August 14, 2009

Squids perishing in increasing numbers

Last week, over 150 of the marine animals were discovered washed up on beaches on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. They have also been sighted lifeless on the shores of Japan, along the northern US Pacific coast from California to Alaska, and on the South American coast from Peru to Chile.

Scientists from the Canadian environmental charity Raincoast Education Society report that these new fatalities may be linked to climate change, as young squid migrate further north and encounter unexpected currents that lead to their stranding.

The events are also increasing in frequency, dozens more that were found in southern California just three weeks ago.

Our appreciation, Canadian scientists and Raincoast Education Society for these observations that illustrate the unmistakeable distress of our marine co-inhabitants.

Let us all turn to the compassionate way of living – the veg diet – to restore the comfort of their natural habitat,
which is also the beauty of our Earth. Saddened by the tragedies of global warming, Supreme Master Ching Hai has often conveyed her wisdom to help alleviate the planetary crisis, as in this March 2009 Juice Fast for Peace videoconference in California, USA.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: As the ocean becomes warmer and warmer and more acidic, more toxins are present in the water. The whales and dolphins are thus being driven from the ocean as the conditions worsen; it is suffocating them. Sometimes hundreds at a time, they’re dying on the beach because they cannot tolerate this toxic condition in the seawater anymore.

So, even though fish may not have the obvious carbon impact that other animals do, everything is interconnected. And there is no way to say that consuming these things results in lower carbon price to the Earth at all.

We should not kill anything. We should not eat anything except plant-based diet.


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