November 13, 2009

Tsunami waves could reach Israel

Mounting evidence shows that global warming increases the frequency of tsunamis, and recent research in Israel indicates that these massive waves could reach the shores of the Middle Eastern countries.

Dr. Beverly Goodman of the University of Haifa led an extensive geo-archaeological study and found that tsunamis have struck the Mediterranean port of Caesarea in the past. In fact, four such events occurred between 1500 BC and circa 1100 CE with waves up to 5 meters high that spread to 2 kilometers inland.
These historical tsunamis were generated by volcanoes and earthquakes, phenomena that have also been noted to be on the rise as global warming produces different stresses on the earth’s crust.

Many thanks, Dr. Goodman and University of Haifa colleagues for this revealing glimpse into humanity’s past. Let us all adopt harmonious lifestyles to protect Israel and all countries from the devastation of climate change.
Concerned for the stability of our ecosphere, Supreme Master Ching Hai has often cautioned about the perils of human-caused climate change, as during a June 2008 videoconference in England.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: It's just getting worse nowadays, more obvious. You just have to tune in to any TV channels, any radio, read any newspapers, they are full of reports, almost daily, about world hunger, and the shortage of food, unaffordable food prices, unaffordable daily necessities, basic necessities.
And unprecedented frequent disasters. And crop failures due to bad weathers. And the non-stoppable sea rising levels, high priced fuels, shortages, incurable or strange new diseases... all of these are happening now!

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Veganism is the only solution. It's the best, the fastest solution.
Supreme Master Ching Hai: I pray that people in the world wake up on time and just forsake that piece of meat, then everything will be just fine. Everything will be beautiful, nice, peaceful.


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