March 26, 2010

European butterfly species on red alert

A survey conducted by the UK’s Butterfly Conservation has found under-average populations of the winged species across 100 sites in the United Kingdom. Moreover, along with a loss of habitat and declines due to pollution, three consecutive summers of wet weather have posed difficulty for the delicate insects to fly out to find nectar and foster their young.

Head of monitoring at Butterfly Conservation Dr. Tom Brereton said that some species could be lost forever if the country experiences yet another wet summer this year.

European Commission also just released the European Red List, which revealed that certain butterflies, dragonflies and beetles are not only threatened in Europe, but are also at risk of global extinction.

We thank Dr. Brereton, Butterfly Conservation and European Commission scientists for highlighting the perilous state of our butterfly and other winged friends.

Let us move quickly toward more conscious and compassionate lifestyles to restore the conditions for these wondrous species to flourish once more. As part of her frequent endeavors to safeguard the lives of all beings, Supreme Master Ching Hai again emphasized the need for action to alleviate global warming during an April 2009 videoconference in South Korea.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Now, we all can see that nature is changing because of global warming, and the animals are directly affected as well. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has a list called the Red List that shows the species actually disappearing from the planet.

At the end of 2008, the IUCN was monitoring a total of 45,000 species and said that 40% were threatened with extinction. It is difficult even to imagine this kind of loss.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: We should all remember that we share this planetary abode, the water, the air, the resources, the food, all of nature, we share only. We should not be possessive of nature.

So, the best thing we can do for the birds and all the animals is to stop causing suffering to them, stop killing them, stop eating them, stop damaging all our habitats. Stop damaging our environment.

Be veg, go green and save their planet too, the planet of the animals.
Thank you so much for all you have done and doing.

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