February 19, 2010

Sea deforestation could be another tipping point

Recent studies in Japan have revealed that certain underwater areas of once lush sea grass have all but disappeared. Such regions have been called the “cradle of the seas” because they supply vital food, oxygen and habitat for fish. However, when the seaweed beds vanish, so does all other life, as observed near Shizuoka Prefecture, where an underwater area previously filled with species such as abalone, flounder, sea bream and others is now barren and empty.

According to the Marine Ecology Research Institute in Tokyo, climate change is a contributing factor, as the warming waters cause certain fish to stay active in the winter rather than hibernate, resulting in continued feeding on the seagrass.

Moreover, humans’ revival efforts through replanting alone have thus far been unsuccessful, with a study of 129 seaweed beds indicating that a tipping point may have been reached beyond which no restoration is possible.

A report from Japan’s Environment Ministry corroborated, stating that when the environment changes beyond the stage that the seaweed beds can regenerate naturally, attempts to stem their loss could be too late.

Our earnest appreciation, Japan’s Environment Ministry, Marine Ecology Research Institute and all participating scientists for citing yet another aspect of the dire state of our oceans.

Let us quickly adopt more sustainable ways to protect the Earth and her amazing seas. Speaking during an interview for the July 12, 2009 edition of the Irish Sunday Independent, Supreme Master Ching Hai emphasized as in previous times the critical actions that would not only save lives but would restore the entire ecosphere.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: The truth is that, scientifically speaking, we have a short time left because we have already waited too long to act. Leading scientists and organizations are now saying this as well, especially as they find that the tipping points, which indicate irreversible damage to the Earth, are being reached much faster than anyone had previously thought and calculated.

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