June 8, 2010

Earth is headed for un-inhabitability

A recent collaboration between researchers from the University of New South Wales in Australia and Purdue University in the USA probed the long-term consequences of greenhouse gas emissions.

Their findings were simple but conclusive: If climate change is not halted promptly, it will not be long before the world can no longer sustain human life.

Study coauthor Professor Tony McMichael explained, “Under realistic scenarios extending out to 2300, we may be faced with temperature increases of 12 degrees (Celsius) or even more. If this happens, our current worries about sea level rise, occasional heat waves and bushfires, biodiversity loss and agricultural difficulties will pale into insignificance beside a major threat, (which is that) as much as half of the currently inhabited globe may simply become too hot for people to live there.”

Professor McMichael and fellow Purdue and New South Wales University scientists, we thank you for your work in assessing the direct human impact of global warming.

May such tragic scenarios be averted through our unified steps to restore planetary harmony and stability. This urgent message has long been emphasized by Supreme Master Ching Hai,who again reminded of the planet-cooling actions needed during a November 2009 videoconference in Washington, D.C., USA.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: We still have a little time to change; it’s just that we need to act now, you see, in halting this so-called catastrophic future awaiting us. We have to act now for all of humanity.

Because along with our own survival and health, there is an entire planet that is in trouble, and everyone needs to be vegan to save it. It’s a very simple solution that we might overlook. Because if we all change to vegan, put down the animal products, then we would have a dream world - that I promise. Because like begets like.


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