November 27, 2009

Chief Executive Officer Magazine publishes interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai

On November 23, Chief Executive Officer Magazine’s November 2009 edition will present a discussion with Supreme Master Ching Hai on solutions to the urgent matter of climate change, also regarded as a highly important issue by the business world today.

After the interview was originally published in the September 18, 2009 British Parliament’s The House Magazine and again in the European Parliament Magazine's September 2009 issue, Chief Executive Officer Magazine invited the further publishing of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s message to reach a global corporate audience.

With a readership that includes nearly 12,000 of the world’s most successful top-level company executives along with 25,000 email subscribers, the Magazine provides up-to-date information as well as in-depth perspectives contributed by respected fellow business leaders.

The November 2009 issue, which contains editorials from chief executive officers (CEOs) of Virgin Media and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, will feature Supreme Master Ching Hai's remarks about animal agriculture as the main cause of climate change along with the vital benefits and savings of the organic vegan solution.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: By turning to the virtuous, compassionate diet of vegan alone, they would generate such a positive, constructive energy. This new loving power could even stop the effects of climate change and open up people’s innovative thought to solve all manner of economical, social, and technological problems. And every country, whether developed or developing, will flourish in ways beyond our imagination.

VOICE: Following its November 23 distribution, the magazine will also be available for the public to read online at

Our thanks, Chief Executive Officer Magazine, for your work in bringing relevant and timely information to your distinguished readers. We join in appreciation of the views shared by Supreme Master Ching Hai, which have helped groups and individuals better understand our choices for humankind and the planet.
May companies worldwide quickly direct their strengths toward charting the most sustainable course possible for our future.

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