December 29, 2009

World media highlights veg solution to climate change

In their coverage of the major United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, international media groups discussed the vegan diet as providing the most effective and rapid solution to the planetary crisis. A number of journalists from newspapers, radio and television networks present during the two-week summit interviewed members of the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association to understand more about the reasons that livestock must be addressed and why a change in what humans consume is so vital.

Environmental journalist Jeff McMahon of True/Slant, an online news network in partnership with Forbes Media wrote:“But during the first week, the most persistent… at the Bella Center have been the smiling followers of Supreme Master Ching Hai, sometimes clad in chicken suits… with signs urging vegetarianism.

The article went on to quote one of our Association members, who stated:“‘We have only a short time to save the planet. Technology takes a long time and needs a lot of money and this is the easiest way. Everyone must be vegan to save the planet.’”

VOICE: On the website of internationally-distributed The Wall Street Journal daily news, reporter Spencer Swartz discussed the hot issues tied to meat consumption in his article titled, “Veggie Tales: Climate Activists Urge Meat-Free Lifestyle in Copenhagen.”“…an army of about 100 people have been regulars at the U.N.’s
two-week climate change conference, passing out vegetarian sandwiches to delegates daily and carrying placards calling livestock farms ‘an environmental hazard’ and to ‘Go Veg’… Reduced meat consumption, if done on a big scale, could even prompt landowners in Brazil, the world’s biggest soya producer, to stop clearing rain forest to grow soya bean, which cattle-owners often feed their livestock to beef them up…”

VOICE: In the cover story of its December 21 issue, the major South Korean weekly news magazine, “Hankyoreh 21,” (HAN-Gyuh-Reh 21) captioned a photograph of our Association members as follows: “The way to reduce greenhouse gas is already on the signs of environmental activists who had gathered in Copenhagen, Denmark.” Citing Supreme Master Television as a source of the newest research findings on the meat industry’s abuse of resources, the magazine went on to conclude that with time, “The vegetarian diet may no longer be a preference or choice, but survival itself.”

We thank the journalists, True/Slant, The Wall Street Journal, Hankyoreh21, and all media who bring to the public information about climate change and the most important countermeasure of halting meat production.
May more people join the growing ranks of conscious citizens who opt for the Earth-saving vegan diet.In an interview with the Irish Sunday Independent published in July 2009, Supreme Master Ching Hai once more expressed her appreciation to the media, who are in the indispensable role of alerting society to both planetary problems and solutions.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: So, with the vegan diet, we eat what’s best for our health, for the animals, for the environment, and nature will do the rest to restore the balance and save our world. I thank you for such noble journalism as you are upholding, because we really need the media to propagate the new noble lifestyle to save our planet. And I thank you manifold for doing that. Thank you truly from my heart.

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