April 10, 2009

Carbon Sinks Losing The Battle With Rising Emissions

Emissions rising too fast for oceans and forests. Dr. Mike Raupach, co-chair of the Global Carbon Project and scientist at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), has reported that the elements of nature such as forests, grasslands and oceans have been absorbing CO2 at unprecedented rates because of a continued increase in human-caused carbon emissions. In fact, these natural carbon absorbers can no longer keep up. Dr. Andreas Fischlin of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology explains how this situation could lead to a serious global warming tipping point.

Dr. Andreas Fischlin – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (M): Land ecosystems, which are currently sequestering about one quarter of all emissions, will stop doing that, and they will actually switch into becoming a source of CO2, so they will add to our own emissions, which will require us even to more compensate this if we would get to this point. So they would accelerate climate change instead what they’re doing now, they are slowing it down. So we must not lose that service from land ecosystems. The point where you actually switch from being a sink and sequestering carbon and to becoming a source in emitting carbon is a tipping point.

VOICE: Knowing this, Dr. Mike Raupach stated, “Such a change would have drastic consequences for the predicted magnitude or speed of climate change occurring.”

We appreciate your insights, Drs. Raupach and Fischlin. Our prayers that this knowledge will help bring about quick and effective actions to avoid irreversible trends such as these.

In a videoconference in February with the 12th President of the Philippines, His Excellency Mr. Fidel Ramos, during his visit to our Association’s Center in Taipei, Formosa (Taiwan), Supreme Master Ching Hai described the benefits of organic farming, together with minimizing livestock production, to quickly remove harmful greenhouse gas emissions from the environment.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai
and 12th President of the Philippines, Mr. Fidel Ramos
Act Now! - For a More Peaceful and Safer World Taipei, Formosa (Taiwan) February 21, 2009

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Now scientific studies have found that organic farming not only reduces energy usage and produces less CO2, which helps lower greenhouse gases, but it actually allows the soil to absorb even 40% of presently in the air CO2 emission. Before we even invent any technology to reduce CO2, or before we even reduce all the cars and transportations, if we go organic we reduce 40% of the current CO2 in the air already, and the daily emission.

If we reduce the livestock raising, then we can reduce all the toxic gases lingering in our air right now. Hydrogen sulfide, Yes. that is one of the toxic gases, deadly gases which is emitted fromlivestock, yes. Another is methane. Another is, of course, CO2. And the methane can even trigger more CO2 if it warm the climate. So, encourage organic farming. Be vegan.

Mekong Delta: salt water deeply encroaches on land

Mekong Delta facing water crisis. Farmers in Âu Lạc’s (Vietnam) premier rice growing region are concerned that crops now in the fields may fail as salinity levels reach record highs. Currently, brackish waters are advancing 50 km inland due to rising sea levels and may reach as far as 70 km by the time the rainy season alleviates the situation. The problems of the encroaching sea waters are compounded by increasing demands for fresh water by agriculture and industry, which have caused river levels and underground water tables to fall further. Compared to eight years ago, the Tân Châu River in An Giang Province is now nearly 80 centimeters lower, while in Hậu Giang Province, residents in areas where wells have turned salty now must try to have fresh water transported from other sources.

We pray that Heaven will protect the people of Âu Lạc in this difficult time. May humanity’s wiser and more compassionate regard for our planet meanwhile restore the balance of our earthly home.

Concerned for the escalating global shortages of both water and food, Supreme Master Ching Hai has repeatedly encouraged the world’s population to turn to the life-saving plant-based lifestyle. The following is an excerpt from an international gathering with Supreme Master Ching Hai on August 20, 2008.

International Gathering August 20, 2008

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Meat consumption is the one that takes away all things. Water, cereals, and the vegetable protein, 90 percent of it. So, it’s taking away a lot of the world resources. And water, 70 percent of it. So even if we don’t shower, we don’t brush teeth, it amounts to nothing when they don’t stop eating meat. We’re going to damage this planet. The resources will be running out. It’s already running out.

And also a lot of people stockpiling their food also, because they worry about climate change. But before that, the food is already short. 862 million people are hungry worldwide, this year alone, because of meat diet. Because all the food are fed to the animals; the resources and the land and everything. It’s not like if they eat meat then everything healthy and good and happy for them, and they could be enjoying forever. It’s not. If they keep eating like that, they will also be gone. If the Earth gone, and finally no more resources, nothing else to eat then.

