December 14, 2010

Live videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai in United Arab Emirates

On Tuesday, December 7, during the first Middle East Veg Congress held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the public had the opportunity to interact with distinguished speakers regarding various aspects of plant-based living.

The two-day meeting was organized by the Middle East Veg Group (MEVEG), with support from the Middle East Natural & Organic Product Expo 2010 and endorsement from the Dubai Health Authority.

Broadcast live on Supreme Master Television, the event was hosted by behavioral psychologist and TV personality Ms. Zaufyshan Haseeb. Presenters included the head of Iran’s National Nutrition and Food Technology Research Institute, Dr. Arash Rashidi, who spoke on the connection between meat and cancer; Thomas Cierpka, senior manager of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, on the ecological and economic sense of organic agriculture; and Indian Vegan Society’s founder Shankar Narayan about the plant-based lifestyle.

The Veg Congress concluded with a special videoconference addressed by guest of honor Supreme Master Ching Hai, who agreed to share her thoughts on the necessity of the organic vegan diet in halting climate change and sustaining the planet.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai First Middle East Veg Congress December 7, 2010 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Supreme Master Ching Hai: There will be dangerous impact if people don’t change, if we don't change as a whole humanity. Not only in the United Arab Emirates, but the whole world has to change, to the more sustainable diet, not to talk about compassionate diet.

As the scientists have told us and as you mentioned, we are already seeing the impacts worldwide. We have to be honest and truthful about the main topic.

We cannot run around in a circle and avoid the meat industry question like we avoid a sore thumb or avoid a boil on our body: “Don’t touch it, don’t touch it!” We have to touch it in order to heal it.

Especially, we know that it is a very dangerous boil, which could affect our lives, which could be fatal to our lives, and even infect others, and even in this situation, infect the whole planet, could kill the whole world. Then we have to touch that boil and let the doctor heal it or we heal it ourselves if we know how. And we do know how. We have technique, we have power. Each one of us can do this. Just by being vegan.

VOICE: Our thanks Middle East Veg Group, the government of Dubai, and all involved in this successful conference on the fascinating and relevant topic of the plant-based lifestyle.

We are grateful to Supreme Master Ching Hai for sharing her deep concern and thoughts regarding today’s vast environmental challenges. May we all help lead the way in the healing of our planet through the benevolent organic vegan diet.

Please tune in to Supreme Master Television for the full broadcast of this video conference at a later date on Words of Wisdom, with multi-language subtitles.

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