April 28, 2010

Bolivian summit concludes with initiatives for Earth-healing action

On the final day of the large climate change conference held in Cochabamba, international delegates from dozens of countries agreed that leading industrial countries must drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50%.

This is in accordance with he need to safeguard the lives of global citizens, especially those suffering most from a warming atmosphere. The full set of suggestions as proposed by summit representatives will be presented to the United Nations for the November 2010 Climate Change Conference.

Supreme Master Television’s correspondent shares more.

Correspondent (M): On the last day of the “People’s World Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth,” delegates from 47 countries such as Iran, India, Finland, France and the UK attended a panel discussion between people and governments in the morning.

Among the recommendations was an international environmental court, created to protect the rights of Mother Earth.

Meanwhile, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called for the participating countries of this historic conference to form a united front at the upcoming COP16 in Cancun, Mexico this November in order to accomplish significant change that would protect the life-sustaining environment.

Experts have found that the elimination of raising livestock for meat would be tremendously effective in stopping the further impacts of climate change. In an exclusive interview with Supreme Master Television, Bolivian Minister for the Environment and Water Maria Esther Udaeta Velasquez stated in fact that meat consumption is causing the destruction of the forests.

Maria Esther Udaeta Velasquez – Bolivian Minister for the Environment and Water (M): Because the livestock exploitation preys on forests, preys on the Earth, there is a very strong trend which goes against this agriculture geared to the business of maximizing profit.

Correspondent (M): As a gesture of Earth-wise generosity, the hosting Bolivian government arranged for a local vegetarian restaurant to provide free vegan food for the delighted conference attendees.

Betzi Camargo – Owner of vegetarian restaurant commissioned to serve conference (F): I think the government has been encouraged, as I said there are many people who are vegetarian, therefore to give the option to those people to be able to have a healthy diet.

VOICE: Since the summit’s launch, members of the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association have been actively promoting the vegan diet as well, both by raising the issue during formal working group sessions and through the distribution of more than 1,000 free vegan sandwiches and over 85,000 SOS flyers and related information packs created for the conference.

The meeting’s main organizer, Bolivian President Evo Morales, who himself has spoken of the need to reduce meat consumption, also received a set of the materials and even proceeded to hand them among the other Latin American government officials.

Correspondent (M): Finally, tens of thousands of people attended the closing ceremony in the afternoon at the city stadium. It was found that while almost 10,000 representatives from 142 countries registered for the conference, actual attendance was estimated at over 35,000, showing clearly that people are united and determined to save our planet. Reporting from Cochabamba, Bolivia, this is Supreme Master Television.

VOICE: We thank all the caring world government officials, organizations and communities who put forth their best efforts in this climate conference. May the momentum of the bold ideals from this past week continue, especially in hastening steps toward the vital organic vegan solution to save our planet and her inhabitants.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has frequently encouraged world leaders to enact beneficial policies that most effectively sustain both humankind and the environment, as in a March 2009 videoconference with government dignitaries and the public in Mexico.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: I suggest all world leaders and governments to please promote the animal-free lifestyle and quick so that we can save our planet.

We have not too much time left. This is no longer even about politics. It’s about the survival of ourselves and our children.

If all governments encourage people toward the healthy, animal-free diet, the planet could be saved in no time.

And the activities that are good for our Earth can also generate livelihoods. We have a shortage of food, so the government can easily support organic vegan farmers and the advancement of other green practices.

This will help greatly. The government must make a priority, saving the planet, organic vegan farming, subsidize.


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