July 24, 2009

Meat consumption devastating world’s waters.

A study by the US-based World Resources Institute (WRI) shows that the rise in meat consumption and demand for fossil fuels is a direct cause of oxygen depletion in the world’s coastal and freshwater areas. Saying that close to 500 coastal areas now suffer from hypoxia, the report indicated that this number is expected to rise.

The researchers also found that a full 80% of the nitrogen used in factory hog farm production is being returned to the environment as a pollutant through pig manure and the growing of animal feed. Lead author Mindy Selman said, “One swine operation in the Black Sea region that is now closed had more than 1 million pigs and generated sewage equivalent to a town of 5 million people.”

We appreciate your endeavors, Ms. Selman and associates at World Resources Institute in bringing more understanding of our aquatic environments’ critical plight. Let us all turn to the life-saving and green vegan lifestyle for the safety of the waters and the planet.

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