January 19, 2010

Warming planet endangers butterflies

A new study by researchers from University of California Davis indicates that butterflies are being hard hit by warmer temperatures and habitat loss. The study is considered both unique and especially reliable in being based on a solo database compilation made over a 35-year period by evolution and ecology professor, Dr. Arthur Shapiro. Over the decades, multiple sites were surveyed for the presence of over 150 butterfly species along with corresponding climatological data.

Dr. Shapiro’s records show a number of disturbing trends, including the butterfly species declining most quickly at all the sites near sea level where the most warming has occurred.

In the mountains, the decline has been slower, but as temperatures at higher elevations rise, butterflies inhabiting these regions are also dwindling in number. As Dr. Shapiro stated, “There is nowhere to go except heaven.”

Dr. Shapiro and University of California Davis, we laud your dedication and appreciate these detailed observations. May humans everywhere be moved to adopt harmonious lifestyles that encourage the unique and beautiful butterflies to continue to grace our Earthly home.

Ever-concerned for the welfare of all beings, Supreme Master Ching Hai reminded once again during a March 2009 videoconference in Mexico of humanity’s role in ensuring the safety of our co-inhabitants.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Just return to compassion and respect for all life. That is the principle we must uphold to ensure that the animals do not disappear, because, that would be tragic for us humans, too.

Imagine our planet without animals at all. All the dogs gone, cats gone, birds gone, fish gone, buffalos gone,elephants gone; imagine, none of the animals survive; how would we live? So, if we respect all life, then we also don’t take any life. We don’t need to take in a way that hurts or harms any other being.

If all humanity lives with the animal-free diet, and lives in respect to nature and other life, then we will have a Heaven on Earth.


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