April 10, 2009

China is facing more and more severe weather challenges Haze

China affected by severe climate-related weather patterns. Prolonged drought this past winter with precipitation levels at 70-90 percent below normal has resulted in loss of vital crops for at least 12 provinces. The Office of State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters estimates that 44 percent of the country’s winter wheat crop has been damaged, with other crops threatened as well. A state of emergency was already declared once this year in Beijing due to the crop failures and water shortage, which has affected more than 4.3 million residents overall. The nation has promised some US$13 billion in drought relief to be paid mostly to farmers who have suffered loss.

Another climate-related condition is desertification, brought about primarily by earlier deforestation. The desert area, which is said to be encroaching at a rate of 1,300 square miles per year, has already submerged some northern villages. Furthermore, winds sweeping across the desertified regions send huge amounts of sand blowing across the country to places such as Beijing, where the first “yellow dust storm” of the year just arrived. Even citizens in more distant South Korea have been purchasing extra air purifiers to cope with the forecast of multiple storms of windborne sand and accompanying pollutants.

We pray for the safety of those affected by these disturbing global warming conditions. May this trend quickly subside as we aid the environment by offering animals their rightful co-existence through our adoption of the plant-based diet.

During a June 2008 videoconference with our Association members in the United Kingdom, Supreme Master Ching Hai highlighted, as she has done on other occasions, the clear link between humans’ moral actions and nature’s destabilization.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai Surrey Center United Kingdom
June 12, 2008

Supreme Master Ching Hai: “As you sow, so shall you reap.” “Like attracts like.” Scientifically speaking, spiritually speaking, we have been warned. So, all the disasters that have happened around the world, of course, are connected with the human unkindness to the co-inhabitants. That was the price we have to pay for what we have done to the innocents who have done us no harm, who are also the children of God, who have been sent to Earth to help us and to cheer our days. Because, generally, humans also have very good merit before they came to Earth.

And that’s why they became human, because of their good merit. So, from their good merit, there has been give and take and deductions and additions. Otherwise, if these things have not been canceling out some of the bad retribution then it would have been worse. Or the Earth might have been disappeared all together already, but luckily the humans also do have some good merit and it has not run out yet.

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