December 7, 2009

Journalists remark on videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai

Held on November 8 in Washington DC, USA, “Humanity’s Leap into the Golden Era” united concerned participants to discuss the urgent matter of climate change in an exciting new light that included the constructive vision of overcoming the planet’s crisis through a vegan solution that would lead to an even brighter future.

The event had invited Supreme Master Ching Hai as the honored guest to share her thoughts on questions raised by a group of distinguished questioners, one of whom was US vegetarian journalist Marysol Varela of the Orlando Vegetarian Restaurants’ Examiner.

She later wrote an article sharing her impressions of the conference discussions. “The audience was given staggering facts about the harm that is being done to the world’s environment with our current destructive practices. …The most anticipated speaker of the evening was the Supreme Master Ching Hai. Her words of wisdom reached across the audience spreading hope and solutions to this impending global disaster.
Supreme Master suggested that by simply adopting a vegan diet, we can dramatically reduce our carbon footprint. Because meat eating is a major contributor of global warming, vegetarianism will reduce the demand for livestock.

She also speaks up for those animals which suffer and die every day in the hands of farmers by promoting a peaceful coexistence between all beings in the animal kingdom…. Once humanity has learned to work together to save our planet, then we will have advanced a step closer to the Golden Era.”

VOICE: In fact, as Supreme Master Ching Hai explained during the conference, it is humanity’s innate tendency to lead a noble, harmonious lifestyle.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: A compassionate vegan diet is the basic way of a higher being, a mark of a true human being. A true human being would never kill. A true being would never harm another, even if his own life is threatened. A real gentleman steps wisely, understanding that all beings are connected, and that by taking a life, he is compromising his own human spirit and bringing the bad retribution of killing upon him.
We must all work together to bring Heaven closer to Earth.

VOICE: Our appreciation, journalist Marysol Varela, “Examiner” and all other media reporting on our planetary crisis. We are grateful to Supreme Master Ching Hai for her efforts to encourage humanity toward a quick transition to the planet-saving organic vegan lifestyle. Let us all join this caring trend to secure our world’s welfare and to herald an Eden on Earth.

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