March 31, 2010

Honeybee crisis deepens

This past winter on Vancouver Island, Canada, the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture and Lands noted a staggering 90% loss of the vital winged insects. A longer summer season due to climate change is thought to have weakened the bees’ immunity as they worked overtime collecting pollen to further the species of both flowers and foods consumed by humans.

As scientists raise concerns about the Vancouver Island decline spreading further inland, a recently published study in the USA, where bees continue to perish from the malady known as Colony Collapse Disorder, found unprecedented levels of chemical pesticides in their North American beehive homes.

The nation’s federal courts have issued a ruling in support of more stringent regulations. Canadian and US researchers, we appreciate this message of alert to the dying honeybees, and are also grateful to all scientists and officials working to protect them.

Our prayers that humans everywhere turn to the organic, vegan diet as the best way to spare resources and protect all life. As during an August 2008 international gathering, Supreme Master Ching Hai has long indicated that troubled species such as the bees show the need for urgent, necessary lifestyle changes to stabilize the Earth’s ecosystems.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: My God, now the continued decline of bees has affected the food now. This is nothing new, but they keep reporting it’s getting worse all the time.

Because if there are no bees, there is no pollination. And then some food, some fruits and some vegetables depend on the pollination to bear fruits. And now a lot of bees have died We might have no food because of no pollination. So you guys maybe just start planting something at home. Some things that don’t need the bees.

But this is terrible, this is such a disaster The people don’t take care of the environment, and let all beings keep dying like this.

Just to be vegan, how difficult can it be? Is it difficult? Even if it is, this is the only choice we have to survive, then why not?

Why not just change to the vegan diet?

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