January 8, 2010

Climate change put flora and fauna “on the run” for survival

According to a collaborative study by a team of US scientists from the Carnegie Institution, Stanford University, the California Academy of Sciences, and University of California, Berkely, global warming is causing climate belts to move towards the poles as well as to higher altitudes, which means ecosystems will be forced to shift if species are to survive.

Those that can tolerate only a narrow range of temperatures will need to migrate more quickly than the average rate of quarter of a mile a year researchers forecast as being necessary to keep up with global warming.

Due to the general immobility of plants, those residing in one-third of the habitats studied are expected to perish. In addition, human development has blocked many migration paths, leaving species with nowhere to go.

US scientists, we are grateful for your cooperative work highlighting how our fellow species are already running for their lives due to climate change. Let us all come together in meaningful action to reclaim our responsibility as good stewards of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. Through her frequent efforts to raise awareness of our planet’s urgency, Supreme Master Ching Hai described how to explain global warming to young people, who are key in ensuring the wholesome future of our planet.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: You can show how the migrating birds have to fly farther and farther to find a place to nest, and the polar bears swim longer and longer now because there is no more ice until sometimes they drown of exhaustion, or why the neighboring country has so many floods in recent years, so many disasters, etc. Tell them how climate change is affecting real lives, real animals, real people, and their own lives as well.

But it’s also important to show the young people that there is still hope; we can still save the planet. It’s a chance to be true heroes, by being vegan and spread the news of this solution.


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