August 14, 2009

King salmon disappearing

In Alaska, USA, federal and state scientists are looking into why the fish are not following their normal pattern
of returning from the northerly Bering Sea to their original birthplace in rivers such as the Yukon.

The biologists state that changes in the Pacific Ocean’s currents due to global warming are the most likely cause, with the US pollock fishing industry also being responsible. Incidental catching of the king salmon in massive pollock trawler nets accounted for the loss of 120,000 salmon in 2007.

Experts estimate that, had they lived, at least 78,000 of these fish would have eventually returned to the western Alaskan rivers.

We are saddened to know of the unnecessary loss of so many of King salmon co-inhabitants.
May these beautiful aquatic beings once again flourish as we choose the compassionate organic vegan diet, which will not only end fishing but will also restore the environment.

Speaking on behalf of the planet’s marine life, Supreme Master Ching Hai addressed the devastating consequences of fishing during a May 2009 videoconference in Togo.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: The way we are going now, we are literally emptying the oceans of certain fish, plus tons of other fish caught along with them by accident, the by-catch that are just thrown away.

So, if those fish are all gone, we will see a catastrophic loss of other marine species as well.

The ocean is a miracle. But if we ruin the ecosystems through overfishing, this will spell disaster for us. So, speaking for the environment, fishing for food is not the answer at all.
No animal products at all;
that is the best way.
We should be vegan.


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