, warning by disease, and even death en masse, but I don’t know how many of us are listening. They are trying to help us, but we are trying to kill them.

It’s a very sad affair. We humans have to do everything we can, not waiting for the animals. They are already dying, dying, dying. Numerous are dying every day.

So many other signs in nature, so many animal signs, but we have to listen. It’s not the animals. It’s us.

We just have to remind everybody to be veg and to be kind to the animals. That's the only way we can protect them.


Thawing permafrost releases nitrous oxide

A recent study by scientists at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark has found that the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide is released as permafrost in the Northern Hemisphere thaws. Identified as the third most predominant greenhouse gas by the United Nations after carbon dioxide and methane, nitrous oxide is 310 times more warming than carbon dioxide and its release into the atmosphere creates a feedback loop that accelerates global warming.

Previously, scientists had thought that permafrost thawing did not release nitrous oxide in large amounts, but this most recent study, conducted on core samples from Greenland, indicates that as the soil is re-saturated with melt-water, nitrous oxide production increases to 20 times it natural levels, with a third entering the atmosphere.

University of Copenhagen scientists, we are grateful for your observations that add to our knowledge about climate change. May such awareness motivate us all to act now while we still can protect our precious planet.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has often expressed her concern regarding the melting of the Arctic permafrost, also urging actions to halt it, as in this July 2008 videoconference with our Association members in the US.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: And you see, if it is not cold then even all the permafrost, which is the cold hard mud layers, will be melted also, and then the gas from the permafrost also will be released. So it depends on how many people join the vegetarian diet.

The more vegetarian people, the less killing of the animals, the more time we have to rescue the planet and the lives on the planet. So everybody has to join to into the vegetarian diet, and stop the killing, stop the harm to other people and the animals and save energies every way possible and go green wherever possible.



April 19, 2010

Glacier National Park loses two more named glaciers

Ecologist Dr. Dan Fagre with the US Geological Survey (USGS) has reported that two of the icecaps in Montana’s Glacier National Park, Miche Wabun and Shepard, have shrunk below the threshold that would qualify them as glaciers.

Thus, the park which once totaled 150 glaciers, including 37 with names, has now been reduced to 25.

Dr. Fagre also said that these remaining ice caps may well be gone by 2020.

He explained, "When we're measuring glacier margins, by the time we go home the glacier is already smaller than what we've measured."

Meanwhile, a new report by the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization and Natural Resources Defense Council confirmed that the average temperature at Glacier National Park has been rising twice as fast as the planet as a whole, with the shrinking glaciers also limiting water in streams while raising the risk for forest fires as well as irreversible harm to wildlife ecosystems.

Our thanks, Dr. Fagre, US Geological Survey, Rocky Mountain Climate Organization and Natural Resources Defense Council for these observations, despite their disturbing forecast. May our more caring planetary stewardship speed us toward a renewal of these and other delicate ecosystems.

As mentioned on previous occasions, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke again during a November 2009 video conference in Washington, DC, USA on the most urgently needed action to stop the global phenomenon of glacier melt.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Glaciers across the globe are shrinking more quickly than researchers ever expected, leaving rivers and lakes gone, disappearing or drying, with no water for crops and billions who face food shortages due to water shortages, as well.

In the state of Montana, the famous glaciers of Glacier National Park are now expected to disappear within a decade.

You may ask, what is the main cause of this damage and destruction to the environment?

It’s methane, which is produced primarily by the livestock industry. NASA announced that methane actually contributes much more to global warming than previously understood and it traps 100 times the atmospheric heat over 20 years.

And the largest source of methane is? You know - livestock. So, to solve this, we do need to move quickly, and of course we know what to do, right? Yes? Be vegan.


Mekong River nations join to seek climate solutions

Leaders from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Âu Lạc (Vietnam), along with delegations from China and Myanmar, recently convened to discuss how to best overcome the challenges of global warming as it affects the Mekong River.

Record low levels threaten water supplies to tens of millions of people and their crop fields. Regions of China and Âu Lạc have been facing their worst droughts in close to a century, while the Mekong River itself has been at its lowest point in two decades.

Meanwhile, agricultural regions throughout the Mekong Delta have been severely affected by salinated water due to rising sea levels. Summit participants concluded by agreeing to strengthen cooperation to improve the sustainable management of the Mekong River and protect livelihoods by sharing water usage data so that farmers can better cope with changes.

