September 1, 2009

UK provides animal-free alternatives to vegan inmates

As part of recent measures passed to protect inmates' rights, an estimated 500 vegan detainees in UK prisons are now able to purchase food and toiletries that do not contain animal products.

Items include soya milk, nuts, seeds, tofu, vegan soap, shampoo and toothpaste. Many thanks, United Kingdom, for making these meaningful options available to vegan inmates.

May your thoughtful provision serve to enhance harmony and eco-friendly lifestyles for all detainees.

Salmonella still present in heated beef

Researchers at Michigan State University in the USA have studied the heat resistance of Salmonella in various presentations of beef.

Contrary to popular belief, the researchers found that the whole cuts of beef exhibited greater heat resistance to Salmonella and that infectious bacterial pathogens do in fact survive.

Salmonella contamination, which originates from fecal matter contained in the meat, is known to cause fever, intestinal disease and in severe cases, even death.

Thank you, Michigan State researchers for this important information about Salmonella infection arising from beef.
May humans everywhere leave behind the unhygienic, meat eating habit in favor of life-saving plant-based fare.