Toxin in algal blooms sink to ocean floor to poison marine life

Harmful algae blooms poison marine animals and birds. Researchers at the University of South Carolina in the USA have determined that harmful algae blooms (HABs) often end up on the ocean’s floor, where the neurotoxin domoic acid poisons other species in the marine ecosystem, including sea birds and shellfish. Harmful algal blooms are caused by agricultural runoff containing nitrates and phosphates from chemical fertilizers and livestock production. Although domoic acid easily dissolves in sunlight and seawater, when the HABs bind together and sink, the toxin stays on the ocean floor for weeks, where it is consumed by shellfish, crustaceans or other fish. It has also been linked to seizures in marine mammals such as sea lions.

Our gratitude, University of South Carolina researchers, for alerting us to this additional human-caused threat to the marine ecosystem. May we be inspired toward avoiding the consumption of our marine co-inhabitants as we also work to restore the environmental balance in which they can thrive.

In a videoconference for the Heart-Touch Tour of the Supreme Master Ching Hai: Eden on Earth Arts Gallery Exhibition, Supreme Master Ching Hai called on all people to be better stewards of the Earth for the protection of our marine co-inhabitants.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai
Heart-Touch Tour of the Supreme Master Ching Hai: Eden on Earth Arts Gallery Exhibition
Formosa - July 5, 2008

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Wild species suffer similar fates because we also drain our chemical substances, insecticides, pesticides into the rivers, into the lakes, into the oceans. So we lost many of these precious species, we lost many, many of us, because they are us. And we also lose ourselves, many of us humans, because of these substances, the poisonous substances - even from the farm industry -and we still did not wake up yet.

So we must protect the environment. And the wild, they can take care of themselves. If the environments are friendly and conducive to a healthy lifestyle, then the wild will never get sick. The wild will have no problem.

the Arctic Ocean will probably be ice free by the end of this century

Melting of Arctic puts us in a perilous situation. Following a visit to Siberia several weeks ago, Dr. Katey Walter, an ecologist at the University of Alaska Fairbanks in the USA stated that the permafrost is melting at an unprecedented rate across the Arctic. She said, “Lakes in Siberia are five times bigger than when I measured them in 2006. It's unprecedented. This is a global event now.” Norwegian scientists also recently reported a steady and relatively large increase in atmospheric methane levels since 2004, which they believe is due to the thawing of permafrost in North America and Russia. With methane’s warming potential averaged over 20 years being some 72 times higher than that of CO2, excessive release of this gas could accelerate global warming beyond our control.

Our gratitude, Norwegian scientists and Dr. Katey Walter for your eye-opening reports on the urgency of the global warming crisis. We pray that all heed the warning signs and act now in vital areas such as eliminating meat consumption to halt the production of atmospheric methane and save our Mother Earth.

In a June 2008 videoconference in London, United Kingdom, Supreme Master Ching Hai further explained the connection between the accelerated rate of melting permafrost and livestock raising, the most serious cause of atmospheric warming.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai
London Center United Kingdom June 13, 2008

Supreme Master Ching Hai: So now, the permafrost layer is melting each day. And the methane gas, or other gas even, are releasing into the atmosphere. I really hope and pray that someone is listening. Methane and nitrous oxide is made by stock raising, stock keeping, animals keeping.They are far more poisonous, far more dangerous than CO2. Because the atmosphere is getting warmer and so the methane is bubbling out. If we stop the worst cause of global warming, meaning stock raising, animal breeding, then we will be able to save the planet.

Briny pools 'may exist on Mars'

Salt water may be present on Mars. Researchers have observed what may be salty moisture droplets on a metal brace of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA)’s Mars Phoenix Lander. This observation, combined with a finding of perchlorate salts in Martian soil that can keep water liquid at temperatures of minus 70 degrees Celsius, have led to the conclusion that pockets of liquid may exist elsewhere on the planet. US Phoenix mission scientist and University of Michigan professor Dr. Nilton Renno said, “Liquid water is an essential ingredient for life. This discovery has important implications for many areas of planetary exploration, including the habitability of Mars.”

Congratulations Dr. Renno and participating researchers on this fascinating finding! We are, as ever, excited to learn more about our extraordinary planetary neighbor.