Mekong River nations, we laud your cooperation as we share concern for the climate impacts on people’s food security and survival.

May Heaven protect the well-being of your fellow citizens as we pray that all nations work to restore our vital rivers through wise daily lifestyle choices. As during an August 2009 videoconference in Thailand, Supreme Master Ching Hai has often discussed such urgent situations as the Mekong Delta and other regions of the globe, while highlighting the most effective remedy.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: In Âu Lạc (Vietnam), you probably know of global warming related problems such as the untimely flooding and encroachment of the sea of the Mekong Delta region, both of which have caused havoc and further threat to the region’s vital rice and fruit crops.

This is due to a combination of sea levels rising, along with the effect of melting glaciers, which are now causing excessive floods but eventually will cause drought and vastly diminished water supplies as well.

So we must work quickly to avoid such unwanted outcomes. And the most effective way is the organic vegan diet, organic vegetable farming. So please, be veg, and tell everyone else of these benefits.


United Nations reopens climate change talks in Bonn, Germany

From April 9 through April 12, world government delegates gathered in Bonn, Germany, the headquarters of the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat, to plan a course towards an agreement that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help developing nations adapt to climate change.

Supreme Master Television reports on location.

German Correspondent (F): A new round of United Nations climate change talks began on April 9 here in Bonn, Germany, where delegates from over 170 nations have gathered to reinvigorate the discussions begun in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2009.

The Copenhagen Accord, which has been signed so far by 75 countries, set a limit on temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius along with a goal for developing nations to receive US$30 billion by 2012 from their industrialized counterparts to cope with the impacts of climate change.

Leaders in attendance at the Bonn meeting have expressed their determination to reach a more defined agreement before the next key conference to be held in Cancun, Mexico beginning on November 29, 2010.

VOICE: Meanwhile, many organizations and individuals came to Bonn as well, voicing the need for bolder leadership to stop global warming. According to researchers, the single largest cause of climate change is livestock production, prompting the call for eliminating meat consumption as the most effective way to address the issue.

Sven Harmeling – Senior Advisor for Climate and Development, Germanwatch (M): It’s really a time to step up the ambition and step up the efforts, and this has to start now, here at this Bonn negotiating session.

German Correspondent (F): Members of the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association were also present to raise awareness on the vegan diet solution to preserve the planet.

Distribution of SOS flyers and vegan dessert samples were met with good responses from conference participants as well as the public.

Susanne Taron –Consultant, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Vegetarian (F): I work with the climate secretariat here in Bonn, Germany, and yes, I believe that vegetarianism is very good.

Sandeep Chamling Rai – Policy Coordinator, World Wildlife Fund, Vegetarian (M): am vegetarian by birth, so that definitely helps reduce the carbon footprint.

His Excellency Abdul Bin Rimdap – Nigerian Ambassador to Germany, Vegan (M): Be vegan, go green, save the planet! Like me.

German Correspondent (F): This is Supreme Master Television reporting from Bonn, Germany.

VOICE: We laud the concerned leaders and other distinguished participants of this summit for your efforts on behalf of our planet. Our prayers for the courage, cooperation and best possible outcome for all nations, including a policy adoption of the Earth-saving organic vegan diet.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has been urging government leadership to halt livestock emissions as the best way to cool the planet, as in this August 2009 videoconference in Thailand.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: I hope the governments would please make it into law to forbid the killing of animals, to forbid any more animal livestock raising. If they are truly the leaders that pledge to protect their people, to improve their country in many aspects, then this is the first step we have to do.

Stop the meat industry, stop the fish industry, stop the dairy industry, then our planet will be the way it was and even better.

To save the planet, there is only one way to stop the cause - that is, the animal industry, by all means, in all aspects.

We have to do it.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Spread information, encourage everyone, inform everyone to be vegan.


April 16, 2010

Glaciologist warns of drastic ice melt

In a recent interview, Argentine expert Dr. Pedro Skvarca cautioned that all the glaciers in Antarctic’s northeast are melting rapidly and continuously. Dr. Skvarca, who heads the glaciology program of the Argentine Antarctic Institute has worked in the field for 38 years.

From direct observation in his travels to the region, he now states that some 400 kilometers of Antarctic ice melt are already causing ocean sea levels to rise.

Dr. Skvarca went on to say that recent Antarctic events, such as the collapse of the Larsen ice barrier and the receding Boydell and Sjogren glaciers have occurred much faster than the scientific community originally forecast.

