January 7, 2010

Ocean acidity increases noise levels

As global warming causes the oceans to absorb more and more CO2, US scientists say they are also getting louder, with unknown effects on marine life. Dr. Richard Zeebe, associate professor of oceanography at the University of Hawaii in the USA, explained that the rising acidity from the absorbed gas affects sound propagation, with certain frequencies becoming more intense.

Further increases in both the acid content as well as human-generated noise from ships, construction, seismic surveys and sonar signals could thus severely impair the cetaceans’ ability to navigate and communicate effectively.

Dr. Rima Morrell, an animal communicator and member of the United Kingdom’s Royal Geographical Society and Royal Anthropological Institute, conveyed in a telephone interview with Supreme Master Television further information about how whales in particular respond to such harmful human actions.

Dr. Rima A Morrell – Founder, Living Ark Sanctuary, Member of the Royal Geographical Society and Royal Anthropological Institute (F): Suddenly the ocean which was once a place of freedom is being restricted by these noises and these objects that humans have put there.

And mothers and babies are losing each other, and that kind of thing never used to happen. However, despite what is happening to the ocean, the whales themselves remain very balanced and they are delighted by the joy that that humans get through contact with them.
And that is indeed why they chose to actually come towards humans and leap around and surface there where humans are.

VOICE: Dr. Morrell, Dr. Zeebe and colleagues, our gratitude for this study which calls attention to a new aspect of climate change and its damaging effects. May we all unite in efforts to protect the oceans and our planet.

Highlighting the value of all animal co-inhabitants to the welfare of humanity, Supreme Master Ching Hai has often shared an understanding of the gifts they bring to our world, as in an August 2009 videoconference in Thailand.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: The animals are truly noble, gentle beings, selfless, and in harmony with one another, the environment, and with Heaven. Their role has always been since time immemorial to bring love and blessing to the world with their pure presence.

If we would only stop harming and torturing them and killing them, and give them a chance to fulfill their God-given mission, then our planet will be saved and will be kept in splendor.

They wait on the sidelines in full support of humans, for the day they can be our friends again, truly, not our victims. On that day of peacemaking between humans and animals, our eyes may begin to be opened to our co-inhabitants’ true magnificent roles on Earth.


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