Through both her inner knowledge and telepathic communication with the Mars people, Supreme Master Ching Hai has on several occasions spoken of Mars’ past – how the planet is still recovering since global warming like that now being faced on Earth led to a mass extinction 40 million years ago. The following revealing discussion with Supreme Master Ching Hai about Mars was held in January 2009 with Supreme Master Television staff in California, USA.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai
With Supreme Master Television staff
California, USA January 18, 2009

Supreme Master TV:
Are the Martians working on restoring their planet to its original state right now?

Supreme Master Ching Hai: They can’t. They can’t. It’s not for human to even restore this kind of catastrophically destructed planet. But the planet will revive itself by natural process. And it takes 1 more million years; 1 million years more and Mars will be inhabitable. Small bushes will begin to grow and then weeds and grass and then fruit trees, etc, etc. Rivers and streams and sea will begin to form again. And gradually human and animals will be able to settle on Mars’ surface again.

Văn Hóa Magazine features Supreme Master Ching Hai’s words of wisdom on climate change.

Văn Hóa Magazine features Supreme Master Ching Hai’s words of wisdom on climate change. The current February-March 2009 issue of Văn Hóa Magazine, headed by esteemed chief editor and publisher Mr. Lý Kiến Trúc, and considered a great contribution to the Aulacese (Vietnamese) community, features the article, “Supreme Master Ching Hai and Her Global Warming Alarm Bell,” which presents the urgent matter of global warming, with excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s insightful remarks and advice given during numerous videoconferences with our Association members as well as dignitaries and the public. The following is an excerpt from this issue of Văn Hóa magazine:

“Faced by the immeasurable upheaval of global warming, Supreme Master Ching Hai, a humanitarian, an artist, and a spiritual teacher, has wholeheartedly devoted her efforts to protecting the environment by her practical actions through conferences with scientists around the world, in order to bring forth a better life for people, so that humans and all other beings are able to live in peace and harmony. With an open heart, an immense love of the boundless that goes beyond any frontier of culture and race, she has always lived by her expectation of a brighter future for Earth.”

VOICE: The article concludes by echoing support for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s dream for the world, which would grant all inhabitants a profound peace as well as secure the planet’s future.

“The dream is so simple, yet so noble! We pray that thousands of people will understand your aspiration, and understand your pain to quickly change their heart and mind.
All it takes is to eat vegetarian diet,
To become a vegetarian,
And choose the vegetarian lifestyle.
Then everything will settle down. Natural disasters will not happen again. And especially global warming will also vanish.
One day, when our co-inhabitants are no longer subject to being killed, how highly civilized our Earth will be!
The question is are we ready for the vegetarian lifestyle now?
The answer is now or it is too late.”

VOICE: Our hearts resonate with the earnest and hopeful message conveyed by Văn Hóa Magazine, whom we laud and appreciate. We too are ever grateful for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s beacon of guidance and confidence in humanity to meet the climate challenge. May similarly noble-minded media everywhere join in the call for the vital choice of veg, so that all may soon live on a heavenly Earth.

Maldives: water shortage hits 12 islands, one family spending 85% of income on bottled water

12 islands in the Maldives face extreme water shortage. With islanders largely dependent on rainwater to meet their water needs, scarcity caused by recent droughts has brought response from the country’s National Disaster Management Center (NDMC), a government agency established after the devastating 2004 tsunami. Thus far, 763 tons of water has been delivered to eight of the drought-affected islands, with the other four still in need. Deputy Director-general of the NDMC Moosa Ali Kaleyfaan stated that the agency is installing desalination facilities on a boat that can travel from island to island, but that more permanent remedies are needed.

Many thanks, National Disaster Management Center and Maldives for your timely care that is helping safeguard the lives of affected fellow citizens. May we all be reminded to appreciate the precious resource of clear water, one of Mother Earth’s many gifts of life.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has emphasized that the only permanent remedy and certain refuge we all have in the face of global warming is our own virtuous lifestyle. The following comes from a discussion during an international seminar in Europe with our Association members in August 2008.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai International Seminar, Europe August 22, 2008

Supreme Master Ching Hai: But nowadays the disasters are more frequent than ever. If it’s not earthquake, then it is storm, typhoon, drought. This is even more permanent disaster than just earthquake, which lasts not long. Anyway, the bad karma has to be paid. If the people turn to noble lifestyle, just even be vegetarian to save the planet, to save the animals, that’s enough to save them also. But they have to listen.

