October 15, 2010

UN final preparatory climate change conference held in China

With 3,000 representatives from 176 countries present, the fourth and final round of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meetings concluded in Tianjin, China on October 9. With a draft decision text agreed upon that will be submitted to the upcoming Cancun, Mexico summit, UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres noted that the delegates had been able to produce some measurable results in areas such as long-term finances to cope with climate change.

Moreover, hosted country China’s chief climate change negotiator, Sue Wei, stated that the talks were successful in bringing views closer together and improving the understanding among parties.

Chinese correspondent (F): This is South Lake International Club, Tianjin, China. The latest working meeting of UNFCCC is taking place right across the street. Here, over 40 non-governmental organizations organized a series of activities, starting from Sept 30 to Oct 10, themed “Green China – Race to the Future.”

The participants include nation-wide organizations, like Friends of Nature and Green River, as well as international groups like the Greenpeace.

Li Yan - Climate & Energy Campaigner for Greenpeace China (F): We hope that we urge that negotiators at the Tianjin session and beyond to Cancun can get the sense of urgency and get the willingness of people, and then make concrete progress and have a concrete outcome in Cancun.

VOICE: Concerned groups also expressed their support of a plant-based diet solution to climate change.

Green Earth Volunteers, China (M): Yes, I feel that the meat industry makes a great contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, and that’s something to be worried about.

Li Yan (F): If we can see more people showing the willingness of the vegetarian community, in their transport, in their diet, in their power usage, that will send a very strong signal to the decision makers, policy makers, as well.

Correspondent (F): Supreme Master Television, Tianjin, China.

VOICE: We thank the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, all delegates and concerned groups for your participation at this meeting. May such continued conscientious efforts bring about the critical measures needed to save the planet, especially through the adoption of the humane and eco-friendly animal-free lifestyle.

Speaking during a 2009 climate change videoconference in Thailand, Supreme Master Ching Hai warned of the urgent predicament that the globe faces while asking that all leaders take the necessary initiatives to halt climate change.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: I hope the governments would please make it into law to forbid the killing of animals, to forbid any more animal livestock raising. If they are truly the leaders that pledge to protect their people, to improve their country in many aspects, then this is the first step we have to do.

Stop the meat industry,
stop the fish industry,
stop the dairy industry,
then our planet will be the way it was and even better. To save the planet, there is only one way to stop the cause – that is, the animal industry, by all means, in all aspects.

We have to do it. Spread information, encourage everyone, inform everyone to be vegan.

In an effort to save populations of wild Atlantic salmon threatened by global warming, fisheries in northern Scotland, UK are establishing protected environments to help the fish survive through certain critical phases and then release them back to the rivers.


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