May 5, 2010

Renowned British naturalist Sir David Attenborough writes of our ecological peril

Best known as the wildlife presenter for BBC natural programs, Sir David Attenborough has written the foreword for the book “Silent Summer: The State of Wildlife in Britain and Ireland,” which depicts the endangered future of many plant and animal species due to human activities.

Published 50 years after the acclaimed environmental volume “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson, this new book contains contributions from 40 eminent British ecologists, warns of further dangers of pesticides, population growth, farming, and other factors that have led to the demise of many butterflies, bees, flies, snails, and moths.

Sir David Attenborough writes: “… Small creatures like these are the basis of our entire ecosystems and they are disappearing faster than ever. That loss is transforming our wildlife and countryside.”

The wildlife presenter had just returned from his first trip to the North and South Poles, fulfilling a lifelong dream at age 73. While there, he witnessed firsthand and recorded for a seven-part BBC nature series “Frozen Planet” the devastation of climate change on both people and animals.

Thank you, Sir David Attenborough and contributors of “Silent Summer” for your work in bringing to light the impact of human activities on the fragile balance of our ecosystems.

May your findings and expertise awaken actions around the world to help sustain flora, fauna and ultimately, human survival. Addressing the significant implications of our actions, Supreme Master Ching Hai again called on humanity to tread more gently on Earth during a July 2008 videoconference in Formosa (Taiwan).

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Everyone knows by now that protecting the environment, protecting the animals, are actually protecting ourselves. So we must protect the environment.

We should have more rules, more guidelines, to protect natural habitats. Because sometimes we overlook the long run effect. Then the consequence is very, very detrimental to ourselves and to the planet, just like what we are facing right now.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: People must be more aware of our dire situation and that everyone’s responsible action does help to minimize or stop global warming. We should act fast. Be veg. Go green.

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