June 1, 2010

As ice melt accelerates in Greenland, the land is rising.

A new study by researchers at the University of Miami in Florida, USA indicates that as the two-kilometer thick icecap that covers Greenland melts, the land rebounds and rises.

In the coastal areas, Greenland’s ice is melting so fast that the land beneath it is rising up at a rate of one inch per year. (2.54 centimeters) The study, which was conducted using a global positioning system (GPS), indicated that the land lifting began in the mid-1990s and could be rising two inches per year (5 centimeters)by 2025.

The study's principal investigator, Geophysics Professor Dr. Timothy Dixon stated, “What's surprising, and a bit worrisome, is that the ice is melting so fast that we can actually see the land uplift in response.

Even more surprising, the rise seems to be accelerating, implying that melting is accelerating.” Another study, led by Dr. Ian Bartholomew at Scotland’s Edinburgh University in the UK, found that Greenland’s glaciers are moving towards the ocean at a rate of 300 meters per year during the peak summer rates.

Suggesting that the increased summer slide could be linked to meltwater seeping under the ice, the study found that the accelerated pace of glacier movement raises the threat of rising sea levels.

The melting of all the ice on Greenland would raise world’s sea levels by something approaching a devastating seven meters.

Dr. Dixon, Dr. Bartholomew and colleagues at University of Miami and Edinburgh University, thank you for sharing these observations that reveal some of the dramatic changes being wrought by global warming in Greenland.

May we all work quickly to preserve Earth’s fragile balance through our considerate lifestyle choices.
Ever-concerned for our planetary welfare, Supreme Master Ching Hai addressed the imminent dangers of the melting ice and the need to act quickly to stop them during an October 2009 videoconference in Germany.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: With melting that has caused the biggest ice loss ever known in the Arctic, scientists now tell us that the region is warming at the rate twice as fast as the rest of the world.

So the vast ice beneath Greenland is also melting even faster than previously predicted. Many researchers are saying that at the rate of current warming, there is almost no way for our world to stay within the limits of a 2 degree Celsius temperature rise, which is the maximum that will still ensure the safety of most life on the planet.

But even though our predicament is very grave, we do still have time if we act now. And the solution is still very simple.

It’s the vegan diet - no animal products.

This is the key. If everyone switches to this beneficial lifestyle, our planet will be cooled in no time, scientifically speaking and my promise.


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