Even if you pray for the earthquake not to happen, something else will happen to those people who have to experience this kind of thing unless they turn their heart around and take refuge in their own loving great power, compassionate nature; that’s their only refuge. On one hand, we feel very sorry for the people; on the other hand, it’s not much help we can do for them. We can pray for world peace, we can pray for the planet as a whole, but people have to change.

Livestock methane emissions higher than earlier estimates

India releases increased methane estimates. The most recently analyzed data has shown that India’s methane emissions from livestock climbed from an estimated 9 metric tons in 1997 to 11.75 metric tons in 2003. The country’s 485 million animals is also the largest population of livestock in the world. Researchers K.R. Manjunath and Abha Chhabra estimate that the main reason for the increase was an influx of dairy cows. According to the United Nations, livestock produces 37 percent of all human-induced methane, a greenhouse gas that traps up to 72 times more heat in the atmosphere than CO2.

Messrs. Manjunath and Chhabra, our gratitude for your work in highlighting the role of animal-based food products in accelerating global climate change. May we all be guided to benefit animals, humans and the environment through our adoption of the low emission plant-based diet.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has also helped us to see the larger picture of the costs related to consuming animal products that go even beyond greenhouse gas emissions. The following is an excerpt from a discussion with dignitaries and media representatives at the SOS! International Seminar on Global Warming held in South Korea on May 22, 2008.

SOS! International Seminar on Global Warming Live Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai South Korea May 22, 2008

Supreme Master Ching Hai: You see the meat diet not only causes the greatest emission of poisonous gas into the planet atmosphere but many other costs. It’s not only the animal who emits the methane gas because we keep multiplying the animals and they keep multiplying, spraying gas into the air. But that’s not only the damage. It’s not only methane gas from the animals’ waste. There is the transportation energy cost; there’s electricity energy cost; there’s water wasting cost; there’s a land resource occupation cost; there’s a deforestation cost, and there’s a related illness medical cost; and there’s the grievance, sorrow of the people who lost loved ones due to disease related to meat diet cost.

And because we use food to feed livestock for human consumption instead of feeding directly to humans, therefore, there is cost of war and famine due to shortage of food and resources. Add them together, then we will see the real answer.

Fish consumption causes environmental devastation.

A Canadian Medical Association Journal report urges health care practitioners to recommend plant-based fats instead of fish because health benefits from have actually been found to be questionable, and the devastation to global fish supply is clear.|

Their report states, “These trends imply the collapse of all commercially exploited stocks by mid-century. Yet the dire status of fisheries resources is largely unrecognized by the public, who are both encouraged to eat more fish and are misled into believing we live in a sea of plenty.” The scientists also point out that commercial fisheries are not a viable solution because up to five pounds of small fish are taken from the ocean to grow one pound of commercial fish. They suggest that healthcare practitioners instead recommend the healthy Omega-3 fatty acids from algae, yeast, and other plant sources.

We are encouraged by your report, Canadian researchers. Our prayers that people everywhere receive this message and understand that plant-based foods preserve our own health and that of our valued aquatic co-inhabitants.

In a videoconference in December 2008 with dignitaries and the media in California, USA, Supreme Master Ching Hai emphasized the spiritual need to include all animals, including fish, in a compassionate meat-free diet.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai
Celestial Art Book Premiere – English edition California, USA December 12, 2008

Supreme Master Ching Hai: I was informed also that people eat all kinds of things and call themselves vegetarian, even chicken vegetarian and fish vegetarian and all that. So now the definition is vegan. Vegan means absolutely no to all animal products, even to wear or to advertise for it, or to support anybody who does harm to animals in anyway at all.

We have to protect the animals because that means protecting our great Selves. Because our great Self is love, our true Self is compassion. If we do not protect the animals, that means we are damaging, ruining, depleting, harming our true Self, which is love, which is noble, which is compassion. That’s what it is, protect others means protect us. Protect animals means we’re growing in greatness. We recognize again our great Self.

China is facing more and more severe weather challenges Haze

China affected by severe climate-related weather patterns. Prolonged drought this past winter with precipitation levels at 70-90 percent below normal has resulted in loss of vital crops for at least 12 provinces. The Office of State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters estimates that 44 percent of the country’s winter wheat crop has been damaged, with other crops threatened as well. A state of emergency was already declared once this year in Beijing due to the crop failures and water shortage, which has affected more than 4.3 million residents overall. The nation has promised some US$13 billion in drought relief to be paid mostly to farmers who have suffered loss.

