July 24, 2009

Canadian man resistant to swine flu antiviral medicine

A 60-year-old Quebec gentleman is now the fifth person believed to have contracted
swine flu prior to being given a precautionary dose of the antiviral medication Tamiflu, after which he developed a resistance. He is one of five people as far apart as Japan, Denmark and Hong Kong, who developed an antiviral resistance, leading experts to fear the implications for protecting public health from swine flu.

A new mother became Tonga’s first fatality after undergoing an emergency delivery to save her baby, while Laos and Hungary also reported their first fatalities. The number of cases in Egypt has swelled to 145, raising further public health concerns during the upcoming Muslim Hajj pilgrimage. Countries with the highest numbers of confirmed cases include Australia at 14,037, Mexico at 14,229 and the United States at 40,617, as well as United Kingdom, Chile and Canada, all at more than 10,000 confirmed illnesses in their nations. The official global number is 151,656with 868 fatalities across 139 countries.

However, health ministries and the World Health Organization indicate that actual numbers are at least 10 times higher.This past week alone, new swine flu cases in England doubled to 100,000, with 840 people hospitalized, 63 of whom are in critical condition.

To help relieve some ofthe pressure on doctors, the UK’s London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has partnered with the Health Protection Agency to provide swine flu information as well as collect it through a website called flusurvey.org.uk. Emulating an approach being successfully used by four other European nations, the website describes latest treatment medicines along with showing the spread of the illness and symptoms so that people can obtain tentative diagnoses for themselves.

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and British Health Protection Agency, we appreciate this helpful tool for keeping people better protected and informed. It sorrows us to seethe deplorable state and devastating effect of factory farms, which virtually breed such pandemics, causing grief to countless families. We envision the day when all animals are free and all humans liberated from disease through the most healthful organic vegan diet.

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