December 10, 2009

The House Magazine features effective dietary climate solution in special Copenhagen conference edition

Following an interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai published in its September 2009 issue, The House Magazine, based in the United Kingdom, is featuring a report summarizing planet-saving strategies, with a highlight on the effective vegan lifestyle solution as consistently advocated by Supreme Master Ching Hai.
This special edition of The House Magazine will be distributed to its main readership of British Parliament members starting on Monday, December 7, the first day of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Considered a key resource for policymakers, The House Magazine is also read by private citizens, businesses, academia and local governments, and is available to interested subscribers. The two-page article, titled “The Greatest Climate Chance: Copenhagen,” focuses on the climate-healing shift to organic vegan farming and diet, and includes calls for meat reduction made recently by esteemed scientists, government and United Nations leaders.

Readers will find reference to such supportive studies as “Livestock and Climate Change,” published by the World Watch Institute magazine in November 2009, which reveals through updated calculations that livestock emissions account for more than 50% of global warming.

Also included is the Dutch Environmental Assessment Agency’s report on the savings garnered from a global transition to less and no meat. Finally, readers can see highlights of The Lancet medical journal’s special series, “Health Benefits of Tackling Climate Change,” which advocates a 30% reduction in meat consumption to save lives and curb global warming.

From Supreme Master Ching Hai are condensed, highly relevant facts and words of guidance that decision makers and the public alike may find useful, as in the following:

“The Rodale Institute calls organic vegan farming a powerful strategy to reduce global warming.”

~ Supreme Master Ching Hai, Interview in The House Magazine, September 2009

“We should also show our children that we care about their future and their health. And the best way to do this is through the example of a compassionate, loving lifestyle through a vegan diet.” ~ Supreme Master Ching Hai, “Global Unity: Together in Saving Lives” Climate Change Conference, Hong Kong, 2009.

“If meat eating were halted, then we still have time to handle the carbon dioxide.”
~ Supreme Master Ching Hai,

Interview in The House Magazine, September 2009 Our appreciation, The House Magazine, for highlighting the most relevant climate solutions for respected Members of Parliament and other readers during this crucial conference period.

We also convey our gratitude to Supreme Master Ching Hai for her tireless efforts to assist humanity in making the most beneficial decisions. May the world leaders at the Copenhagen summit wisely and courageously incorporate a vegan food policy for the survival of the planet and her inhabitants.

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