Another climate-related condition is desertification, brought about primarily by earlier deforestation. The desert area, which is said to be encroaching at a rate of 1,300 square miles per year, has already submerged some northern villages. Furthermore, winds sweeping across the desertified regions send huge amounts of sand blowing across the country to places such as Beijing, where the first “yellow dust storm” of the year just arrived. Even citizens in more distant South Korea have been purchasing extra air purifiers to cope with the forecast of multiple storms of windborne sand and accompanying pollutants.

We pray for the safety of those affected by these disturbing global warming conditions. May this trend quickly subside as we aid the environment by offering animals their rightful co-existence through our adoption of the plant-based diet.

During a June 2008 videoconference with our Association members in the United Kingdom, Supreme Master Ching Hai highlighted, as she has done on other occasions, the clear link between humans’ moral actions and nature’s destabilization.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai Surrey Center United Kingdom
June 12, 2008

Supreme Master Ching Hai: “As you sow, so shall you reap.” “Like attracts like.” Scientifically speaking, spiritually speaking, we have been warned. So, all the disasters that have happened around the world, of course, are connected with the human unkindness to the co-inhabitants. That was the price we have to pay for what we have done to the innocents who have done us no harm, who are also the children of God, who have been sent to Earth to help us and to cheer our days. Because, generally, humans also have very good merit before they came to Earth.

And that’s why they became human, because of their good merit. So, from their good merit, there has been give and take and deductions and additions. Otherwise, if these things have not been canceling out some of the bad retribution then it would have been worse. Or the Earth might have been disappeared all together already, but luckily the humans also do have some good merit and it has not run out yet.

Livestock contributes more to climate change than previous estimates.

In 2006, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization had estimated that animal agriculture was responsible for 18% of global warming. However, it is becoming increasingly clear to scientists that the industry is playing a more significant role.

Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, chief of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) hinted at this during a talk he gave in September 2008 on the role of reducing meat consumption in addressing global warming.

Dr. Rajendra Pachauri – Chair of United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, VEGETARIAN (M): Since people found out about this talk that I was going to give here today, I’ve received a number of emails from people that I respect saying that the 18% figure is an underestimate; it’s a low estimate and in actual fact it’s much higher.

VOICE: Dr. T. Colin Campbell, a renowned researcher and internationally bestselling author of “The China Study,” also indicated that livestock’s role in heating the planet is much bigger.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell – Renowned nutrition researcher, Cornell University, USA, VEGAN (M): I just had some information just recently, that the new figures now indicate that at least half of the greenhouse gases that are up there now, not that 15 or 20%, at least half – and maybe considerably more – are due to livestock production.

VOICE: The United Nations’ 18% estimate follows virtually every step of the meat producing process, including enteric fermentation and manure, deforestation for grazing and feed crop production, transport, processing, refrigeration, and more.

1. Enteric fermentation
2. Manure management and application
3. Nitrogen fertilizer emission
4. On farm fossil fuel use to raise livestock
5. Deforestation of pasture
6. Deforestation for feed crops
7. Feed crop production
8. On farm fossil fuel to produce feed
9. Nitrogen deposition
10. Soil carbon losses due to burning, erosion, harvests, and grazing
11. Transporting animals to slaughter
12. Processing the meat
13. Refrigeration
14. Transporting the meat

VOICE: Accounted for are the three major greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, the latter two of which are shorter-lived but while in the atmosphere cause much more damage than carbon dioxide. However, what is unaccounted for is the fact that methane may be as much as 100 times more effective at trapping heat in the Earth’s atmosphere than carbon dioxide, compared to a 23 times estimate used in most reports – including that of the United Nations. Dr. Kirk Smith is a professor at the University of California – Berkeley in the United States, as well as a member of the IPCC and the US National Academy of Scientists.

Dr. Kirk R. Smith – Professor, University of California – Berkeley, USA (M): Already livestock is 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions, excuse me, the meat system, which includes the animals, includes growing the food for the animals, includes the transport of the meat, includes the fertilizer to grow the food to feed the meat. And that’s with not treating methane any more than the sort of normal way it is used.

VOICE: Dr. Smith believes that by factoring in methane’s truer global warming potential, livestock emissions would be calculated to be higher.

Dr. Kirk R. Smith (M): If you treat it more, then that 20% will go up to maybe 30%. So the 30%, in the next 20 years, is going to be due to meat production.