Our heartfelt thanks, Dr. Pedro Skvarca for sharing your decades of expertise to advise of this urgent situation. May we all heed such a clear warning and act now to protect the Earth while we still can.

During an August 2008 videoconference with our Association members in Canada, Supreme Master Ching Hai, as in numerous other occasions, highlighted the critical need to reverse these signs of planetary danger.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: The time of disappearing of the ice means also the spelling of trouble for our planet. Of course it would be better if we already saved the planet before the ice melted.

But as it is, we can only do the best we can and trying to inform everybody to save themselves by being vegan. If the ice melts quicker, then, of course, we have shorter time to save the planet.

But nevertheless because people are joining the vegan diet, we still can manage to save the world.


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April 15, 2010

Climate change causes unprecedented coral bleaching

According to a team of scientists from Australia’s Southern Cross University, warming ocean waters have imperiled coral reefs in Lord Howe Island Lagoon, the world’s southernmost such ecosystem, This year has seen the hottest, driest, most cloudless January in recorded history, and Dr. Peter Harrison, who led a survey of the reefs east of Sydney said that the two degree Celsius rise in temperature since 1993 has endangered the reefs as well as a sea anemone that is home to a rare type of fish.

As such overheating causes the coral to expel crucial algae that give them their color, a soon return to normal temperatures could allow the reefs to survive but only after decades of recovery.

Dr. Harrison explained that global warming is behind these changes as he stated. “It's exactly what you predict from warming seas. This is a warning of likely future increases of stress on this world's southernmost reef.”

Dr. Harrison and colleagues at Southern Cross University, we appreciate your detailed observations of the imperiled coral reefs. Our prayers that all are motivated to speedily adopt sustainable lifestyles that preserve the delicately interconnected life on our planet.

During a November 2008 interview with Ireland’s East Coast Radio FM, Supreme Master Ching Hai reiterated a concern she has often expressed about the preciousness of coral reefs as part of the biosphere affected by global warming.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Now, the coral reefs are there for some reason. See, there are many factors that affect coral reefs, like coastal development, water pollution, changing sea water temperature because of global warming.

Some scientists predict that most of the coral reefs could disappear in the near future if global warming increases.

Coral reefs are just like the forest on land. They are the protectors of 100-plus countries’ coastlines against storm surges and hurricanes. They are the protectors. And they are also the supporters of over 25% of all marine species.

So you see how important it is. And there are many more things that we have not discovered about the benefits of coral reef and marine life. We must protect a living and healthy sea, as it relates to our living and healthy self.

The solution is vegetarian diet


Accelerated glacial melt causing water sources to dwindle

As home to 70% of the Earth’s tropical glaciers, Peru has witnessed a 30% loss of glacial mass in the last 30 years due to climate change. Catholic University Research Center Director Bernex Nicol expressed his concern about the matter in a talk given on the radio station Radio Programs of Peru.

With shortages already threatening cities like Lima, where 1.5 million people are currently without water, further reductions are anticipated from factors such as the disappearance of freshwater springs in the northern Andes, where over 50% have dried due to deforestation.

Moreover, Peru’s National University of Engineering Director Julio Kuroiwa has stated that further shortages are expected in Lima, where water supplies could decrease by another 25% over the next decade.

Meanwhile, demands on this fragile resource are further complicated by metal contamination coming from mines in the country’s highlands.

Our appreciation Directors Nicol, Kuroiwa and colleagues for your evaluation and voiced concern about the vanishing Peruvian glaciers and their effect on people’s lives.

Let us act in unison now to stabilize the security and survival of the Peruvian people and all inhabitants of our shared Earthly home. As on previous occasions, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke during a September 2009 conference in Peru about the country’s water crisis and how to bring relief to this global problem.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: In Peru, the loss to glaciers is equivalent to 10 whole years of water supply for Lima city.

With 8 of the country’s water basins already noted as being insufficient to meet people’s needs, Peru’s President Garcia announced in 2008 the construction of two desalination plants to try to address the water scarcity. It’s that urgent already in Peru.

Dwindling water supplies have caused escalating tensions and even conflicts to erupt as many people, including disadvantaged farmers, don’t have enough water, or are struggling for their share.

So please, before the situation gets any more out of hand – let’s choose the vegan diet. The future effects will be greatly eased. Only then will we have a manageable situation.

Be veg, go green, so we can all save the planet.


