June 25, 2009

Scientists raise alert levels of the link between meat and cancer

UK cancer researchers conducted a survey that found that up to one third of heavy meat eaters were not aware of the harm created by eating meat. With what are now clearly increased health risks that include cancers such as bowel, liver, esophagus, and even lung cancer, the scientists say there is a need to create more awareness. Chief Executive Marilyn Gentry of the World Cancer Researh Fund said, “It is a concern if over two-thirds of people are not aware of the link because the evidence is very strong. This is why advice from experts is that the best amount of processed meat to eat is none at all.”

Thank you Chief Executive Gentry and World Cancer Research Fund for this revealing research as well as your stated concerns. We, too, pray that more and more make the connection of the harmful health impacts of meat and shift their lifestyles towards the beneficial plant-based diet.

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