VOICE: In addition, according to US physicist Noam Mohr, livestock have an even larger share of emissions when yet another unaccounted factor is acknowledged: aerosols, or particles released along with CO2 from burning fossil fuels that actually have a cooling effect.

Voice of Noam Mohr – Physicist with degrees from Yale University and University of Pennsylvania, USA, VEGETARIAN (M): When you consider aerosols and consider the net effect of burning fossil fuels, the carbon dioxide released heats the planet, the aerosols cool the planet, and the net effect roughly cancels each other out. That means that most of the warming we have seen historically and are likely to see in the future comes from other gases, namely methane.

VOICE: We thank the distinguished scientists for this revealing information. May your research continue to be updated and illuminate our decisions in the wisest direction. We pray that humanity’s bold action to reduce meat consumption and meat production will quickly bring us to a safer situation.

In a July 2008 videoconference with our Association members in Thailand, Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed through her deep insight the reality of animal agriculture’s cumulative cause in global warming.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai
With Bangkok, Thailand Center – July 24, 2008

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Because meat producing causes 80% of global warming. Transportation, water, deforestation, refrigeration, medical care for animals and humans, and etc, etc. All kinds of pollution coming from meat production. It’s not just the land that they use, it’s not just the methane gas and nitrous oxide that they produce, it is all its by-product; there’s no end to the list. We cannot rely on green technology alone to save the planet. Because the worst cause of it is from the meat industry. Everybody knows it; all the scientists already report it to us.

West Antarctic ice sheet could melt – again

West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapse. Teams of New Zealand, American and European researchers recently completed two studies that show that the West Antarctic Ice Shelf has periodically collapsed in the past. With just a 5 degree Celsius rise in ocean temperatures, the corresponding sea levels would rise some 5 meters and inundate entire nations. The scientists state that human-caused climate change is accelerating this natural collapse cycle, with co-author Dr. David Pollard at Pennsylvania State University warning, “…It is something to be concerned about; you cannot just ignore it because it is happening in thousands of years time.”

Thank you, international scientists, for expanding our knowledge of the dire state of our planet. Let us quickly turn toward much-needed eco-conscious changes in our lifestyles to ease the consequences of global warming and save all precious life on Earth.

In a videoconference with our Association members in Canada, on August 24, 2008, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke of the ice melt as being an urgent signal for humans to take swift action.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai Vancouver Center Canada
August 24, 2008

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Mostly the time of disappearing of the ice means also the spelling of trouble for our planet. Of course it would be better if we already saved the planet before the ice melted. But as it is, we can only do the best we can and trying to inform everybody to save themselves by being vegetarian.

If the ice melts quicker, then, of course, we have shorter time to save the planet. But nevertheless because people are joining the vegetarian diet, so we’re going to get it somehow fixed somewhere so that the time would be a little bit more lenient to us. Then we still can manage to save the world. Not complete, and not as much as we wanted if we have more time, but still better than nothing.

Acidity kills fish as rivers dry up

Aquatic life in danger due to drying rivers. As the region continues to face extreme drought, data shows that water levels in Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin linger at just 16% of capacity, nearing record lows. Meanwhile, the water’s acidity is on the rise, causing countless fish to lose their lives in the shallow rivers off the Murray. People have also been affected, with the loss of crop irrigation causing growers sacrifice businesses and homes. Even drinking water is at risk, with dry conditions increasing the chance of algal blooms that would contaminate this key resource of many small towns.

We pray for the resiliency of the Australian people as they endure these difficult times. May the balance of Mother Nature return as we all step in unison to adopt sustainable and planet-friendly lifestyles.

During an August 2008 videoconference with our Association members in Sydney, Australia, Supreme Master Ching Hai once again expressed her concern for the fragile state of our ecosphere and, as in other occasions, reminded of the government and media’s role in helping address the root cause and only solution for global warming.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: The governments of the world already are aware of the dire situation of our planet. So I hope they will act as soon as possible and on time, to save themselves, as well as the people.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Especially it’s up to the government and the media to help to alleviate the situation. If they don’t turn into the compassionate way of life, then I don’t know what else to do.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: The law of cause and retribution has to take place, no matter we like it or not. There is no escape from that. And we are trying to let people know this, to remind them the law of universe. To remind them of their true great compassionate, loving Self, and now it’s up to people. I wish I have a magic wand and wave it around and hoop-la, everybody become vegetarian, planet is saved. But it’s not like that. They have to awaken themselves. They have to practice compassion. Then the compassion will beget compassion; love will beget love.