Drought strikes across global continents

In Latin America, Bolivian authorities in seven municipalities have declared states of emergency due to dry conditions damaging 80% of crops. Municipalities like Lagunillas that rarely ever experienced droughts in the past now have lost all their crops.

Honduras also declared a state of emergency on March 23 due to drought and famine, and across the world the Philippines has also witnessed crop failure from drought that impacted 23 provinces.

In China, prolonged lack of rain has stricken at least five the southwestern provinces, with the nation’s State Forestry Administration reporting that the persistent drought has damaged young saplings and animal habitats, as well as increasing the risk of forest fires.

To help counter these effects, the Chinese government allocated US$586 million for emergency relief to supply water to over 19 million affected people.

Meanwhile, in South Sudan, drought and conflict has caused sudden alarming increased rates of malnutrition.

Aid agencies warn of a food shortage crisis, where nearly half of the children under five are malnourished.

Finally, in the United States, California’s director of the Department of Water Resources, Mark Cowin expressed concern of this year’s expected water shortages.

However, in a brief respite from such conditions, California welcomed the blessing of rains over the Easter weekend in early April that have helped replenish some main water reservoirs.

And in central Âu Lạc (Vietnam), several months of hot dry weather have been relieved by a rain that has provided much-needed moisture for thousands of hectares of coffee and other crops.

We thank all the governments for their efforts to relieve the suffering from these acute drought conditions as we pray that the dry spells being endured by many countries is alleviated with our better care for the planet and each other.

In an October 2009 videoconference in Formosa (Taiwan), Supreme Master Ching Hai once again expressed her deep concern and sympathy for the drought-afflicted, urging for actions to curb its impact.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: People are dying from droughts, people are leaving their villages, their hometowns because they don’t have any more water to drink.

Some die on the road because of starvation; some die on the road looking for water. This is very, very tragic. I hope we all wake up and wake up quick to save our people, to save our home.

Because many of our world co-citizens are not aware that many of our other co-citizens are dying because of lack of water, and lack of water means lack of food, lack of security.

Water means everything to our existence. We must conserve the water; we must do everything we can. And the first step to begin is to be vegan. Because animal industry uses 70 more percent of the clean water of our planet!


April 14, 2010

Cholera deaths in Kenya linked to climate change

Severe droughts and intense flooding are among the climate change-induced water woes that Kenya and other Eastern African countries have experienced in recent years.

Along with tolls from these disasters, many people have at times been forced to drink unclean water and thus become exposed to the water-borne pathogen, cholera.

At least 13 people have perished from the disease, with hundreds of cases confirmed, many requiring hospitalization. The government has also shut down schools as a preventive measure.

Cholera causes severe diarrhea and vomiting and can be fatal within 24 hours if left untreated. Kenyan health officials have been working to distribute clean drinking water door-to-door in the affected areas to stop the spread of the disease, and the United Nations Environment Program is calling for such measures as wetlands and coastal mangrove preservation to restore these natural water purification systems.

Our appreciation, health officials and United Nations Environment Program for your caring assistance in bringing relief to the people of Kenya.

Let us all become part of the solution to climate change through sustainable daily actions on our shared planetary home. During a May 2009 videoconference in the African country of Togo, Supreme Master Ching Hai expressed her concern for the global warming effects already threatening the lives of the African people, also highlighting what could be done to halt them.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Sadly, global warming is affecting African countries in all the severest and some of the most visible ways. Increased temperatures mean erratic rainfall – either too little or too much at a time – so we have ravaging floods that drown the crops and fires that burn the forest.

There are more frequent droughts, heat waves, floods, storms, frosts, freezes, and locusts than before. These impacts of climate change increase food insecurity and the food crisis in Africa. There is also increased risk of diseases. The United Nations is afraid that hundreds of millions of people in Africa are at risk.

This is just a handful of all the news reports coming out about global warming in your land. I’m sure there are more.

So let us try our best to help remind and encourage our leaders to do something. If the world becomes vegan as a group, we can remedy the disasters that affect us globally.


Rising sea claims previously disputed island

After 30 years of discussion India and Bangladesh regarding the territorial rights to an island situated in a river that forms a shared border between India and Bangladesh, the small land mass has been declared officially vanished.

Measuring 3.5 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide, New Moore Island, or South Talpatti to the Bengali people, was first noticed in 1974 on the Hariabhanga River by satellite imaging, sitting at 2 meters above sea level.

