April 5, 2010

Past natural disasters the result of human activities

The Nasca culture that flourished in South America is famous for its mysterious lines, best viewed from the air, that depict animals and other shapes across the deserts in Peru.

While being aware that the Nasca civilization ended suddenly between the 6th and 7th centuries, scientists at the University of Cambridge in the UK have recently revealed that the Nasca demise was related to deforestation.

This was due to their clearing of huarango trees, whose deep roots played a key role in regulating moisture and soil richness. Thus, removing so many trees eventually caused a tipping point to be reached, after which the ecosystem was irreversibly damaged and the climate became more and more dry.

The study's authors say that these findings are highly relevant in view of parallels with humanity’s situation today.

Meanwhile, experts from the Leibniz Oceanography Institute in Kiel, Germany announced their discovery of signs that a severe natural disaster occurred in the Atlantic Ocean two millennia ago.

According to the scientists, the edge of an African continental shelf broke off, scattering debris over 150,000 square kilometers across the deep Atlantic off the coast of Morocco, south of the Canary Islands.

This event could have set off a massive tsunami that some say impacted the lost city of Atlantis, believed to have existed in the Atlantic basin before being engulfed by the sea.

What intriguing findings! Thank you University of Cambridge and Leibniz Oceanography Institute scientists for your reports that offer insights into past civilizations.

Let us strive to prevent the repeating of such devastations through our increased stewardship of the environment. During a videoconference in Togo in May 2009, Supreme Master Ching Hai gave a spiritual perspective on such cases in history as well as ways for humanity to choose a safer course today.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: At least 2 major times, our planet has undergone major destruction due to detrimental human activities. It may be that past civilizations on Earth did not last also because their moral standard did not develop along with their technical power.

Spiritual development and compassion are what ensures the safety and balance of every other endeavor. I pray that our civilization will be different, will be wiser, and more advanced in many beneficial ways.

So, let us not neglect to cultivate our virtues. If we want good things then we have to do good. If we want life, we have to spare lives. Because that means we spare life, we want life, we want constructive energy, we don’t want destruction. So vegan is the answer.


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