December 15, 2009

United Nations Climate Change Conference enters second half of negotiations

Over the past week at the historic summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, discussions have focused on emission reductions and pledges of financial support for the more vulnerable countries, including those in Africa as well as small island nations. Let’s go to Supreme Master Television’s correspondenton location.

Supreme Master Television Danish correspondent (M): European Union leaders have agreed to fund €7.2 billion over the next three years, including €2.4 billion each from Britain and France, and €1.6 billion from the United Kingdom.

The United States has also pledged assistance and participation.
Todd Stern – US Special Envoy on Climate Change (M): I think the United States will be prepared to be part of an overall solution that involves financial contribution, and that’s what I was referring to with respect to the US$10 billion which is also part of the statement that the White House put out announcing the President’s decision to come on December 18.

Supreme Master Television Danish correspondent (M): As the conference goes into its second scheduled week, ministers are arriving who will be joined by about 110 world leaders in the final days on Thursday and Friday. Those involved are optimistic about a constructive outcome.

Stavros DIMAS – European Commissioner in charge of Environment (M): I strongly believe that we are going to be successful, because this is what common sense tells us. We have to listen to science; science is warning us.

Supreme Master Television Danish correspondent (M): Meanwhile, over the weekend, tens of thousands of people gathered for a peaceful rally through the streets of Copenhagen, urging for bold actions to halt global warming.

About 4,000 other rallying events were held across the world, all calling for a strong, legally binding agreement from the summit. One group of citizens specifically highlighted the crucial need for the vegan solution in cooling the planet.

Supreme Master Television Danish correspondent (M): We are here in front of the Town Hall, Copenhagen. The main purpose of this demonstration is to urge global political leaders to take action and to curb global warming, mainly by reducing its main cause –livestock farming, and to encourage the global population to adopt a compassionate vegan diet.

Interview with peter Fruitarian activist (M): I think it’s important to change our lifestyles to support our planet, our health, and to be compassionate toward animals and all living beings.

Supreme Master Television Danish correspondent (M): Our Association members also held attractive banners and distributed thousands of flyers promoting the simple, low-cost, universal way to reverse climate change.

Vegetarians, vegans, fruitarians, and others present eagerly participated in holding “Be veg” placards as they joined in the procession through the city.

Interview with american vegan Veg activist from USA (F): I came here to support global change and my first step was vegetarianism, and I’m here today holding a sign because I believe in this change.
Be veg, go green, save the planet!

Activist (M): Be veg, go green, save the planet!

Supreme Master Television Danish correspondent (M): This is Supreme Master Television, Copenhagen, Denmark.

VOICE: We send our gratitude and support to all the determined leaders whose cooperation and dedication the world depends on for a stable, livable future. May the urgently needed component of a vegan diet policy find a place in your successful agreement for a truly effective solution to climate change.As in the following gathering with our Association members in 2008, Supreme Master Ching Hai has frequently affirmed the importance of large-scale government action in stopping meat consumption, the most flagrant climate change source.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: There is a solution, only three steps, no? Vegan, sustainable energy, plant trees. And the government has to say something, just like they ban the smoking. So it is banned, it is done. The same with the climate change policy. If they just do what they know is good, then it’s very quick. In no time we will recover, or we stop the effect.

No more greenhouse gas or methane gas from the animals. No more multiplying all the time. They just have to stop meat eating because it’s bad karma also. And every day we air all kind of, warning signs and warning evidence.

This is the only important thing right now. First you have to survive and then you can do anything else you want, but if you don’t survive, you don’t have the planet, what’s the use?

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