December 25, 2010

Press conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai on organic vegan diet to reverse climate change

On Saturday, December 18, Supreme Master Ching Hai was invited to a conference with Mexican media members in Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico, where the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 16) had recently concluded.

Having previously met with COP 16 delegates and major media representatives during the summit, Supreme Master Ching Hai at this time addressed regional journalists and then answered questions from participants representing print, radio and television media. These included print publications such as “News of Quintana Roo”; (Novedades de Quintana Roo) “La Verdad Editorial”; “De Peso”; “A New Quintana Roo”; (Un Nuevo Quintana Roo) “The Journal of Quintana Roo”; “The Voice of the Mayas Magazine”; and “Por Esto! Quintana Roo”; as well as Radio Turquesa, Radio Formula, Cancún Radio, and television station Canal 10.

In a warm and candid atmosphere, the journalists listened attentively as Supreme Master Ching Hai's presentation made an urgent moral appeal for help that was also supported by many compelling facts, for instance, about animal farming as the cause of over half the global warming, combined with a potential 40% removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through organic tilling of the world's farmlands.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Scientists are now saying that we must take advantage of shorter-lived emissions like methane — which heats the atmosphere 100 times more than CO2 but disappear quickly, in 9 or 12 years, while black carbon (or soot) disappears within a few weeks.

We are living the worst-case scenario and the scientists are crying, crying out for us to hit the emergency brake now, and hard.

So it's the emergency brake that we need, and the place to start is the livestock industry. Stop livestock industry then consequently we stop like 91% of the warming effect. 91%. Therefore, respected journalists, ladies and gentlemen, your noble mission is not only to save this planet but also to restore the benevolence of the humans' heart.

We must shape our future on virtue and compassion. Then, all generations hereafter shall thrive and flourish.

VOICE: Amidst Supreme Master Ching Hai's encouragement for the media's efforts during the press conference, a delicious vegan lunch was served to the journalists. Many eagerly wanted to know more about the lifestyle for themselves, with one reporter saying that he became a vegan just 30 days ago while another stating that he has been seeking to open a vegan shop.

Supreme Master Ching Hai also made sure that further factual materials were provided for the journalists, including Mexico-specific data, so that they could better inform the public about climate change. Our salute and appreciation all the caring media members and groups in Mexico who are alerting fellow citizens on how we each can halt the planet's crisis.

We especially thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for sharing her messages of concern through this press conference, and pray that everyone joins in the fastest effective solution of the plant-based lifestyle. Please tune in to Supreme Master Television for the broadcast of this press conference at a later date on Words of Wisdom, with multi-language subtitles.

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