November 18, 2009

Prince Philip and British Hindus partner to address climate change

Following the conference last week, which brought together world religious leaders for eco-initiatives that included a shared vegan luncheon, a subsequent discussion was also hosted by His Royal Highness Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh at the United Kingdom’s Windsor Castle. The Prince met with Hindu leaders and United Nations secretary-General Ban ki-Moon to introduce the Bhumi Project,a plan for engaging the global Hindu community in actions to protect the environment.

Prince Philip, husband of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, is partnering with the Hindu leaders in the project, which includes promoting the traditional vegetarian diet as part of the global warming solution.

Your Royal Highness and British Hindu leaders, we laud your green partnership and efforts. Wishing you abundant sustainable success in realizing these noble spiritual and environmental goals.


Stanford University in California, USA is promoting awareness of animal products’ role in causing climate change by posting signs in student dining halls encouraging meat and dairy reduction certain days of each week.

Restoration efforts including replanting and preservation of nearly 90,000 hectares of forests have resulted in China’s Qinghai Lake increasing in depth by 54 centimeters since 2005.

During discussions with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, US Senator John Kerry pledged that lawmakers would complete a framework of climate change legislation prior to the December meeting in Copenhagen.

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