November 24, 2009

Supporting farm practices that nourish life

A drought that is being called one of the worst in six decades has caused crop fields to wilt throughout Mexico and city water supplies to be rationed. With officials saying that to conserve water, more regulation is needed to restrain livestock activities, the Veracuz state government organized a conference in Orizaba on November 16 to address the interrelated issues of climate change and meat production.

Veracruz Environment Coordinator Mr. Alonso Domínguez Ferráez invited Supreme Master Ching Hai,who attended the meeting via videoconference, to address the concerns as they related to Mexico and beyond.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: It’s easy to see that if we stopped this raising of animals for meat, the weather patterns would be quickly restored, along with the land. In an interview, the president of the Cattlemen’s Confederation mentioned the need for more government subsidies for cattle raising. But what we actually need are subsidies for life-giving practices, not the ones that take the life away from the animals, take away life from us and take away life from our future generations and take the life from our one and only planet.

The government could easily subsidize organic farming instead, which would provide abundant benefit for all the people of Mexico and even would remove 40% of the atmospheric carbon if all tillable land on Earth were organically farmed. For yourself and your children, please ask everyone: Be veg, go green and save the planet.

VOICE: The Mexican media reported about this climate change videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai, with the following being an excerpt from an article written for En Politica Zona Centro.

“The goal is to reduce pollution that harms the planet Earth, and this can be achieved by removing the methane in the atmosphere. The proposal to reduce gases is to stop raising the large numbers of cattle being produced today, as this generates 35 percent of the gas that goes into the atmosphere of the Earth.
For this reason, the Environmental Association promotes alternatives so as to avoid consumption of meat from animals, as well as a noble lifestyle, hence the importance of attending the videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai…”

VOICE: Our respectful thanks concerned government officials of Mexico and participants of this conference. We join in appreciation for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s shared thoughts and genuine concern for all countries and inhabitants of the planet. May we be veg, go green, and save the planet, to offer our next generations life, abundant natural resources and a peaceful future.,0,6988447.story

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