July 1, 2009

Formosan (Taiwanese) city launches vegetarian school meal program

In efforts to promote a low carbon emission diet, Tainan city is encouraging self-catering schools to begin with one vegetarian lunch per month, moving to once a week while at the same time developing organic vegetable gardens on the school grounds. Amongst 51 elementary and middle schools in the city, 48 have adopted the program.

The city’s Director of Education, Mr. Suie-Wen Wong and Deputy Secretary of the Environmental Protection Bureau, Mr. Jen-San Lin, joined the students in Rihsin Elementary School for its launch of the eco-friendly lunches.

What encouraging news! We thank the Tainan City Education Department and Environmental Protection Bureau as well as the participating schools for your veg endeavors.

Wishing many teachers, students and families the manifold benefits of living in health with the compassionate and Earth-friendly vegan diet.


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