May 9, 2009

Drought-stressed trees sensitized to rising temperatures.

A study at the University of Arizona’s Biosphere 2 in the USA showed that piñon pine trees would lose their lives five times faster from an atmospheric 4 degree Celsius increase in temperature. This was the first time that scientists isolated and studied heat as a factor in trees’ fatalities during drought. Professor David Bresheers of the school’s Natural Resources department said, "The Biosphere 2 experiment is a critical next step to understanding how global climate change can trigger large-scale vegetation changes in dramatically short timescales."

Thank you Professor Bresheers and University of Arizona Biosphere 2 lab researchers, for these significant findings on the potential impacts of climate change. Let us act now in preserving the life-giving trees to restore our verdant ecosphere.

During a January 2009 international global warming videoconference in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Supreme Master Ching Hai highlighted the importance of the choosing the noble way of life in order to save the Earth from the detrimental consequences of global warming.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai Global Warming – SOS International Conference
January 27, 2009 – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Only now, when the planet starts heating up, then we begin to do research about the harmful effect of a meat diet. So, we all know that it’s hard to quit this, but it’s harder to lose our planet. It’s harder to lose this only home for our children. If we have a choice, exchange that piece of meat for the whole planet, and all the lives and everything else on the planet, all the comfort and the inventions, all the life that we’re having, it is worth it. But people must know why, they must be informed. If people know what it is, why they should stop eating meat, I think they will stop right away, if they know.

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