May 9, 2009

Âu Lạc’s (Vietnam’s) coastal biodiversity dwindling

Âu Lạc’s (Vietnam’s) coastal biodiversity dwindling. The coral reefs of Âu Lạc provide sustenance for marine life and safeguard residents from natural disasters. However, according to the nation’s General Department of Sea and Islands, pollution and activities such as fishing have damaged some 80 percent of the nation’s coral reefs. In addition, studies by the Institute of Oceanography indicate that deforestation, farming practices and urban development have caused a huge loss of mangrove forests, which protect coastlines and freshwater supplies, reducing their expanse from 255,000 hectares in 1990 to 155,300 hectares today. This has also increased the risk of land salinization and freshwater pollution.

Our thankfulness, General Department of Sea and Islands and Institute of Oceanography for informing us of these adverse human effects on the natural environment. Let us quickly turn to more considerate and eco-conscious ways for a return of the vibrant flora and fauna of both land and sea.

In a May 2008 live videoconference for the SOS! International Seminar on Global Warming in Seoul, Korea, Supreme Master Ching Hai explained that once we realize the damage caused by our actions, we can reverse them to show care and help restore the environment.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai
for the SOS! International Seminar on Global Warming Seoul, Korea - May 22, 2008

Supreme Master Ching Hai: We have been massacring our co-inhabitant animals, and we have been destroying our environment like deforesting and destroying the water and destroying the air. So in order to solve the problem that we are facing right now, we have to reverse our actions. We have to be kind to our co-inhabitants. Instead of killing them, massacring them, sacrificing them, we have to take care of them. And instead of deforestation, we have to plant trees again. Take care of whatever environment that we have. And instead of polluting our planet, the air, we have to turn to friendly energy and sustainable energy. Just reverse our action.

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