April 10, 2009

Mekong Delta: salt water deeply encroaches on land

Mekong Delta facing water crisis. Farmers in Âu Lạc’s (Vietnam) premier rice growing region are concerned that crops now in the fields may fail as salinity levels reach record highs. Currently, brackish waters are advancing 50 km inland due to rising sea levels and may reach as far as 70 km by the time the rainy season alleviates the situation. The problems of the encroaching sea waters are compounded by increasing demands for fresh water by agriculture and industry, which have caused river levels and underground water tables to fall further. Compared to eight years ago, the Tân Châu River in An Giang Province is now nearly 80 centimeters lower, while in Hậu Giang Province, residents in areas where wells have turned salty now must try to have fresh water transported from other sources.

We pray that Heaven will protect the people of Âu Lạc in this difficult time. May humanity’s wiser and more compassionate regard for our planet meanwhile restore the balance of our earthly home.

Concerned for the escalating global shortages of both water and food, Supreme Master Ching Hai has repeatedly encouraged the world’s population to turn to the life-saving plant-based lifestyle. The following is an excerpt from an international gathering with Supreme Master Ching Hai on August 20, 2008.

International Gathering August 20, 2008

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Meat consumption is the one that takes away all things. Water, cereals, and the vegetable protein, 90 percent of it. So, it’s taking away a lot of the world resources. And water, 70 percent of it. So even if we don’t shower, we don’t brush teeth, it amounts to nothing when they don’t stop eating meat. We’re going to damage this planet. The resources will be running out. It’s already running out.

And also a lot of people stockpiling their food also, because they worry about climate change. But before that, the food is already short. 862 million people are hungry worldwide, this year alone, because of meat diet. Because all the food are fed to the animals; the resources and the land and everything. It’s not like if they eat meat then everything healthy and good and happy for them, and they could be enjoying forever. It’s not. If they keep eating like that, they will also be gone. If the Earth gone, and finally no more resources, nothing else to eat then.

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