May 25, 2010

Melting polar cap is behind warming of Arctic

Over the past two decades, the Arctic region has been observed by scientists to be warming at more than twice the rate of other locations on the globe.

However, the reason for this alarming difference was unknown. Now, a study led by Dr. James Screen of the University of Melbourne, Australia, provides evidence that links the excessive Arctic warming to the region’s shrinking ice cover.

Using new data collected over the past 20 years, Dr. Screen and his colleague Dr. Ian Simmonds found a direct correlation between ice cover loss and regional temperature rise.

The scientists explained that the ice loss accelerates evaporation of water in the summer, turning it into a powerful greenhouse gas in the atmosphere that in turn speeds temperature rise.

Global warming is also increased via the albedo effect, in which dark water absorbs more heat than the white reflective ice. Addressing the matter of tipping points, beyond which such damaging change is irreversible, Dr. Screen stated, “Our results cannot prove whether we have passed a tipping point or not.

What we can say is that the emergence of these strong ice-temperature feedbacks can only increase the likelihood of further rapid warming and sea ice loss.”

Drs. Screen, Simmonds and other associates at University of Melbourne, our heartfelt thanks for sharing these important findings.

We pray that all of humanity may quickly take the necessary actions during these critical times to halt ice melt and restore harmony to the planet.

Speaking during a May 2009 videoconference, Supreme Master Ching Hai also warned of the gravity of the melting Arctic, offering the most effective solution.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: The rapid rate at which the planet is warming can be seen from many examples, one of which is the melting of the Arctic ice. A report released by the United States National Snow and Ice Data Center found that the rate of Arctic ice melt has been speeding up dramatically.

The scientists also reported that Arctic tundra temperatures have been rising 1 degree Celsius each decade, which is faster than anywhere else in the world, and that the tundra itself is emitting significantly more methane and nitrous oxide than previously estimated. This is a dangerous situation, apart from what we are already having.

How do we stop this? The most effective way, and the way that truly works, is be veg, be vegan. Stop the use of all animal products and the globe will quickly cool down.

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