October 29, 2010

Further evidence of water and life on Mars

Recent analysis via satellite images of a meteorite crater near the enormous volcano Syrtis Major on the Martian surface have given scientists further indications of previous life there. US researchers Dr. Joseph Michalski of the Planetary Science Institute in Arizona, and Dr. Paul Niles of the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas found that minerals buried four miles below the planet’s crust are in rich in carbonates.

This suggests an atmosphere that was once rich in carbon dioxide, which besides water and warmth is considered a building block of life. Furthermore, new images from the European Space Agency's Mars Express have shown that areas surrounding the deep Melas Chasma Canyon, which is part of a huge 4,000 kilometer-long valley, exhibit many signs of former water flow.

Among them are lighter-colored deposits of sulfate that may have come from a former lake; vast fan shapes at the valley sides, which were possibly created by multiple large landslides, and flow textures that could have been deposited by mud, water-ice or liquid water.

Thank you all scientists involved in these intriguing new discoveries that point to former life on Mars. May the further insights about our neighboring planet help us appreciate and protect all life on the verdant Earth we call home.

During a January 2009 videoconference with Supreme Master Television staff in Los Angeles, California, USA, Supreme Master Ching Hai reminded how our understanding of the history of such places as Mars can assist us in being better stewards of our own ecosphere.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: They have discovered that Mars is all barren and uninhabitable, but they also discovered that, long ago, there was water there. Water means life supporting. What has happened to all these bodies of water?

That is a very, very important question for us. So from Mars, we can learn to prevent such disaster, that it might not ever happen to our planet.

Don’t forget that we have a very beautiful home here for us and for our children. So we have to protect this beautiful place we call Earth, because this is the home of not just us, but many other species; and the environment, beautiful flora and fauna. All we do is just be vegan. Nothing else is really important anymore. Just being vegan, you can save the planet overnight, just like that!



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