However, since 1987, the island’s surface has been submerging due to the rising sea and now can only be seen at the lowest tide. Professor Sugata Hazra, Director of School of Oceanographic Studies in India stated, “There is no presence of the island now; recent satellite images establish this.”

Moore Island thus joins other isles regionally and worldwide that have succumbed or are effectively sinking due to the rising sea levels of global warming. We are saddened to know of yet another submerged island.

Meanwhile, we pray that the people of India, Bangladesh and indeed the world make step in unity to ease global warming via Earth-friendly decisions and compassionate lifestyles.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has on several occasions addressed the devastating effects of rising sea levels and what we can urgently do to halt them, as during an October 2009 videoconference in Indonesia.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: The threats imposed by global warming are more than imminent; they are already here, as you can see through many disasters, upheavals, climate refugees, phenomena around the world.

It’s the rising sea levels as well that force people to lose their home, their ancestral home, to go begging elsewhere; losing also their dignity, losing everything, not just physical possessions, but losing their loved ones as well.

We must change while there is still time. If we want to receive the mercy of Heaven for our life here on Earth, we must first be merciful in granting the same dignity and freedom of life to the animals.

So please, everyone, plant veg, be veg and we can go green later when we’ve already saved the planet.


Stop eating fish to help the planet

In India, the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is urging the public to go vegan and especially stop eating fish to help animals and the planet.

Senior coordinator for the campaign, Mr. Nikunj Sharma explained the results of a year-long study confirming that the practice of bottom trawling is one of the most ecologically damaging and unsustainable ever as it involves dragging huge, heavy nets along the sea floor, which in turn empty the waters of all life.

Mr. Sharma also highlighted fish as a health risk, being a major source of mercury and other damaging chemicals. Our sincere thanks Mr. Sharma and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in sharing the message of the connecting our dietary choices to the health of our planet.

Let us step together in choosing the vital plant-based fare to save the lives of marine and all fellow co-inhabitants.

In an October 2009 videoconference in Indonesia, Supreme Master Ching Hai once again emphasized the importance of not consuming any animal products, including fish, if we wish to sustain ourselves and the planet.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Meat production” also means fishing. After billions of these underwater animals have been snatched from their homes and killed en masse, our oceans are now gravely imbalanced.

Stopping meat and dairy consumption and fishing, all the animal products – is the fastest and most effective way to cool our planet and halt these dangerous changes.

And now that we also understand the immeasurable benefits for the organic vegan diet, which offers not only better personal health, but literally can save the entire planet, the entire world.

So, please join us, and become part of the trend to save our world.


April 9, 2010

Warming climate causing drastic forest decline

In various regions of the world, huge tracts of trees are perishing. Scientists have observed that a common factor of their often sudden demise has been increased heat and drought.

Across western North America, for instance, forest die-off has been especially disastrous, with 70,000 square miles being lost in the Canadian and US Rocky Mountains to beetle infestation as warming temperatures cause the insects to move to higher and higher altitudes.

In Australia, a recent report stated that nearly a third of the trees had died in a 20,000 square-mile savanna area, while a study in Russia of 9,400 square miles of tree-covered land also observed significant losses, with hot, dry conditions in forested regions like Siberia bringing extreme wildfires in eight of the last 10 years.

In Africa, climate change is being identified as the cause of demise for local trees such as the quiver tree, camel-thorn, and the giant 30-foot-tall succulent known as euphorbia.

Although when alive, these wondrous lungs of our Earth are continuously absorbing carbon dioxide, US Geological Survey ecologist Dr. Craig Allen, who has studied forests around the world, warns that as the trees perish, they actually become a source of greenhouse gases. We thank Dr. Allen and all international researchers for this reminder that our own well-being is truly linked to the health of the world’s forests.

May we all attend now to their silent calls of distress through our own swift adoption of more life-sustaining ways. Supreme Master Ching Hai has long highlighted the need to care for the ecosphere, including the world’s trees, and shield them from the tolls of global warming, as during a videoconference in Formosa (Taiwan) in July 2008.

Everyone knows by now that protecting the environment, protecting the animals, are actually protecting ourselves. So we must protect the environment.

We should have more rules, more guidelines, to protect natural habitats. Because sometimes we overlook the long run effect. Then the consequence is very, very detrimental to ourselves and to the planet, just like what we are facing right now.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: People must be more aware of our dire situation and that everyone’s responsible action does help to minimize or stop global warming. We should act fast.

Be veg. Go green.