July 24, 2009

Two-thirds of the planet’s species may soon be gone

Dr. Peter Raven, an accomplished US conservationist, professor of Botany at Washington University in Missouri, USA and president of the Missouri Botanical Garden, gave a keynote speech at the 23rd International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB) in Beijing, China, where he stated that because of habitat destruction, climate change and other human related activities, many of the world’s species could disappear even before many of them have been formally discovered. Dr. Raven said, “Currently, several thousand species are lost every year and very soon the number could rise to more than 10,000.”

He encouraged greater public awareness on species protection along with more parks and nature reserves. Dr. Raven and the International Congress for Conservation Biology, your efforts to raise awareness of the plight of all species and our planet are much needed and appreciated.

Let us all join in promoting sustainable living that honors and preserves all life. Ever-concerned for Earth’s survival, during a videoconference in August 2008 with our Association members in Canada, Supreme Master Ching Hai suggested steps that humanity can take to protect our co-inhabitants.

Supremem Master Ching Hai: If we just protect our environment and we turn our hearts into a compassionate way of life, then like attracts like. If we treasure life, then life will be coming back in abundance.

I'm also sorry, like you, because some beautiful animals, some beautiful species are just gone. If we don't do anything to protect the animals and the planet, maybe in the future, we will be only looking at them from photos, like a history, like dinosaurs or something.

But we are doing what we can. We just have to remind everybody to be veg and to be kind to the animals. That's the only way we can protect them.



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