August 14, 2009

Arctic showing immense melting

Data from the US National Snow and Ice Data Center has revealed that the polar ice cap shrank 41,000 square miles a day during July 2009, which may lead to a record low minimum in September.

Dr. Greg Henry of the University of British Columbia in Canada, who has been working in the Arctic for over two decades, stated that since 1970, temperatures in the Arctic tundra have risen one degree Celsius per decade. This is faster than anywhere else on Earth.

He said, “We're finding that the tundra is actually giving off a lot more nitrous oxide and methane than anyone
had thought before.”

He went on to say that the higher temperatures have led to a denser cover of plants, which causes further warming because their darker surface absorbs more heat.

Dr. Henry and colleagues, we are thankful for these vital findings that highlight our limited time to avoid extreme catastrophe. May citizens the world over unite in swift and sustainable actions to ensure the flourishing of all beings.

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