May 12, 2010

UK rivers in danger of drying out

The environmental organization, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in the United Kingdom recently warned that climate change and increasing human demands for water are threatening rivers throughout the nation, many of which are already below normal levels.

With one ecosystem in every three river catchments reported to be at risk of drying out during hot summers, wildlife like water voles, otters, salmon, and kingfishers are already being affected. Threatened rivers include the upper Wharfe in Yorkshire, and a number of water bodies in the south like the Severn.

In its report, “Riverside Tales,” the WWF-United Kingdom strongly advocates for measures that encourage efficient and sustainable water usage such as changing licenses that currently allow damaging water abstractions to be drawn by utility companies.

In addition, the suggested installation of water meters could help households reduce usage by the 12.5% minimum needed in the next 20 years to address the problem and protect the survival of rivers and their ecosystems.

We thank the World Wildlife Fund for your concerned report that brings to our attention the dire conditions of our freshwater bodies, not just in the United Kingdom but throughout the world. Let us step in unison to adopt lifestyles that show greater consideration for the flora and fauna with which we share our planetary home.

Ever-concerned for humanity’s welfare, Supreme Master Ching Hai again highlighted the changes needed to secure our Earth’s precious water resources for generations to come during an August 2009 videoconference in Thailand.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Many tens of thousands of rivers and great lakes are dying, dead, gone or going. And I don’t know how many more we must wait for to die in order for us to wake up. The leaders of the nations must do something. The people of all nations must do something.

We have to do something to avoid the tragedy that is already happening to billions of other people. There are one billion people hungry already because of climate change, and short of water and food. And three billion people are short of water.

Just be veg. Stop the meat, dairy, fish industry. Be benevolent. Create a merciful energy that will envelop our world, that will emit mercy, love, protection for us and our children on this planet. Please take action now.

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