December 16, 2009

Climate change conference is about saving lives

During their meetings and negotiations, global decision-makers at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark have been keenly aware that in the end, human lives are at stake.
Supreme Master Television’s correspondent reports.

Supreme Master Television Danish correspondent (M): Over the weekend, churches in more than one dozen countries including here in Copenhagen (gesture to cathedral behind reporter) symbolically rang their bells 350 times at 3 pm to highlight the importance of bringing atmospheric CO2 levels to the relatively safe levels of 350 parts per million.

A 2-degree temperature rise is another way to describe a global warming limit considered in the acceptable range by leaders. However, in a press conference on Saturday, scientists from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) cautioned that much deeper emission reduction goals are needed to even meet this limit, and that a 2-degree temperature rise could still raise sea levels by up to 1.4 meters.

Addressing the delegates, Tuvalu’s lead negotiator Ian Fry translated this reality into human terms, reminding that entire nations are at risk of being lost without adequate action.

Ian Fry – Tuvalu delegate to UN Climate Change Conference (M): Pacific island countries, all the least developed countries, and millions of other people around this world are affected enormously by climate change.
I woke this morning, and I was crying, and that's not easy for a grown man to admit. The fate of my country rests in your hands. Thank you.

Supreme Master Television Danish correspondent (M): Not only vulnerable countries, but the children of every nation are also at grave risk, for their lives and their future. A special film was presented to all government delegates and media depicting the nightmare of a six-year-old girl as she ran from the disasters of climate change. The youth choir singing for the film also conveyed their message of hope and nature’s preciousness to the assembly.

VOICE: The younger generation care deeply about our future. Just before the climate summit, 160 youth delegates from 42 countries gathered in Denmark for the Children’s Climate Forum Copenhagen 2009, organized by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Youth representative from Maldives (M): We want to show the world that beware, we care. That's our message. Together they made a declaration of recommendations that were presented to the climate conference leaders.

Youth representative from Maldives (M): My message to the global leaders will go as a question. I will ask them: Are they ready to commit murder? Of course that's a very big word, that's very scary.

But because if they don't take action, if they don't bring any change, our country, 360,000 strong, plus another million from another country, and all the countries in the same state, we will all be wiped out.

We met with one bright young Danish representative who is also aware of the most important planet-cooling solution of being vegan.

Lea Backes – Danish delegate, UNICEF Children’s Climate Forum Copenhagen 2009, Vegan, age 15 (F): I’m a vegan because I think we need to treat animals right, and because animal raising is affecting the climate radically. And because I think that it’s not okay to kill when you can live based on plants.

I hope that many more people become vegetarians and vegans in the future, because it really will affect our planet, in a good way. Be veg, go green, save the planet.

Supreme Master Television Danish correspondent (M): To spread the word about the urgent veg solution, our Association members have continued to distribute information packets to VIPs as well as to the participants and observers of the conference.

In addition to joining tens of thousands of people in a large peaceful march through the city, our Association members have also been invited to public presentations and workshops in related forums, as well as to interviews with international media including Danish Radio, Radio Radicale of Italy, Brazil-based Record Television, Radio Suisse Romand of Switzerland, Denmark's Radio P3, and the Internet-based Yourclimate TV.

Our Association member (M): …Major source of methane is livestock farming. So if we eat less meat, the climate and our health and the planet will be happy. This is Supreme Master Television reporting from Copenhagen, Denmark.

VOICE: We pray for the wise decisions of all leaders and climate change negotiators based on the best interests of people and the planet. Let us awaken now to the fastest, ever affordable solution of the vegan diet that will save our world and her inhabitants in time.

VOICE: In her steadfast plea to the world during a government-invited videoconference in November 2009 in Mexico, Supreme Master Ching Hai asked those concerned to pray for an enlightened leadership to steer the planet to safety.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: It’s just that we need to make the switch to the animal-free lifestyle now. Then everything will improve, life will be easier, and we can rest knowing that our children will have a future to look forward to. And I’m praying to all heavenly beings to help as well, to further accelerate the trend that we need, by manifesting themselves physically, to awaken the leaders, the media, the influential and ordinary citizens alike.

So that our planet won’t look like Mars in the near future. So, prayer, combined with the efforts of citizens, and the governments’ and media’s powerful support, this formula could bring the fastest and smoothest transition to a stable planet.

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